Sailor Moon – Terri Hawkes Interview

Terri Hawkes, voice actor of Sailor Moon, gives an exclusive interview during Anime Revolution 2012 at Canada Place. Terri joined Anime Revolution 2012 as pa…

25 Responses to “Sailor Moon – Terri Hawkes Interview”

  • Ashley Loren:

    She is so AWESOME!!! she is Sailor Moon, PERIOD! It would be so amazing if
    she did the Crystal series! Her voice will always have a place in my heart
    too and when I have a little girl someday she will be watching the movies

  • LemonCreationz:

    I miss her as Sailor Moon. :( 

  • Oscar Calderon:

    Moon Healing activation!!

  • Crescent Transit 54:

    I wish Terri Hawkes voice Sailor Moon on S & Super S and Stars

  • BlackWidow:

    Please don’t ever delete this video. To me Sailor moon will always hold a
    special place in my heart & her voice will always be the real sailormoon

  • SerenadeofTwilight:

    I respect Terri, because she’s a better Sailor Moon than Linda. I just
    don’t feel a cringe. To me, I look at Sailor Moon and see Terri’s voice in
    the English respect. Stephanie Sheh is a great voice actress for the new
    Moon, but Terri is always going to be a special voice actress to me. When
    Linda stepped in, I felt really confused why she was trying to copy
    everyone else. She should have just been herself.

  • Nname Withheld:

    She liked sailor moon, and enjoyed it. But i think it got old to her pretty
    much after years of being associated with it for so long. Hate to say it,
    but you can feel it from all her interviews. 

  • TheCb508:

    Here’s an idea! Terri Hawkes could voice SM in the English dub of the new
    anime if Ocean Productions (the Vancouver-based group of voice actors that
    includes Ashleigh Ball and Tabitha St Germain) handled the dub. Because
    they did some anime like Black Lagoon and Terri worked with them on Care
    Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot. Sound like a good idea?

  • blazegirl562:

    I work with her for art4you she’s a nice lady

  • Tiani Horan:

    When she said “moon healing activation!” I just started crying because
    that’s excactly Serena. That’s excactly the voice that fits Serena
    perfecty. And I’m so sad she stopped..



  • Sheldon McV:

    What do we have to do to get Terri Hawkes voicing Sailor Moon again? Let’s
    make it happen. Come on Ocean Production, do the 20+ year long fans a
    favor! :0

  • DMM1717:

    The last 2 minutes was basically a “Sailor Says” segment. 

  • Evie Maylin:

    I really hope they ask her to do Sailor Moon’s voice for the new series. I
    just love her voice. It isn’t all girly, and it gives Sailor Moon so much
    more of a diverse voice. Girls can really appreciate the tom-boy edge to
    her voice, as well as her more feminine behavior.

  • Gabriel Halibas:

    YES! This is the voice I grew up with and this is the voice I fell in love
    with thank you so very much Terri Hawkes for giving me a childhood I would
    never trade for anything.
    To me sailor moon will always be an important part of my life and It will
    always hold a special place in my heart don’t ever delete this video
    I’m crying lol the nostalgia is killer

  • Ingrid Sanchez:

    I miss Terri’s voice :( 

  • Baymax:

    I liked Linda better.

  • MoonlightxMidnight:

    Terri Hawkes was the best voice actor. Linda was a try hard to make the
    audience like her. At least Terri is not so selfish about it. Truly a
    sailor scout. 

  • ほんとにありがとう:

    I’m very excited about the 2014 Sailor Moon and if it does well let’s all
    pray that it will get an American Release and will be dubbed again by the
    same cast!!!!! If the creator of the universe is out there we need your
    help on this!

  • MarkSamurai5:

    All I hear is Sailor Moon talking….

  • elrota:

    I, honest to God, have NO idea why ANYONE is saying Linda better. I’m
    SPEECHLESS reading some comments about Linda. Terri (^) *IS* Sailor Moon.
    End of Story. 

  • iRawrDinosaurx3:

    Omg her voice is PERFECT. She is the only voice I want to hear on Sailor
    Moon for te Dubbed version. Not Tracey, not Linda.

  • Autumn Berlin:

    Remarkable woman in all regards.

  • PinkSoldier2009:

    I personally loved seasons 1 and 2 but season 3 was horrible even the
    villains were stupid. 

  • chystal zajechowski:


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