How to go about starting an acting career?

I’m 14, and i’ve wanted to be an actress literally forever. It is honestly what I want. I know there are long boring days, I know there is rejection, I know it is hard work. But I would go through all of that every day to be acting professionally. I understand you can’t just become “famous” or be a professional actress in a day. It takes time and work. But, I have no idea where to start.

I have no experience. I live in a small canadian city, about a 2 hour ferry ride away from Vancouver, BC. My parents have little, or no extra $. I’m begging them to put me in acting lessons, and get headshots, but they say they have no $. What am I supposed to do? There are absolutely NO community plays here either.

This is what I seriously want. Does anybody have any ideas of where to get started? ( By the way, no drama class either. I’m homeschooled. )

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  • Katrina E.:

    You can do what you can do. So if you don’t have money for acting lessons, then maybe you can save up for the future classes.

    Some things that you can do now:

    * Check out acting classes/programs/camps. Voice and dance classes can be helpful too.
    * Perform with a choir, dance troupe or other performance group.
    * See if you can join a speech/drama club (even though you’re home schooled) or find a way to compete in the acting categories at forensic competitions. Maybe check the internet for options you might have. Or get together with other home schooled kids and start your own speech/drama club.
    * If there’s a local film school, contact them and ask how they find actors for student films and check those resources. This is a long shot, since most will probably want older actors, but you can try.
    * Read books and websites about acting – both about the craft of acting and about the business end of things.
    * Read plays and scripts – all kinds. Keep an eye out for characters and monologues you love and want to develop.
    * Get together with friends and make your own movies or web series or put on your own productions.

    Basically have fun learning and growing as an actor for now. Then you can look into acting classes/program/school for after high school. It’s not required for a professional career, but it can be helpful. Not only do you get to improve your acting skills and work with people as passionate about acting as you, you get to start to make contacts in the industry.

    Good luck.

  • R K:

    first you will need at least one of your parents to actively support you in this. you can’t do anything on your own at 14. if your school has them, take drama classes and do school plays. other than that if there is nothing to do where you are, you will need to wait to do this until you can get where there are things to do. you will need to get to Vancouver or Toronto for any professional opportunities. you don’t need to worry about head shots until you have had acting classes and have learned how to audition and are ready to start going out on auditions. this is not something you can do from everywhere. you need to be in the right place.

  • bleu √©motion:

    I have the same problem too. Money is tight, I don’t have enough money for headshots, I live in a small town, and there’s community plays BUT its only for adults. I am possibly getting a job though, and I’m saving up for headshots. Mine are $625, but I’m getting closer each day. if you really want to get into acting so badly, earn the money for headshots, it shows determination and patience. Go to your local library or online (library is better though), and take out a book on monologues/cold reads, and plays. You can practice your acting with those, you have to perform them anyways at auditions. You can also practice with scripts from movies. Try singing and dancing, even if you don’t like it, they help. Do everything you can, and school plays or musicals. Oh and since you’re homeschooled, (btw Just and idea), I dont know if you have “periods” or a subject (that’s what we have in US), but see if you can add in a “period” of acting to your daily schedule. By the time you’ve done this, and looked at all the other answers, I bet you’ll already know most of it. Hope I helped :)

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