Jessica Alba Audition Tape – Get Smart

Jessica Alba auditioning for the role of Agent 99 in “Get Smart” which eventually went to Anne Hathaway. If you’re into acting you can follow me as I make my…

25 Responses to “Jessica Alba Audition Tape – Get Smart”

  • Kali JaguarStar:

    yes, I agree. You have NO IDEA how the acting business works. The fact that you are famous doesn’t make you fit any character you want.You fit certain types of characters.

  • Shonaripa:

    you clearly don’t get how things work. Every actor has to audition a lot, no matter how successful they are. They spend their entire careers auditioning, that’s how it works.

  • MsBold1:

    Alba is like a live mannequin, no life what so ever. Sorry she can’t act worth a damn. She seems like a nice person and all but acting wise YIKES!

  • Crystal Nicole Marcano:

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  • babyboosabz:

    I think her film choices haven’t been great, she was really good in dark angel, she should have done more roles like that rather than spy kids and stuff like that.

  • gamecrazy1357:

    Not bad jessica , not bad….

  • Thane Milo:

    In her defense, acting is mostly reacting, we’ve not yet seen Anne Hathaway’s reacting to this deadpan delivery of Steve Carrell’s lines so don’t judge.
    And come on, just the visual imagery of Steve Carell + Jessica Alba would Not have worked so that is another reason (if it indeed was a valid reason it’s hollywood so one’s not needed) she didn’t get it.

  • ella122112:

    ….. I don’t think you know how acting works

  • PaulaChristineMusic:

    I love Jessica, Check out my monologue too!

  • Christian Golden:

    And that’s why you’ll never accomplish anything in life. Yikes.

  • films5555:

    GregWn, Anne Hathaway’s audition is on the Get Smart DVD. And, Anne was wonderful, and she stole scenes from the mighty Steve Carell. Now, I understand why she won the role.

  • TheButterflykisses71:

    …………wtf ?

  • Aline Celestino:

    this not serious she is jessical alba, she don´t need this allright?

  • rebelpiratereggie:

    You know…I was actually ready to defend this poor attractive girl. I really thought this audition was pretty good…up until that little “interrogation” at the end. Yikes.

  • MrSpearslover:

    She is much more a drop dead gorgeous woman than she is of a good actress.

  • 9eminemFan:

    PWETTY!!!!!! =3 

  • jeannete perez:

    she is not a good actress but she is a very pretty girl :)

  • alexiaashford:

    everyone audition, for example… Anne Hathaway, you think the director Nolan said,.. “oh you´ll be a perfect catwoman”, noo.. she audition and fight for the wrole with another famous actrez.. Unless.. the director already know you and like you, or do the movie for you (for example Tim Borton – Johnny depp). They have to audition all the time.

  • MOttiCha:

    every actor/actress auditions for every role. they may be requested or asked specifically by directors and producers but everyone auditions…

  • Mary Gashaw:

    eww she got me soo annoyed.. blaaaah

  • Annamaria Territa:

    Anne = Academy Award Nominated Actress
    Jessica = Kid’s Choice Awards Nominated Actress

    Jessica was okay. Okay is never good enough in this business. Anne was way better in this movie than Jessica would have been. I like both, but lets face it… Anne took the prize.

  • etang5:

    I think this is interesting seeing her take on 99. Not really the same but similar to Anne Hathaway. I can’t really say I like Hathaway more as I am partial to Jessica Alba but I wouldn’t say they are great actresses to begin with. They are adequate but I’m thinking Charlize Theron good or Meryl streep or even Natalie Portman :P


    this is like a porno with good actors

  • mimi42428:

    anne hatheway is sooo very overrated!! jessica may not be the best actress out there but she wouldve been wayyyyyy better than ann

  • zaat fetreta:

    that slut looks like she’s about to swallow

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