Machinima Voice Acting Auditions! (Voice actors needed!!)

Have you ever wanted to become a voice actor? Well now I’m calling out any aspiring actors/actresses to help me out with some projects of mine! CHARLES LINE: You guys are fucking retarded? That… Thing, doesn’t understand english! It’s not even human! RICHARD LINE: Before you say anything Lieutenant, I take full responsibility for what happened at the warehouse. This one’s on me. DAN TAYLOR LINE: Jay I told you that you can have the rest of the day off, why are you still here? THE WALRUS LINE: YOU DON’T “FIGURE” IN MY ORGANIZATION! I make the business decisions, you make the product! Do we have an understanding?! There are no specific lines for The True Hero Characters, however if you would like to send a simple voice demo or a piece of work you’ve been a part of that is fine. Show some support! Drop me a rating! Subscribe here if you haven’t already! ● Twitter – ● Facebook – ● Blogger – ● Tumblr – ● Mind Fusion Industries – ● Business Email –

24 Responses to “Machinima Voice Acting Auditions! (Voice actors needed!!)”

  • themanmananime:

    can I audition for the walrus?

  • tanman266:

    who is currently available? (Oh and my microphone is the Snowball iCE [the first professorial microphone]) 

  • ejmartin64:

    I said deep twice…oops

  • ejmartin64:

    I’d like to audition,I have a great microphone. I am not sure which role I should go for. I am a younger teen if that is alright. I have deep deep voice for my age. I have not seen your series. Is it alright if I audition for someone somewhat important?

  • Teh ButterBunny:

    I’d suggest getting Turtle Beach x12’s. They’re about 60ish bucks and have pretty nice mic quality.


    Got any characters left that I could audition for?

  • Whitefang29:

    Er, what I ment was, how will we know whether we got chosen for a part or not?

  • DarthBlader12:

    Im not even going to try to guess when I’m posting the final product… it’s a rather long series. No deadline but I’ve pretty much casted every character, but I always look for actors.

  • Whitefang29:

    Is there a set deadline, or do you have an idea of when the results will be posted? I’m gettin’ kinda anxious. 

  • Shad0wSquirrel:

    I’ll turn you around.

  • AlgebraicAcid:

    Okay, so finally I got my audition to you. I sent it to your email. I had a lot of issues with my computer today.

  • AlgebraicAcid:

    Will you be okay with you if I just post a video response?

  • AlgebraicAcid:

    I’ll be sending you my audition tomorrow. I waiting for a new mic for my computer.

  • DarthBlader12:

    it’s kind of important to have a good microhpone, I can’t very well use lines from someone with lots of background noise. Being understandable when voice acting is key. Accents are fine.

  • orange apple:

    Ima gooooo for dan tayler if he is da chief!

  • orange apple:

    Ima gooooo for dan tayler if dat was da cheif!

  • orange apple:

    Does it matter if were/any of us austrailian?

  • Whitefang29:

    I just sent in the audition to your email. =D

  • pyrolion2:

    can i send you my audition on xbox live since my computer is sucking right now

  • mrepicfailure911:

    Ok i can do a really good rageing voice and badass voice, so the walrus or Charles. I shall email you a audition thingy

  • pyrolion2:

    Well sorry, for asking a question. I was in class at the time

  • xXNavStt:

    Sigh, i think im shite but’ll give it a go.

  • WorldMatts:

    Hey Brady,
    Any roles for a character who could have a British accent? I a quite a deep voice but i can change the pitch a bit so it may be useful for different types of characters. I can do different accents but you’ll have to be the judge of whether or not they are useful. I don’t have a good mic but I can go and buy one with out a hassle if needs be.

  • DarthBlader12:

    I literally said it three times in the video and it was on screen the entire time…

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