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We have acting auditions for all walks of life. There are auditions for men, women, and children. Acting auditions may be for TV pilots, commercials, short films, and even reality shows. These acting auditions are being held all across the U.S.

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Comedy Joy Ride – 1437346
07-22-14 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – Casting “Comedy Joy Ride” a television pilot sketch show already in production. Shoots in NYC. — Project Type: Episodic

Casting Television Series – 1437095
07-21-14 – Miami, FL>Orlando, FL – We are casting for Actors and Actresses for a Network-Cable Comedy-Drama Series pilot. We are an established Film and TV production company casting segments to be shot in Florida.

Please include Resume/e-mail contact, bio with experience ,PHOTO or link to your video if available.

Great opportunity. Full screen credit for actors chosen for the test pilot. Copy of video. When pilot is optioned, chosen actors will receive contract, and pay at prevailing scale rate. – 26-week series . Casting early August. Shooting test pilot segments the end of August, in Palm Beach, Florida area. — Project Type: Episodic

Bringing It All Together Pilot Re-shoot – 1436631
07-18-14 – Austin, TX>Dallas, TX – Bringing It All Together Casting

Production Start Date: October 16, 2014
Shooting Schedule: 4 Days
Production Wrap Date: October 19, 2014

Bringing It All Together presents the story of a uniquely constructed, yet dysfunctional, family living on a posh and luxurious Dallas estate in a city which is as vast and untamed as the people who live there, led by Drew Sheard (the head of the household) and Hillary Sheard (the stay-at-home mom). Both Mr. and Mrs. Sheard are seeking respect from their new stepchildren in his/her own way. Drew and Hillary, along with their seven children Jason, Liza, D.J., Drake, Kevin, Sahara, and Chase, varying in age are each trying to find their place within the context of this unique family unit. Everyone seems to be having a difficult time adjusting, which helps to create conflict, resulting in comedic tension. The eccentricity and unique dynamic between each of the characters, both in the form of dialogue and action, help to provide an interesting premise for this pilot.

Special Notes for Potential Cast/Crew: Cast: Please send in a resume with a headshot and full-body shot. Crew: Please send in a resume. — Project Type: Episodic

Casting For Expectations – 1436259
07-17-14 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – Synopsis:
When Brian graduated college, after spending four years playing lacrosse, he had a perfect picture of how things were going to be. His best friend Danny would still be an unsuccessful aspiring musician, his little brother would still be little, and his high school sweetheart, Lauren, who he left behind when he went to school, would be waiting to pick up where they left off. Sadly, life is never what we expect it to be and Brian will need to learn that in order to survive in the real world.

Rehearses and shoots Nov.-Dec. 2014 in Long Island, NY. — Project Type: Episodic

TV Pilot Recruiting Actors And Actresses – 1436065
07-15-14 – Chicago, IL>Milwaukee, WI – Start up production company shooting a tv pilot that will be pitched to several huge networks including BET and VH1.

This drama is about the life of an affluent actress who has to cope with an unexpected issue caused by her pro football player boyfriend.

Shooting will take place the first and second week of August. We will shoot once a week. Shoot may take up to 12 hours. This is a none paid position but food will be provided on set and individual copies will be distributed.

Submission Guidelines:
Subject: Audition For (Insert Character)
Experience: (Resume, Links acceptable)
Please do not submit without attaching your experience — Project Type: Episodic

Tv Pilot Auditions – 1435884
07-15-14 – – Pilot TV Series

Casting actor talent for lead, supporting roles, and extras for a series filming in metro Detroit area. We Will be filming the pilot episode in late July.

Must be able to commit to 5 days of filming and rehearsal. And must be willing to travel and film in Metro Detroit area for up two 4 days and attend rehearsal/script reading at own expense. — Project Type: Episodic

Jovenes TV Show Serie – 1435806
07-14-14 – Miami, FL>Orlando, FL – JOVENES TV SHOW SERIE

Just In Time Studios, LLC present the new series produced in Miami Florida and Los Angeles. Producer Writer: EG Photographi Directed Keu Reyes Location Miami, Florida and Los Angeles

Paid. by the contract for episode

Please send the Demmo Reel , Pictures minimum 5 and bio contact information. The production is in Miami, and Los Angeles. — Project Type: Episodic

Build A Ship Casting – 1435218
07-10-14 – Portland, OR>Seattle, WA – Casting the pilot episode of “Build a Ship.”

A 10-part, crowd-funded, episodic drama about the political system from the point of view of those who feel they have no way to change the system they’re stuck in. This is shot in a style similar to Aaron Sorkin, with a feeling of mid-90’s TV.

The pilot shoots in November, with remaining episodes shot throughout 2015, in Portland, OR. — Project Type: Episodic

Teddy Roosevelt Project – Pilot – 1434899
07-09-14 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – Teddy Roosevelt Project – Pilot. This is a pilot presentation for an historic series on a major cable network. Director: Chris Cassel

Project Type: Pilot
Union Status: Non-Union
Shoot Date: Tentatively Aug. 7 and 8th

— Project Type: Episodic

Casting For Femwarriors – 1432420
06-26-14 – Indianapolis, IN>St Louis, MO – Casting “Femwarriors,” a collectible card game that is being developed as an online episodic video series with a campy comic-book look. Producer states: “All Femwarriors video episodes are the equivalent of PG-13 and R-rated short films. The action is superhero-style violence, and the stars dress in provocative superhero costumes. There will never be any nudity featured in our Femwarrior films. If you ever wanted to kick butt in a leotard and a cape, this is your chance. Any experience with stage fighting is extremely helpful but not necessary. Talent will be wearing custom-altered costumes to fit their hero character. Costumes may include boots, capes, masks, leotards, belts, and accessory items. Hero-fighting will be choreographed according to script. Falling or landing to a foam mat may be required in some scenes. Any weapons used will be made of foam, hard rubber, or plastic to be sure the talent is safe on set.”

Shoot begins July 2014 in the greater St. Louis, MO area. — Project Type: Episodic

Casting Call for Mcfearson – 1431920
06-24-14 – Los Angeles, CA>San Diego, CA – McFearson

Tv Pilot – Both Union & Nonunion are welcome to apply.

Paid. Negotiable

New Roles Added — Project Type: Episodic

Sci-fi Action Tv Series Pilot – 1431625
06-23-14 – Detroit, MI – Casting for talent for roles for a TV series pilot. Lead roles could lead to longer term roles.

Lead roles will have limited action stunt and fight scenes.

other characters
Tourist 1 (small speaking roles) – no specific, males
Tourist 2 – (Small Speaking roles) – no specifics, male

These are not paid roles and no compensation for travel. Lead role could potentially lead to longer term roles with pay. Everyone involved will receive credit. We a fun laid back crew and easy to get along with.

How to Apply.
If you are interest in applying please send resume, head shots, full length body shoots and demo reels showing you preforming a few lines from any horror scripts/film (links to demo, portfolio, and images of self will be reviewed) please email us directly to my email

We will contact all that meet our casting requirement to bring in for a casting audition. — Project Type: Episodic

Seeking Actors Ages 40-60 for TV Pilot – 1431104
06-19-14 – Hartford, CT>New York City, NY>Baltimore, MD – TV Pilot Comedy OK MOTHER is seeking M/F actors to portray lead and supporting roles. We are seeking very talented performers. Non-union performers only deferred pay copy provided.
Shooting in NYC . Auditions are by appointment.Email your photo, resume, video, contact information and the role you fit. Attn. Allison Valerie or Esther

Rodney Clara X Husband:
Rodney is still in love with Clara. Nice guy. Married 15 years. Age 55-65
Non-union performer. Deferred pay copy provided.

Al Clara’s current younger boyfriend:
Al is a funny guy. The children don’t like him. He has real affection for Clara. Only looks like a player because he is younger than Clara and out of work. Non-union performer. Deferred pay copy provided.
Age 30-40. Any race.
Non-union performer. Deferred pay copy provided.

Clara’s adopted son and daughter
Andrea and Dennis age 30-35 Any race
Andrea is an adopted child. Andrea is a sweet heart excellent caretaker. Dennis is lazy, arrogant and thinks he is a player.
Non union performer deferred pay copy provided.
30-35 Any race
Non-union performer. Deferred pay copy provided.
— Project Type: Episodic

Casting Call For TV Pilot – 1430558
06-18-14 – Chicago, IL>Milwaukee, WI – Casting a TV pilot. Project description: “a new Chicago pilot about a royal family.”

Filming 1-2 days in August in Chicago, IL. — Project Type: Episodic

Auditions Edmonton Casting TV Pilot – 1430286
06-17-14 – Calgary-Edmonton, AB – Pilot shoot will be volunteer, however paid contracts may follow sale to network for chosen continuing actors.

The following list of characters is not exhaustive; it contains the major players only. We have many more roles that we will be casting for this and future episodes.

Please submit your headshot (or any high-resolution photo of yourself), resume and indicate if there is a specific role that interests you.

The audition will consist of a prepared dramatic monologue of your choice and cold reading from sides.

— Project Type: Episodic

Nationwide Casting Call For TV Pilot – 1429639
06-13-14 – – NOW CASTING – non-union talent for male-oriented ‘makeover’-type reality show.

We want BIG personalities and MACHO men!

Please send a short demo
telling us why we should pick YOU!
What makes you stand out? Why would you make entertaining TV?
Show us what you’ve got! — Project Type: Episodic

Casting Pilot for Supernatural Drama – 1429544
06-12-14 – Calgary-Edmonton, AB – Auditions (Edmonton): Casting TV Pilot – Individual Project

Casting Pilot for Supernatural Drama

Audition Date and Time: June 18th, 2014 (6-9pm) and June 21st, 2014 (10am-3pm)
Shoot Dates: July 27th – August 1st, 2014
Location: (address will be released to applicants upon submission).

Pilot shoot will be volunteer, however paid contracts may follow sale to network for chosen continuing actors.

The following list of characters is not exhaustive; it contains the major players only. We have many more roles that we will be casting for this and future episodes. — Project Type: TV Show

AuditionsReal Girls Mockumentary – 1429449
06-12-14 – Miami, FL>Orlando, FL –
This is a ‘mockumentary’, which is largely improvised, you should be comfortable with comedy.
The shoot will take less than one day, as this is a trailer to accompany a script during an already scheduled presentation.

Send your headshots, bodyshots, and a short bio of your goals and why you’re interested in this role. — Project Type: Episodic

Witch Hunters – 1429158
06-11-14 – El Paso, TX>San Antonio, TX – Witch Hunters

A family of Witch Hunters has inherited throughout the past 200 years, an enchanted stone iPad with GPS locating the remaining 7,474 Witches that are left in the world. They have to be killed and hunted down. Comedic Series.

Unpaid. — Project Type: Episodic

Union Countys Own – 1428948
06-11-14 – Chicago, IL>Milwaukee, WI – Casting a pilot episode of “Union County’s Own,” a comedic series about group of friends re-uniting their high school band. Think “Community” meets “Flight of the Concords.”

Shoots June 14 & 15 in NYC. — Project Type: Episodic

The Expansion Pack Audition – 1428412
06-09-14 – Indianapolis, IN>Louisville, KY – The Expansion Pack is a comedy series centered around three roommates, two of which work at a video game store. This show is best described as “Clerks meets Workaholics”.

Since this is on a very short notice we will be doing 2 waves of auditions. The other will be later in the month. If you cannot make either one and still want to audition you can e-mail us a video audition. We strongly prefer you come out but we understand many actors are very busy.

It will be a non-union shoot. Non paying. The goal is to get the pilot episode picked up. Will receive IMDB credit. — Project Type: Episodic

TV Pilot – ActionAdventure – 1428239
06-06-14 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – TV Pilot – Action/Adventure

New Action/Adventure Television Series
Looking for the following talent (Paid)
Union and Non-Union Talent

Put “CASTING” in the subject line. Include the character information for which you are submitting, along with your headshot, resume, and contact information. Please send direct submissions, rather than links to websites for us to seek out your information. — Project Type: Episodic

Timelord The Series – 1427279
06-02-14 – Austin, TX>Houston, TX – Producer: Shadowcast Media
Writer: Kevin N.
Director: Kevin N.

Synopsis: Timelord: The Series – revolves around the life of ex-marine turned civilian Ray Truth and the people around him.

Meals/Lodging/Transportation Provided: Meals, Snacks and Beverages
Other/Additional Compensation: Film Credit, DVD Copy

— Project Type: Episodic

Tv Pilot Principal Roles In Nyc – 1427011
05-30-14 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – TV Pilot principal roles in NYC

“Anchor” the pilot

City or Location of call: New York City

Please submit by 2014-05-31.

This casting notice was posted by: LaLa, Cobblestones & Stilettos Prod. — Project Type: Episodic

Tv Pilot Principal Roles In Nyc – 1426982
05-30-14 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – TV Pilot principal roles in NYC

“Anchor” the pilot

City or Location of call: New York City

Please submit by 2014-05-31.

This casting notice was posted by: LaLa, Cobblestones & Stilettos Prod. — Project Type: Episodic

Auditions In Orion For Friday Sitcom – 1426850
05-29-14 – Chicago, IL –
Four broke guys get together each week for a round of golf, they play on a private course. They bring with them a 12 pack of beer and an overview of their week. They wait until the owner takes off and then they each hijack a golf cart. They know someday they will be caught, but in the meantime it’s all laughs.
The pilot will be shot on location in the Quad Cities Champion Executive Golf Course at the Hillcrest Event center this summer.

The show has been registered with the Illinois Film Office and approved for shooting in Illinois with special tax incentives.

— Project Type: Episodic

Episodic TV Pilot Hysteria – 1426617
05-28-14 – – Synopsis:
A doctor (Mena Suvari) travels to her Texas hometown to investigate a mysterious epidemic affecting high school students.

Mena Suvari – American Beauty

Pay rate is $842.00 per day!

Union and Non-union submissions

Filming in Texas area – accepting Nationwide Submissions — Project Type: Episodic

Raine Winters – 1426580
05-28-14 – Austin, TX>Houston, TX – Producer: Benjamin Hill
Writer: Benjamin Hill
Director: Benjamin Hill

Synopsis: Vampire Slayer Raine Winters and his father move to a new town that is slowly being taken over by Vampires and with the help of some new friends, one of which is a good Vampire, Raine stops the evil Vampire who wants to kill Raine, so he can walk in day light and completely rule the world with vampires, but in the end he is defeated by Raine.

Other/Additional Compensation: Film Credit, DVD Copy
Meals/Lodging/Transportation Provided: Meals

Special Notes for Potential Cast/Crew: PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE AD BEFORE SUBMITTING. You MUST live in or near the Houston/Conroe/Woodlands/
Huntsville Texas areas in order to get a part. If you do not live in or near one of those areas and are out of state, you will not be considered. There is no set date to begin filming until I have the whole cast, so it’s going to take some time. YOU MUST also be able to commit to the movie and be good looking for the part of Raine, Victor and Xander. When you contact me, DO NOT SEND A RESUME’, only send a recent photo, your location and a working phone number. If you have commitment issues, then please do not apply.

— Project Type: Episodic

Casting For TV Pilot Program – 1426535
05-28-14 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA –
The individual applicant can be of African American, Asian, Caucasian, Indian and Hispanic background but MUST speak clear and fluent English. The applicant MUST be between the age of 18 to 25 and have an outgoing personality. Individual MUST be reliable on weekends, and MUST be able to respond to phone calls within a reasonable time to be considered for this opportunity and when returning a call leave contact name, number and reason for call.

In addition, the individual MUST reside within the 5 boroughs of NYC or within 1 hour distance from NYC in places like (NJ or LI). You MUST submit two(2) photos: 1 headshot and 1 full body along with your profesional resume. PLEASE(NO NUDE or SEMI-NUDE)Photos or multiple submissions.

— Project Type: Episodic

Casting For Batting Average – 1426503
05-28-14 – New York City, NY>Philadelphia, PA – Casting call for Battling Average, a new comedy pilot about two life-long friends as they try to prove to their small Iowa town that they are not the worthless deadbeats everyone thinks they are by coaching a Little League team. The project is intended for submission to the New York Television Festival.

Shoots June 2-6 in Long Island.

No pay, but meals provided. You must be able to self-report to Suffolk County. — Project Type: Episodic

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