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Freaks And Greeks Play Kit

  • Freaks And Greeks Play Kit
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Product DescriptionThis Dramaterials™ Elementary School Play Kit presents a mythological morality comedy that introduces the Greek gods. Something is amiss on Mt. Olympus and Zeus is so mad he’s throwing thunderbolts! Calling a meeting of all of the Greek gods, he demands to know why no one believes in them anymore. To find out, the pantheon is commanded to go down to New York City, live among the humans and find out the answer. Trouble begins as Demeter (Goddess of the Harvest) get… More >>

Freaks And Greeks Play Kit

Childrens Modeling Agents Baby Modeling Kids Modeling Ages 0 – 18 Years Start Modeling Become a Model Mailing Labels 550+ Nationwide

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Product DescriptionAges 0 – 18 Years. Our list of kids modeling agents earn commission on jobs they get your child after your child is paid. Start your child modeling today. Modeling for commercials and print ads is a great way to start your kids college fund, gain experience in front of the camera and get noticed for television and film roles. This site is the place to find legitimate licensed children’s modeling agents. These child model agent lists have the child modeling agency i… More

The Model’s Bible & Global Modeling Agency Contact List – An Insider’s Guide on How to Break into the Fashion Modeling Industry

Product DescriptionBreak into the fashion modeling industry without spending a fortune on bogus modeling agencies and professional photography!!The Model’s Bible + Global Modeling Agency Contact List, was written by international supermodel RC Lane, and is a straight forward fashion industry insider’s guide on how to break into the modeling industry and succeed in creating a lucrative career as a professional working model in the fashion industry.>

The Model’s Bible & Global Modeling Agency Contact List – An Insider’s Guide on How to Break into the Fashion Modeling Industry

Which photo for modeling agency?

Hey, I’m emailing a photo to a modeling agency who recently had an advertisement looking for young perspective male models. Which of the following pictures do you think I should e-mail to them?

I’m only doing this because people have told me I should model and I need some money, so it cant hurt to try. Im not fishing for compliments or any crap like that so if you could be helpful and actually answer my question it would be greatly appreciated :) THANKS! :DContinue reading

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