What Are The Qualities You Need To Have To Be A High Fashion Model?

well im interested and i don’t know any professional high fashion models to ask them, or anything like that so iv decided to ask yahoo people hoping they probably know :)

i try to avoid other websites because as im young i don’t want to read something thats not true thinking that it is and “train” myself and at the end its way off, so im trusting people who answer :)

please help
and any answers would be great!

thanks! :D xxxx

15 Responses to “What Are The Qualities You Need To Have To Be A High Fashion Model?”

  • I am NOT a Communist!:

    You need to be tall and a pot smoker.

  • fabuluv:

    win americas next top modle

  • blunt123:

    tall, stick skinny, a cat walk and not butt ugly(buts its amazing what they can do with makeup)

  • Jaya:

    Just don’t eat and then when you look like a shrink wrapped zombie you will be ready…ech.

  • karlita810:

    maybe americas next top model has a website that has good tips but i went to a acting and modeling school and i know that u have to be at least 5′9 really skinny like size 1 through 3 and clear skin hair out of the face and confidince

  • hsooms_sb:

    ATLEAST 5′9”
    and 115 pounds.
    and you have to be what the current market wants.
    I would do a lot of research.
    Designers. What it takes. How to talk. How to pose.

  • Moi:

    Tall, pretty, smart(for interviews and stuff). Just picture Tyra Banks. Don’t get distracted by alcohol and drugs and smoking. Stay healthy and not scarily skinny.

  • Pur1594:

    You need to be about 5′8,skinny,weigh under 120lbs
    Have a well sculpted face,and good skin.Also good posture,confidence and determination,an agent and lots of modeling experience.

  • WorkerBee:

    uh, no you’re don’t need to be a pot smoker. You need to like the nose candy, but not until your career is almost over.

    Intelligence is optional and really not preferable. You need to be hot and need to have a positive upbeat personality.

  • Jackie_Baby:

    tall, thin, good skin, good personality, good walk, interesting face, and being able to take rejection and criticism

  • hahaHA:

    tall, nice body figure, slim, classic face, have to be fit

  • dont yell at your papa:

    unfortunately, you have to be as thin as a twig.

  • LJlittle:

    You need to be tall and thin, and have features that stand out…like big eyes, big forehand…something interesting and different that grabs attention.
    she’s a good example: http://img238.imageshack.us/img238/7679/lu63zx.jpg

  • vidangos:

    First off, you need to be tall. Not a lot of models make it in the real high fashion runway world if they aren’t unfortunately. Kate Moss is one of the VERY few and she is about 5′7″. If you are covered there, next you need to have full body and head shots of yourself and make yourself a portfolio. Be sure in the photos you don’t have a lot of makeup on. Modeling agencies want to see how you look in photos and the less makeup (combined with the better you look without it on), the better. They want ‘fresh faces’. Also, modeling agencies want to know how you are in front of the camera. Ever watch America’s Next Top Model? Some of them are criticized for being awkward. Try practicing in front of the mirror your walk, poses, etc. As far as modeling agencies go, if they want you, they will sign you. They won’t be asking for money (this part is key to legitimate agency). They hire you because they think your face will in return make them more business and money alone so why would YOU pay THEM? The modeling agencies once saw a fresh faced Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and saw something special so she was picked up and her job was to work, work, work for those ads, spreads, shoots, etc. If you want high fashion, the place to go is most obviously New York. But beware, it isn’t easy to just walk into Ford Modeling Agency and place your portfolio with your pretty pictures and them say ‘Ok you’re in!’ It takes a lot of work! Good luck!

  • Lafferty:

    Basically you should be prefferably 5ft 8” – 12”. Although you can be under and over these heights it is more likely that you will be successful with the main heights. Yoiu can be slim figured but you can also be plus size model, which is inspirational in some cases. Be unique. Designers love a unique look.And basically not anorexically skinny or mobidly obese. You also need an interest in fashion and fashion designers.

    Good luck dear:)

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