Maris’s monologue for acting auditions

This is me Maris Hanna doing my monologue that I use to audition for things. I hope you like it :)

25 Responses to “Maris’s monologue for acting auditions”

  • treefrost489:

    Shes not bad. She has good facial expressions but she over-does it a little. Dim it down a bit and dont be over dramati with your words.

  • AGluver132:

    That’s the monologue I’ve been practicing!!

  • Kevin Robles:

    ur really baddd

  • Ru Martin:

    Good, but you could maybe mot over-react as it looks too dramatic, in acting thats a bad thing if its too over dramatic

  • MsBroadwaynerd:

    i know this monologue! i love this one! but yeah im pretty sure my first mistake when i started acting was looking into JRP.

  • QuentenMcNairTV:

    You Shoulb On Disny! Audition!

  • TheElectricalCowboy:

    be kind to your gam gam

  • mileycyrusistheshiz:

    DS Entertainment her name is Darlene McDowell :) it’s in Nashville

  • Angel C:

    who is your agent?

  • LEC433:

    Ehh your pretty good but I think it needs to feel more like a conversation with your dad. You need to stop emphasizing on every word and just go with flow. It needs to feel like I’m watching a T.V show or movie and right now it just sounds like a boring monologue :) not trying to flame you just a little constructive criticism

  • mileycyrusistheshiz:

    i agree! i just wish i knew before i did it!! my mom had to change jobs to pay!!

  • mileycyrusistheshiz:

    you live in 4 different places, your getting scammed, and if you knew anything about acting and agents , you would know that! I HAVE AN AGENT, NO THANKS TO JRP! I WORKED MY ASS OFF AND GOT ONE MYSELF!! IM 13 AND YOUR STUPID!! NO OFFENCE BUT YOUR WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY AND SWEETIE YOU DONT HAVE FOUR AGENTS!!

  • mileycyrusistheshiz:

    it’s a scam , and google your agents, i bet they won’t come up! i took jrp too… and btw you can’t have four agents, most agents don’t even like for you to have two because auditions will run into each other and it’s too much and they want you to be all theirs and they want to be the ones making money off you. And the agents have to be close to you, so you can travel there when they need you. If they are more than a few states over they wont accept you. So unless

  • mileycyrusistheshiz:

    THEY ARE A SCAM!! I took them too, and when u audition they say ” they only picked 25 kids ” or whatever, but that’s a lie, everyone ” made it ” as long as you agree to take classes. I know because my sister said she wouldn’t take classes and she didn’t make it but i did and her acting is better, and the most suckish kid in the room who looked like a deer in headlights in front of the camera made it. COME ON!! and all the auditions are FAKE, google the agencies!!

  • Nicholasburt1313:

    JRP is the best!! It costs alot because they pay pro instructors to teach the classes! One of my teachers was in 5 movies and 20 auditions! I now have 4 agents! One in NY, LA, Atlanta,Nashville! All with the help of JRP!! Because of JRP I was invited to Adrian R Mante’s celebrity actors camp! Adrian is the guy that played Esteban on the Suite Life of Zack & Cody!!! JRP best decision ice ever made!!!!

  • xxmista10:

    This was really good! I loved all ur expressions! But some words that u emphasized didn’t really need to be but other than that good job!
    ~Can u plz plz check out my monolgue I need to do it for an audition and I need some advice :)

  • heghat1:

    I like your use of gestures and facials.
    to axcm89: it really depends on her character. She might not be going for the “average” daughter image, her character might be a brat. If this young actress can discuss reasons for her use of voice, then it may be legit :)

  • axcm89:

    Sorry, but Bad, Bad, Bad, all the way around, stop ‘learning’ a monologue and try to make it real. You have an ‘affected’ way of speech and put the emphasis on all the wrong words. This is a speech to your Dad, and a daughter wouldn’t be so forthrighte.

  • thetacky89:

    btw what’s this monologue from?

  • thetacky89:

    OH MY GOSH JRP IS THE BIGGEST RIP OFF EVER! They are known all across the country for their unbelievable scams! they made 13 of my acting friends pay 8,000 dollars, and what did my friends get after FIVE YEARS???
    DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT GO TO JRP!! (John rober powers)

  • PeaceForFloop:

    Good efforts! Just some advice though: i noticed that you tend to try to emphasize every word and it kind of slows your monologue down and then on the parts you were supposed to emphasize you didn’t. Try to work on that! And also, i saw a lot of different hand motions and over-acted facial expressions, try to tone it down, relax, and just make it seem more realistic! Not trying to be rude just some constructive critisism. :)

  • drcsds8:

    jrp is a scam, not for modeling but for acting go some where else. trust me i was in the same situation.

  • lkipok:

    this is good but remember that as you get older you will need a different monologue because i dont think this would be very good for lets say… a 20 year old but this was well done except for some parts i didnt really believe it, the only way that your audience will believe it is if you truly believe it yourself so just beileve that this is actually happening to you and how you would really react to it

  • Peace212221:

    Hey check oy the videos “Lleyna and Steve #2″ and “Lleyna and Steve #1″ she is really natural and you could get a feel for how to relax during this monologue!

    hope it helps :)

  • HumanPropProductions:

    Good but kind of a narrative, go a little slower and good luck. I also want to be a actor and in 15. :D see you in hollywood one day.

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