Official Rainbowie voice acting auditions(closed)

*The auditions will be closed on th 1st of december so the best of luck to everyone who auditions :D any characters left after this will be dubbed by me or my classmates :) good luck The basis of this video is me asking for auditions for my anime/animation Rainbowie It’s all part of my animation course and I’m hoping to make an animation of abot the length of a normal anime episode including the opening and ending We have the whole year to complete it and I would be able to get a head start if I got the voices soon :) The video explains most of what I need to tell you and as I stated at the end I will put the lines here instead :) All auditions should be posted as video responses here on youtube unless you mail me and state another way :D Update Status of Voices : Blake Davies:ThyatiraZerepath Spencer Primley:LenRinTwin Jenna Roseland :got quite a few promising to do auditions but nothing is official Erika Davies:—– Advisor 1:—– Advisor 2:—– Caden Tarraway:—— Corbyn Cadewell:—– Blake davies(has alot of lines) “Along with every persons in the kingdom and trust me Im not gay and even if I was youd be the last person Id consider!!!” “But she must be of perfection but still below myself of course wouldnt want a women to upstage me ha ha like that would happen anyways right gentleman ha ha ” “Youve got to the count of three to get out or so help me Ill neuter you” Spencer Primley(almost as many as blake) “Youre still so totally my dream guy!!!!” “but…but…I

13 Responses to “Official Rainbowie voice acting auditions(closed)”

  • HKauwH:

    How did you get all those voice actors if its just 355 times watched!!
    cause I need some voice actors for my anime (MOJO CHAN) too!!

  • lovedbyall:

    My audition has been posted. Please comment when you get the chance :3

  • SuperNerdMDizzle:

    I’m gonna audition for the girls too! It’ll probably be up Monday or Tuesday.

  • Aquaspirit77:

    I’ll audition for the girls!! :3

  • neonterra:

    well i think jenna has been taken and the only female left is blakes mum erika who your welcome to audition for
    I don’t really have a voice in mind for her so just try and sound like an older women who is hanging on to her youth and likes younger men xD

  • LunarAiko:

    I wanna audition for all of the females available! Can you tell me every gal that isn’t taken and their voices? The voices aren’t in the video and I don’t feel comfortable making them up!

  • neonterra:

    ohh i look forward to hearing your version of spencer :)

    so far I’m really happy with the way the voices are turning out :)

    and I’d like to think it’s yaoi but sadly there won’t be none of that in this episode xD

    I’d love to but my animation will be shown to alot of people including tutors and my classmates parents

    be funny to see the look on their faces though :D

  • LenRinTwin:

    THANK GAWD. I was trying really hard to audition, but my voice wore out, but Spencer so far it awesome…lol Yaoi

  • neonterra:

    Blake has been taken unfortunately :(
    but your welcome to audition for spencer :D

    he’s my main worry xD

    If i do involve the twins later on I’d be sure to get back to you :) but sadly not for episode 1

  • LenRinTwin:

    Does Blake have deep voice? I don’t care, I’ll still try. If I could audition for the twins, I would. But…no lines.

  • neonterra:

    ohhh coolio who were you thinking of audition for?

  • LenRinTwin:

    OMG YESH! I shall auddie

  • ThyatiraZerepath:


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