Uta Hagen’s Acting Class


25 Responses to “Uta Hagen’s Acting Class”

  • Miche Tyler:

    Wow, incredible… so many inspirational teachers out there… It’s
    difficult to follow just 1..

  • Melanie Buffett:

    wonderful! thank you!

  • emmawemma7:

    What a lovely voice. If You live Near southend or canvey island in essex
    england there is a lovely club called bozcats and it it is doing a show of
    annie come along and join on the open day the 3rd of october 2009 in
    benfleet at saint Methodist church down the high road please come!

  • ruzickaw:

    Uninteresting actors. A waste of effort. This is just one way of acting:
    trying to convice yourself and the audiance that you “are” the character.
    The best actor is a madman. He knows beyond any doubt that he “is” Jesus

  • Mopperd:

    I wanted to take acting lessons for awhile too, but just like you i was
    terrified.Then I took a one week introduction class and was absolutely
    hooked! You never know if you like it untill you try it! To prepare for my
    first acting class i read a couple books on acting which helped. And yes,
    it gives you that much more confidence when it comes to public speaking and
    improves communication skills!

  • GauravBreakkkkkkkkkk:


  • Sean Pedersen:

    Hey I just did Lancelets Monologue from the Merchant of Venice. I figured
    this would be a good place to get advice on acting. Please comment and tell
    me what you think. The video is on my channel. thanks :)

  • Jerrod:

    I think its becouse you get to see what people are really mead of, & when
    you see something amazzing you just lived it with them basicly.. For the
    spell binding Part The Shen Yun, or Devin performing arts is very
    truthfully lived & eligent.. & all of its shows have something deeply born
    in them. Which is Cultural, based in principles of Anchent baliefes &
    moderen experinces by thoughs who refine them selfes threw Cultivation I
    get to valentire this year to sell tickets in Co, I’m excited!

  • MegaGamehouse:

    @AtLastOnTheGround ppl like Bush and other politics…

  • PurushaDesa:

    That advice with the props is a little gem. It sounds like common sense but
    you see the difference in the reality of the performance, when
    straightening the trousers on the hanger is a background detail, and she’s
    listening to the actor first.

  • MrSpiritCoach:

    Hi Tris, I’m an acting coach/trainer. I’m a bit biased but you might want
    to look into the training methods of Sandy Meisner. If you’re curious,
    google “Sanford Meisner” here on youtube and there are a bunch of really
    good vids to start you off. The documentary on his life is worth watching.
    Knowing how to cry on demand is great, but I’ve seen a bunch of those that
    can feel, but it still doesn’t seem real. As Sandy said: Acting is living
    truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Good luck.

  • Donald Iarussi MFA:

    great school, wonderful people

  • SEMAT56:

    honestly your best bet is watching performances (stage and/or film) with
    your favorite kind of characters in it. if you can strike some kind of a
    relationship with them, then the transition to acting will be easier. in
    other words, watch as many performances as you can before taking an acting
    class. hope this helps :)

  • BritFilmLover3:

    I actually pace all the time…

  • barrack obama:

    i dont want

  • SNL0907:

    Do you have to audition to get into her class? I feel a bit intimidated
    just being around these seasoned actors. Where does she teach (if she still
    does) and how much would these workshops cost?

  • Jesse Dalton:

    Sounds cool!

  • lemaxmas:

    @Dion1957 I studied with Sandy as well. My experience was not yours at all.
    Sandy encouraged us all to find our own way, to develop our own path to
    “living truthfully”. Studying with a good teacher is a great way to keep
    your chops up and work and experiment in between jobs. Athletes, dancers
    and musicians have coaches that prod and push them to excel, experiment and
    grow. There is nothing wrong with an actor doing the same with the ultimate
    goal being to work whenever and wherever you can.

  • NazcarFanatic24:

    Who had the better acting technique? Stanislavski or Michael chekov?

  • PeptoAnn:

    just because Meryl reccomends this woman I’m intruiged

  • Iris Gross:

    Ms. Hagen was the refutation of the phrase, “those who cannot do, teach”.
    She was a master at both.

  • classiclistener01:

    Those were memorable, monumental, and, classic roles for Uta…for anyone!
    No one ever had to show Uta how to play “The Game” as in “The Other!” She
    was the best! :) Möge Gott mit Ihnen gehen, wenn Sie in den Himmel gehen zu
    bereichern! :D

  • dreamoutloud22:

    to kursedmoo, well, if you are a very shy person, do you honestly think
    youll be able to act during acting lessons? if its only your class or
    school that terrifies you to act infront of, and you dont mind acting in
    public, then it will definately boost your confidence. i didnt even want to
    do orals infront of my class, but the acting lessons i took totally changed
    me and now im in every school play:) go for it!!

  • megalope:

    19 people are really good at acting like they don’t like this.

  • trueblue4321:

    Totally get your point man. Totally. I have no problem with the fact that
    your comment is completely useless and that you can “go off” on anyone you
    want here. Let me clarify though ” you would never say things like that”. .
    . comment. You would have never said anything like that to Uta Hagen. I
    meant you. Cowards like you abound here making attacks and hiding behind
    their anonymity. Age old story. Its cool. And now I’ve given you more
    fodder for your on line idiocy. Knock yourself out.

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