How can I find acting auditions without an agent?

I’ve always wanted to act but I don’t have experience. By the way, I’m not talking about theater because I cannot sing. I mean film acting. I think I’m very good at it but I have not been in classes or whatnot. How can I find auditions? Do I have to have a resume or agent if I go to an audition?

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  • grogzie:

    join an improv class then you will see if you can truely act and have the bottle

  • Summer:

    Find out who your local legit casting directors are and attend every cattle call audition they have. You start by getting extra work. you will never break free from being an extra unless you start getting formal training. I don’t believe in competition but I do believe that you need to be the strongest performer you can be. That is what everyone else is doing. :)

    You won’t get a decent agent without experience and education.

    Start working on that.

    Audition for everything you can, build a resume, get a demo reel together.

    Acting is a profesion just like medicine, you need to work on it like its a career.

    Good Luck!

  • redbraids:

    Starting out in film, you don’t need an agent, but you’re also not going to start out by being in big Hollywood blockbusters. Start with the independent films that are being shot locally.

    To find these auditions, there are a few options…

    *Craig’s List. – look at your local craig’s list under talent gigs. Filmmakers often put their audition notices up on craig’s list. Right now, I’m organizing the auditions for my friend’s latest film, and craig’s list was one of the places we put our ad. This is a nice option, because it is free.

    * – this is a good place to find local auditions… but there’s a catch. If you want to submit yourself for these auditions through explore talent, you have to pay money. HOWEVER, there is a trick I’ve figured out. If the ad lists the name of the project and/or production company and/or the location – you can google these things and often find the production company’s website – and can get an audition directly through them for free.

    *Google is a great tool. You can look up your local film office – and they often have a list of what films are being shot in your area. You can do random searches for film auditions – and sometimes things come up.

    Once you start doing some film, even if you’re not the lead, you’ll begin to make friends with people who also do indy films and they have friends who do indy films – and pretty soon you’re networking. And you will find out about film projects that aren’t advertised. The more you do, the more people will know you. And when you have a few films under your belt, you can create a demo reel of your work and can send that out to casting directors and get yourself out there and available for more work.

  • Tony:

    Here are 6 things you can do from a long list I have.

    Check your Regional Theatre Directory for their policy on auditioning and for information about local and upcoming projects.

    Universities with film departments: Film students are required to produce a certain number of film projects each year and for those projects they are always looking for actors!

    Find advertising agencies that have clients who shoot on-camera commercials and commercial print ads.

    See if there is a SAG, AFTRA or Equity office in your area and see if they have a list of reputable talent agents in the area.

    Check the arts section of your local newspaper for theatres, shows, plays and events in your area. Take note of the venues where they take place and contact them for the information you desire.

    Contact local photographers to see if they have contacts for ad agencies, other actors, casting directors, agencies. Agencies and Casting directors often refer actors to certain headshot photographers.

    Just don’t forget about getting yourself some training. It will be more difficult to get good jobs if you are not trained.
    Contrary to popular belief, the first steps to starting a SERIOUS acting career with a long-term perspective are NOT get headshots done, get an agent and start auditioning. That’s setting yourself up for failure.

    You need a plan.
    Do some research first.
    Know your type.
    Learn about the industry.
    Learn who casts what and who the players are.
    Know what is happening in the industry.
    Know yourself and what is unique about you.
    Know how you are going to fund your acting career.
    Know what agents look for in an actor and why agents are in business in the first place.
    Know what you have to do to get an agent.
    Learn the BUSINESS side of acting.

    There’s a lot to learn!

    If you have always WANTED to act, then go and confirm it by getting into a good class.

    You’ll find a lot of great information here on my site for someone who is a newcomer like you. Here is a page with 23 links of things you could do to get started and with a lot of insight that can help you. And yes, there is a lot of information about how to get auditions.


  • Jess Q:

    For Acting, I would recommend

  • Nancy S:

    All good answers. There’s also Backstage. Go to They have different locations. It just depends where you live.

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