How to convince your parents to let you sign up for modeling agencies?

My mom doesn’t really agree with modeling and especially modeling agencies. Why? Because she thinks there all a scam. However, I have found one that is for the most part free (Ford). But she is very stuborn and I dont know how to convince her its what Im realllllllly interested in!

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  • docbritt:

    first of all, no real agency is EVER “for the most part free”, and no agency should ever cost a DIME up front. real agencies ONLY take a percentage of your EARNINGS after you book a real job- which isnt even guarenteed if you do get signed, but theres no way you just “sign up” for ANY agency. ford and all the other agencies NEVER charge models a dime until they actually book work, but if you think you just “sign up” for any modeling agency, you have to do a LOT more research. the REAL ford models agency gets tens of thousands of submissions from gorgeous, tall, thin girls DAILY, and they sign MAYBE 6-7 every few months, so competition is insane- and all agencies on earth are the same (ford just happens to be among the top modeling agencies in the country). first of all, NO agency will sign you if you are under 5′8″ (thats if you are over the age of 12- after that, you have to meet the same height requirement as adults), wear a sample size (preferably size two with very long legs/ maximum size 4), have perfect skin and a super strong, unique, gorgeous face, and have perfect proportions. its unlikely you have all of those things, since 99.999% of women dont, so just wanting to model and be a part of an agency is not going to cut it- they go on looks, height and body, period. your mom is right to think that most of the “opportunities” out there are scams- THEY ARE. there is also a REAL ford models and then theres scams that use their name, so whatever you heard about that is “for the most part free” is the scam. you dont ever pay an agency a dime up front and you never have to go to a certain photographer for your comp card (but you do have to pay foryour own comp card no matter what, and that usually costs between $900-$2,000). the real ford models only signs the most gorgeous women and girls in the world- and they do scout all over the world, so you are literally up against every beautiful, skinny girl over 5′8″ on the planet that are in contact with ford in any way. that goes for all decent agencies- NONE ever just let you “sign up”. you actually have to compete with about a million women who want to model. the only way to submit to an agency for their CONSIDERATION is by sending specific snapshots to the agency along with a card with your height (they will toss your submission if you do not meet the height requirement right off the bat), your measurements (which need to be within an inch of 24″ (waist)- 33″ (bust)- 34″(hips)), dress and shoe size, and i always include my inseam as well (which needs to be very long in proportion to your body). this is an incredibly competitive business- in fact, the most competitive out there. you MUST do more research, because if you think you just sign up for an agency, you are not only going to be sorely disappointed but you will also be scammed.

  • Merlin:

    You would need to address all her concerns to her satisfaction. Ford is a legitimate agency, but you would still need to be smart about what jobs you took. Each job is different and the job of the agency is to get you jobs, not to take care of your best interest. That will be up to you. Modeling is a business and you would need to show that you can responsibly manage that business, not just look good in front of a camera.

    It is also possible that she has concerns about the environment you may be in, distraction from school work, or that you will get so committed to chasing a modeling career that you don’t plan for anything else. You have to keep in mind that no matter how much you want it, you may not be able to make a living at it. Most models are supplementing income from another job.

    You should talk with her about what all of her concerns are, and consider them, not just argue with them, then see if there are ways to address them. If you can address all the issues in a manner that shows maturity and balance she may consider it. If not, they you will have to wait until you are 18.

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