Aly & AJ Michalka Recording New Music For 78Violet – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! Watch the behind the scenes video: If you thought Aly and AJ had given up 78Violet for their acting careers, we’re here to let you know you’re wrong. Up next ClevverTV dishes on their brand new song. Keep it here for the deets. Hey music lovers. I’m Joslyn Davis for ClevverTV with info on 78Violet. Yes, Aly and AJ Michalka are coming at us with a brand new song called “Suspended.” There’s an amazing look behind the scenes of the beautiful blond sisters, leaning on each other, while listening to play back on the track in the studio, and it’s absolutely amazing. The song showcases vocals more than anything else, with the lyrics being all about love. It’s so great to see the sister duo back on the music scene. It’s been more than a year since we last got new music from them. And with all the changes they’ve gone through, both career-wise and in regards to the name change of their group, we were counting down the time til we’d hear some new 78 Violet Music. We’ll have the link of the behind the scenes snippet here for you guys, so make sure to give us your music review in the comments section. For more music updates you won’t want to miss, stick with ClevverTV by heading over to and hitting the like button. I’m Joslyn Davis, thanks for watching! For news on this casting story when it breaks, make sure you’re following @ClevverTV over on Twitter. Until next time, I’m Joslyn Davis reporting in

25 Responses to “Aly & AJ Michalka Recording New Music For 78Violet”

  • seantrainor27:

    I love hellcats

  • Mega King:

    is anything out yet

  • marandasunflower:

    I MISS ALY AND AJ! I wondered about them forever and i didnt kno anything! until today i searched them n found out they changed their name!!!??? WTF!? i was so use to it being “ALY & AJ” not 78violet. But i’ve been a fan 4ever so i guess ill go along with this. I hope they’re still as great as i recall years ago. i heard a piece of suspended and i like it so far! :) We love u aly n aj,, or 78violet! X)

  • tdv0123456789i:


  • BritneySpears785:

    the awkward moment when it doesnt get realsed o_o

  • emz3088:

    super like ALY Michalka!!! go Hellcats!

  • ThisSinginGirlAK:

    haha she pronounced the L in michalka hahaha and its SEVENTY-EIGHT violet, not seven eight violet :)

  • missladygaga10:

    @XxAvrilLavignex same here!!!!

  • munzizz:


  • Light Yagami:

    hahaha… i thought the name of the song was “keep it here for the deet’s” xDD

  • beebeeking15:

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  • Raeann Garcia:

    im sort of getting used to the new home screen layout… not really

  • MegaLashanna:


  • musicwilllive4ever1:

    More than a year? Didn’t they record the song “Belong Here” on the Hellcats soundtrack?

  • dynomyck8:

    Joslyn you look awsome.

  • AlyandAjitaly94:


  • AlyandAjitaly94:


  • Dena Chang:


  • therealsofia:

    i kinda forgot about them…………

  • amanda francisca:

    cute sisters…^^

  • Jason Lo:

    yeeeaaaaahhh!!!!!!! ‘imitating csi:miami theme beginning’ Aly and AJ coming back strong as ever as 78 Violet!!!!!!!!

  • MRicekat:

    YES, finally AJ AND AJ AKA 78 Violet are back with new fresh music. I miss these 2 legit sisters making music together, since late 2007/2008 they aint done much with eachother but from around late 2009/2010 they started coming back real slow, despite the 2 doing individual projects of their own, and now its 2011 they should shine once again and make real music!!

  • LivTheLife:

    yeah same with me!
    we’re the true fans! haha

  • XoXoBeLlAcULlEnOxOx:

    Tell me about it. I mean, I have loved Aly since Phil of the Future (I was too young to remember anything else before that) and then Cow Belles came out (as well as their music) and I have not stopped loving them since.

  • ultramaniac1290:

    do u mean they dont sleep or they DO sleep??
    srry i dont get it X(

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