How to Become a Voice Actor by Eric Vale

If you’ve ever wanted to know the secret to breaking into the voice acting business, well here it is! Finally, Eric Vale (Dragon Ball Z, Hetalia) speaks out,…

25 Responses to “How to Become a Voice Actor by Eric Vale”

  • Clover Pika:

    love this video

  • xEternalHeroinex:

    Thank you for making this video, this is very helpful!

  • Soappyducky101:

    XD he makes me laugh so much!

  • BrahMastraHD:

    Acting is way more important to everyone then just going into voice acting.
    You need the movement of your body and the expression of your emotions be
    presented visually on stage before hitting it up on the mic. This is coming
    from a guy who hasn’t even finished high school yet and I don’t plan on
    becoming a VA. I just wanna be an A first then think about being a VA
    after. Even then, it takes time which means you can’t get into it right
    away. Craft your style of performing, learn to be ever moving in the art
    and always trying to be the best ACTOR you can be; not the best VOICE

  • navychief929 .:

    I’m looking at playing the bad guy role because I can make my voice deep. I
    wish I had a voice like Vegeta. xD

  • Kelsey Gibbs:

    To be honest, I want to be a animator along with a couple other things in
    acting. I always loved drawing panel comics as a kid and I have interest in
    voice acting, but mainly in making a series of my own or two. If I had a
    pitch, where should I go to do it.

  • Hay Dell:

    I really want to be a voice actor…, I love acting and Idk I may not have
    the most original voice but I really want to either be an author or a voice
    actor! :D 

  • TyrantrumGirl:

    I’m already old and haven’t started acting yet I’m 19 I should have done it
    in high school but I was shy lately I don’t feel shy at all though and I’m
    confident and I want to get into acting I don’t reallllly know how in going
    to go about it though I feel like I’m old everyone else started younnng

  • Elle Himitsu:

    I met this man at Fam:dom con 2013 for my birthday at his panel. He’s funny
    as hell and knows what he is talking about. It was nice meeting you Mr.

  • Barbara Rector:

    I love you in DBZ :D 

  • TeslaAvenger:


  • Jackson Brown:

    Lots of people i know started acting long ago which makes me feel like i
    missed the deadline to become try to become an actor. Should I still try?

  • Kate B:

    I miss acting I was thinking about it the other day. I miss being on stage.
    Just by chance I found this video today and I almost teared up. I miss the
    chaos the people the confidence I felt. My senior year I was voted quietest
    and best actress. Still makes me laugh. I never had big roles,no, small
    roles or opening monologues so I assumed I was crap. But I miss everything
    from the blinding light to the crazy makeup and napping before a second
    show mostly I miss making people smile or better laugh. I even miss being
    so tired I’d dream about trying to sleep. lol. 

  • Emma Lambert:

    I HAVE HOPE!!!!!

  • Christina Phillips:

    I love all of the subjects in school math, art, english, science, social
    studies, chorus, strings, band, computer design, and ect. I just realized
    how hard it will be to pick a job………



  • RobintheGirlWonder:

    Blood sacrafice. Serious voice. Love you Eric. cx 

  • Alex Kispert:

    how do you become a voice actor?

  • Samara12311994:

    . ..
    ….nope o.o

  • KylieZtv:

    Thank you eric ^^

  • krackedvideos:

    I’m 12 , I voice acted in one video which has 150,000+ views.
    I can make a lot of voices .. and I MEAN a lot :P .

  • Leah Martin:

    I’m an actress and I’ve been acting since I was 7. I think it would be so
    cool to audition at funimation!!

  • Scootaloo The Otaku:

    If failing spanish is what gets you to become a voice actor, I’m sooooo
    become a voice actor XD

  • razorline:

    why am i not 12 agian so i can go that way insted of screwing my life over
    and over

  • futurewarriorhero123:

    i always took a bunch of remedial classes when i was young (never got to
    pick my own electives). i never acted but my voicing isnt half bad either
    (plus im very over the top as described by my friends, parents and sister),
    if you say i need to get into acting first thats cool, but can you refer to
    me to a school or maybe an audition. p.s. if it helps i live in dallas,
    texas too.

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