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Post Revelations TV Series – 1500852
10-08-15 – Washington, DC>Baltimore, MD – Actors Needed in DC for TV Pilot. We have tens roles available. Some that are lead characters, recurring roles and also series regulars.
— Project Type: Episodic

Build A Ship – 1500782
10-08-15 – Portland, OR>Seattle, WA – An 8-part episodic drama about the political system from the point of view of those who feel they have no way to change the system they’re stuck in. This is shot in a style similar to Aaron Sorkin, with a feeling of mid-90’s TV. — Project Type: Pilots

WIGN Network Pilot Pictures On The Wall – 1500755
10-07-15 – Cleveland, OH>Detroit, MI – Based on the bestselling novel, Picture on the Wall, by Sara J. Livingston, an inspirational Christian romantic adventure. Amazon’s Top 100 hottest new releases. Set in the 60’s, it revolves around two young couples, Maggie and Luke, Jerry (Jeremiah) and Jennifer, and how God leads them to the truth through a picture on the wall. The show will inspire others to never give up hope and that true love is worth fighting for.
— Project Type: Episodic

Woodshore East – 1499793
09-28-15 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – The film will focus on a former mob affiliate who is now in the witness protection program and transitioning into a normal suburban life. Flashbacks will ultimately lead us to, not only how we got to this point, but how it affected our main character in the process. — Project Type: Pilots

TNT Good Behavior Casting Call – 1499651
09-25-15 – Charleston, SC>Raleigh, NC – Tells the story of Letty Dobesh (Dockery), a thief and a con artist whose life is always one wrong turn, one bad decision from implosion.

Good Behavior is written by Crouch and Chad Hodge. — Project Type: Pilots

Casting Principal Role for TV Pilot Show – 1499382
09-23-15 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – A Real Estate Brokerage tries everything possible to keep their doors open despite the current economy turmoil.

Boricua in the House – Comedy TV Pilot, looking to fill a principle role for an upcoming scene. — Project Type: TV Show

TV Pilot Casting for Main Roles – 1499106
09-21-15 – Washington, DC>Baltimore, MD – Six friends reminisce on the fun times and hard times of early adulthood.
— Project Type: Episodic

Casting Call For Raine Winters – 1499092
09-21-15 – Austin, TX>Houston, TX – A young male hunter and destroyer of hyperphysical and in-corporial beings, that moves to a new town with his father and quickly makes two new friends, brothers Xander and Marty, who eventually find out what he is. Meanwhile there is an old evil Vampire, Angelus, who wants to kill Raine, so he can walk in daylight and turn all humans into Vampires. But with the aide of his new friends and a good Vampire, named Victor, they help Raine defeat the evil Angelus. But this is just the beginning of evil to come. — Project Type: Pilots

The Uncanny – 1498961
09-18-15 – Los Angeles, CA>San Diego, CA – Casting “The Uncanny” – a comedy Pilot about the four fictional characters Dr. Jekyll, The Phantom Of The Opera, Frankenstein and Dorian Gray living in modern-day Los Angeles. — Project Type: Pilots

This Is Williamsburg – 1498769
09-17-15 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – About a handful of struggling artists who are invited by an eccentric millionaire to live in her Williamsburg studio. — Project Type: Pilots

Family Tree Video Auditions – 1497962
09-09-15 – Indianapolis, IN>Louisville, KY – A hilarious comedy about the daily lives of two kids, their two dads & the outrageous family & friends in their lives. — Project Type: Pilots

Foxs TV Pilot Urban Cowboy Now Castin – 1497773
09-07-15 – Austin, TX>San Antonio, TX – Urban Cowboy will follow the relationship of Sissy and Bud as it takes place in the world of rodeos, oil fields, line dancing clubs and other aspects of modern-day Texas. The 1980 movie helped launch John Travolta’s movie career. — Project Type: Pilots

Casting Call For Hi Friend – 1497553
09-04-15 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – What happens when two completely different freshmen, Jesse Van Diver and Ty Rucker, move into a dorm for their college years? — Project Type: Pilots

The CY Project – 1497056
08-31-15 – Honolulu, HI – Man has ruled the world with little success, conflict is increasing, fear and uncertainty is part of everyday life, and global resources are nearly depleted. World leaders from key countries began looking for a solution, they found one. The experiment caused an viral outbreak that devastated the human population with deadly consequences. In the not distant future people are trying to adapt and cope to the new realities of life. Will we survive. — Project Type: Pilots

Casting Call for Reflection – 1497045
08-31-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – The series focuses on the practice of data mapping, which refers to the compiling of every piece of text, pictures, audio files, etc. that is encapsulated within one’s phone, computer, or other digital device. This data is collected and stored in an ongoing effort to track individuals as well as archive information for the future.

In this fictional psychological drama, this information becomes accessible after one’s death, therefore making it possible to recreate a person based on their online data profile. This series will present characters who may behave one way when they’re alive but their “Reflection” (the recreation of the person from data) may behave completely differently (ex. from a good person to a killer or vice versa). A Reflection pulls one’s pictures, video, text, and audio from social media to recreate them virtually via holographic technology or via reanimation, whereby the data is combined to reconstruct the digitally inscribed data to create memories and experiences that make up the person’s personality. — Project Type: Pilots

TV Pilot Casting Call for Stock Brokers – 1496668
08-26-15 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – Looking for extras to work on an upcoming episode. No experience necessary. — Project Type: Pilots

The Married One – 1496517
08-25-15 – Charleston, SC>Raleigh, NC – Newly married Trey King makes a decree to get his two best friends Alex and Hi-Me married, despite the fact that their current relationships are anything but stable. — Project Type: Pilots

Casting For Superhero Pilot – 1496224
08-21-15 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – Casting is underway for a Superhero Pilot. Shooting will be done in NYC in early September. — Project Type: Pilots

Casting Call for Organized Crime – 1496203
08-20-15 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – Looking for actors & actresses, for 1-2 days of filming, for a TV series. The name of the series is called “Organized Crimes†a series based and filmed in the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania surrounding areas. — Project Type: Episodic

Last Looks Casting Call – 1495868
08-18-15 – New York City, NY – Casting the pilot episode for a comedy mockumentary series. Rehearses and shoots this September in NYC. — Project Type: Pilots

Casting Call For Twisted – 1495845
08-18-15 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – This is a film pilot about two young men who only prefers to date plus-size women with low self- esteem for their financial and personal gain. One is a main male character who tries to juggle a relationship with two women that are good friends; neither one of them know they both are seeing the same guy. Then there’s another male character who also dates older plus-size women; he is a womanizer who wants to reap the financial rewards for his services. — Project Type: Pilots

Now Casting For Mall Church – 1495745
08-17-15 – Charleston, SC>Raleigh, NC – Looking for actors for the project Mall Church.

Shooting in Wilmington, NC
No Pay, Credit & Footage for Reel — Project Type: Pilots

Losing My Soul – 1495573
08-14-15 – Charleston, SC>Raleigh, NC – A story of a women with a mysterious past who becomes an exotic dancer. This is the beginning and creation of the dancer Poison Ivy as she struggles to get through life on a daily basis. Drugs and a unique lifestyle are everywhere around her. Friends that seem to come and go all while under the haze of the drugs and alcohol’s influences. Poison Ivy travels between states while tragedy seems to stalk her allowing her very few respites. That is until she changes herself and begins her evolution into a stronger woman. She tries to free herself from the dark places that reside in every city. — Project Type: Pilots

Out of Air Pilot – 1495118
08-10-15 – Chicago, IL>Milwaukee, WI – The inspiration of the pilot was taken from the idea on how so many people waste their life without thinking it could end at any given moment.

The “Out of Air TV Series†is intended to bring an act of reality to people reaction when their time is up on earth. — Project Type: Pilots

Now Casting For Gamers – 1495104
08-10-15 – Chicago, IL>Milwaukee, WI – An indie video game development company struggles to complete their second game and show they can compete with the large corporations.

The show will exist in similar style as The Office (British version), The IT crowd, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. A reconstituted family ensemble show with the ability to be silly, absurd but still grounded moments of sincerity. The show will hopefully also depict a world fueled by technology that separates us as it purports to bring us together. Of course, video games and gaming will be a big part of it as well. Along with that world of internet dating, Cosplay and the rise of Indie creators. The indie company has expanded and hired an HR position. The pilot covers his first day and the discovery of the corporate company’s release plans. The company released the most downloaded and best reviewed free game the year before. Because it was free, Rich needed to borrow more money from his wealthy mother. — Project Type: Pilots

Lovers and Friends L.A. – 1494772
09-02-15 – Los Angeles, CA – A new media LGBT pilot series about a group of friends trying to make it in L.A — Project Type: Episodic

Now Casting For Shooting Stars – 1493721
07-27-15 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – Casting actors for a full-length TV pilot. This is a SAG-AFTRA Low Budget/New Media.

Note: Series begins in 2004. For Teen roles: Ideally, actors who can pass for teens and look twenty five or so as series progresses. — Project Type: Pilots

TV Pilot Casting for Teacher 2 – 1493469
07-23-15 – Miami, FL>Orlando, FL – Looking for teacher #2, must look like the picture below, or can be created into that character, great acting skills, featured role, could be permanent on show.

Pay rate $150 – $230 no set shoot date yet. — Project Type: Pilots

Churchwood Casting Call – 1493449
07-23-15 – Atlanta, GA>Birmingham, AL – Now casting several roles including 3 lead characters and several supporting characters for a drama pilot.

Southern Politics is the backdrop for this tense drama. Some pay. — Project Type: Pilots

Now Casting for New TV Pilot – 1493381
07-22-15 – Reno, NV>San Francisco, CA – 5 minute concept piece for a new television series. Must be available to shoot for 4 days during labor day weekend – Friday, September 4th through Monday, September 7th. Please do not contact. This is an open casting call, you do not need to submit anything prior to the audition on July 25th. Do not contact me with unsolicited services or offers. Compensation: Craft Services, Meal, Credit and Copy will be provided. Possible per-diem. Potential future paid positions. — Project Type: Pilots

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