Finding Acting Auditions Success With Explore Talent

Actress and acting success with Ginny Jones tells of her success using Explore Talent and its talent resources.

25 Responses to “Finding Acting Auditions Success With Explore Talent”

  • phillip brown:

    Fucking liar

  • Gary Carson:


  • boblarryphil:

    I have absolutely no acting experience but I wanna act so badly!
    Especially in a show like doctor who! I can almost fake cry I can make my
    eyes watery, and I’m finally going to a high school with drama next year!
    I’m fourteen and I can ice skate really good. Do you think that explore
    talent would be interested?

  • Gary Carson:

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  • xkahlilovesbeautyx:

    i feel i can express myself through acting. so when i called this company
    back i had goosebumps, chills, and everything when my dad was talking on
    the phone with them tellling me it seemed legit. but when i found out it
    was most likely a scam ill fess up to it i started crying. yes crying this
    is how much they crushed my dreams. i personally think they deserve a kick
    in the ass if their gunna let kids like me and others who have huge dreams
    of acting, modeling, or sing down.

  • Chloe Holmes:

    @Cookie01005 I know or LA its not fair! but i wont give up and just keep

  • Samantha LovesKitties:

    are you on them yet?

  • Hazel Morgan:

    @omgmycat1o1 maybe i should just try again. thanks!

  • boblarryphil:

    Also, I live in Kansas and they have no auditions in its biggest city so
    are there any in Kansas city Missouri or in Colorado springs?

  • funnybunny19991:

    hey i am on the website and i am only 11! awsome your on too!

  • Alexandra Juarez:

    Stupid -___- i signed up two-three days ago. i emailed them and i got a
    call to audition for Good Luck Charlie, for 4 episodes.!

  • xkahlilovesbeautyx:

    they crushed my dreams im still trying though. be cautious because they
    might also jsut as easily, without any guilt, crush yours too!

  • Lavenderrose73:

    @BlueBerryCookie1234 Apparently there was another part to it with the ditto
    marks. I don’t know why it’s not still there, and it was 2 months ago so I
    can’t remember what all I said. If there are ditto marks, chances are that
    comment didn’t just come out of the clear blue sky, so I don’t see the
    reason for being so rude to someone who has done you no wrong personally.

  • icyflames:

    Stop! ExploreTalent is not a scam!

  • xkahlilovesbeautyx:

    alright so i saw this video and thought id add a comment. sure this seems
    extremely extremely easy to find an acting job. well im tryign as hard as i
    can to find a gig anywhere i can. i signed up for explore talen about a
    year ago and just started getting calls and txts this year at the age of
    14. acting is the biggest dream of mine and seriously i want it so bad.

  • DJayOfficial:

    Just because you can get an audition doesn’t mean you’re going to make the
    cut. You just pay them to get you an audition. You’re only scamming
    yourself if you think you don’t have to work for anything. Acting is just
    like a sport, the more you practice to get better, the more you’re going to
    get picked to do something. Paying them money and think you’re going to
    walk into the penthouse suite in Hollywood is scamming yourself.

  • omgmycat1o1:

    @raffypup31 okay :)

  • PA PB:

    The called me and said it’s 119 every 6 month and that I can model FYI sigh
    up and it’s not a scam

  • raffypup31:

    i already signed up i can’t wait until i get my CALL BACK!!! AHH

  • Marianna Prokopets:

    well atleast you guys live in the USA unlike some people who r living in
    Canada where there are almost no auditions

  • Cookie01005:

    @ChloeAlexis7 Ikr.. I live in New Jersey, and they barely having auditions
    for kids. Most of them are for new york..

  • boblarryphil:

    Would Disney on ice count as acting experience… I might do that for a
    year or two after highschool

  • omgmycat1o1:

    @morganleeanncooper i think its free :P

  • Chloe Holmes:

    @BlueBerryCookie1234 CAUSE IT ONLY AMAZNG and lots of FUN idk about other
    people but this is a dream!

  • twistedferrets:

    @Dazzzlefashion wouldnt places like montreal or vancouver have any of the

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