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  • Jameelah Rose Lineses:

    This video is very helpful especially to me! I like what Khalid said at the
    subway “If film doesn’t work for you go to
    TV/theater/commercial/Internet/Youtube”. It’s not the exact words that he
    said but I understand what he means. And that, I like his mindset when he
    said that “if you’re not working in film, you should be training”. This is
    a very inspirational video for me. It makes me want to do better in making
    films! I’m not an actor but I do want to break in to the Korean film/cinema
    industry in the future as a filmmaker. I hope that day will come
    Insha’Allah (If God allows/God’s willing). It has been my longtime dream. I
    even sent emails to almost every film production company in Seoul before I
    traveled to Korea on October 20. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a single
    reply. I do understand the reason why. They wouldn’t hire someone outside
    of Korea unless that person is unique and he/she can do something that none
    or most Koreans can’t do in film. And of course, they won’t hire someone
    who can’t speak their language fluently. But I was able to tour Arirang TV.
    I had an appointment and I met with their PR personnel and she showed me
    around the broadcasting station. We had a nice chat and in fact she
    recommended me to join one of “Korea Today’s” segment. The segment where
    they let a foreigner experience one of Korea’s culture. She said that I
    should join/apply for next year so that they can put me on the show. That
    would be an AWESOME experience for me. I hope that I’ll get to experience
    it. In Saudi Arabia, the movie-making business is not as competitive than
    in the other countries. Although there are some major production companies
    here, they mostly do commercials/advertisements. I’ve gotten the
    opportunity to work with 2 major production companies here and it was very
    challenging for me because there isn’t many women filmmakers here too. At
    the moment, I am working as a freelance filmmaker and film instructor. I
    teach private filmmaking tutorial lessons. Even if I’m filming with a
    small/compact digital point and shoot camera, I still have to be careful
    when to press the record button and which places I’m not allowed to film.
    Filming with a crew is a different thing too. It is not easy to film here
    than most countries in the world. Saudi Arabia is an extremely conservative
    country. Therefore, the people here not 100% open to the idea of filming
    “freely” even with using your cellphones or small camcorders. I’ve shot 2
    documentaries in Jeddah while I was attending film school in NY: The first
    one is my semester film and the other is my thesis film. I didn’t have
    anybody to help me except for my mom. She carried some of my equipment and
    she is also my informer whenever I need to stop filming because of some
    reasons. I have a lot of experiences filming in Jeddah and it was extremely
    challenging for me. Even when I’m filming for vlogs, I am still very
    cautious. I am still in contact with my professor from the film school that
    I attended and he told me that based on the experiences/stories I’m
    telling/sharing with him regards my work experience as a filmmaker in Saudi
    Arabia, he said that it is indeed very hard to make a career here. I agree
    with him, But then again, if I can make it work here, that would be a
    history in the making. At the moment, there aren’t any cinemas/theaters for
    the public here. But just recently the government passed the decree that
    for those people who want to put up cinemas, they may do so by applying for
    a license. This is fantastic news for us!

    P. S.
    I’ve had voice lessons before in Jeddah and I’ve had acting classes as well
    while I was attending film school in NY. We weren’t entirely focused on
    acting. They just wanted us to experience what actors go through :) It was

  • HallyuBack:

    Have you ever taken acting or voice lessons?

  • Wes Ackerman:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Richard and Steph!!!

  • Andrea Soyer:

    Merry Christmas you two! :D 

  • whereverwithjen:

    what kind of cat is maki again? i really want a cat now LOOOL. SHES

  • asmakyuelf:

    Omg +HallyuBack Steph where did yiu get that Master’s Sun necklace from?
    I’ve been dying to get that but couldn’t find it anywhere :( 

  • Daniel Kanno:

    I just noticed that on top of your backdoor,it says welcome in Spanish. I’m
    curious, if you wrote it or it Was there before you moved in?

  • Lunay LeZarde:

    When oven-toasting *anything*, you don’t take your eyes or your nose off of
    it for a second! It just doesn’t work.

  • Kenny Pang:

    Khalid reminds me of a younger and better looking Forest Whitaker. hahaha

  • 김경민:

    Hope you guys are wrapping up this year well. Merry Christmas!

  • Han South:

    wow, it’s like you eat kimbop everyday, love kimbop

  • Minh Duong:

    Richard , how long does it take you to get from suwon to seoul ?

  • ReyBasilisko:

    why can’t i watch it on 720p??

  • Choi HeeYoung:

    Nice Hat

  • TubaBuddha:

    The question is. Did the oven survive? 

  • Ryan Grant:


  • TheOwnerOfGmae:

    tnxxxxx for this video :]]]]]]]]

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