POST AUDITIONS AS VIDEO RESPONSES OR SEND THEM TO E-mail: illuna@live.com Skype: ms.arenia Happy New Year everyone! I also will need help with Sound FX! If anyone has any knowledge about where I can get them or if you know how to make them let me know in the comments or via PM! Ground rules: -Have a decent microphone -Be okay with profanity Now here’s the lines! —–Characters and Lines—– CLESS: Cless’s voice has a lot of emotion held in it. Has no problem with speaking his mind and unleashing whatever thoughts are in his head. The actor should have no problem with profanity or moody behavior including shouting and possibly crying. LINES: -frustrated, shouting- You expect me to sit around as everything is going to hell around us!? -surprised- Whoa hey! Are you okay?? Stay awake, alright? I’m going to take you to my grandma’s. She’s a healer. She should be able to help. -crying a bit, in pain- I AM TELLING YOU WHAT HAPPENED AND I’VE BEEN TELLING YOU WHAT HAPPENED! I didn’t do anything, I SWEAR! I swear… -exasperated- What games…? If anyone’s been playing games it’s you and that other scumbag soldier. -annoyed- What the hell? Have you been listening at all!? ILLUNA: Emotions tend to be slightly repressed. Because of this, explosions can occur under heavy duress or away from the public eye. Default voice tone should be somewhat content. LINES: -tired, smiling- Yes, I shouldn’t have used that much magic at once though. That was careless… -upset- He didn’t do

23 Responses to “[CLOSED] Terra Lucis – VOICE ACTING AUDITIONS”

  • MsIlluna:

    I currently have all the voices I need for Episode 1, but I’ll definitely need more voices for Episode 2 when that rolls around! C:

  • Kkat Yoshi:

    I have a very deep voice on audio…

  • TotalDramaFantasy:

    I need 6 boys and 7 girls to voice act for new total drama characters in a series Im making!
    If you are interested in voicing a WHOLE NEW character, please look at the audition video on my channel! :D Thanks!

  • Torianimemaker:

    hey! someone who want to voiceact? i need some people. and a scribt helper…maybee another owner than myself.

  • xHideyox:

    Someone!!! Next time she has an audition send in an entry with your voice being auto tuned!!! xD

  • Jazzyo3o:

    Darn it! Im too late… D: I’ll try next time!!

  • BethYukiMichi1:

    Can’t wait for results! :D

  • KawaiiGain:

    Oi, I’ll totally be trying out for this! Expect an audition from me!

  • RPGMad1995:

    Hmmmmm could give kylos a go hopefully I haven’t missed it

  • KellieWellieBear:

    Oh right, I SEE A GRANDMOTHER. I’ve never tried an old voice before, but seeing as how a lot of the fanimators teased me calling me “Grandma” this COULD work! XDDD

  • KellieWellieBear:

    ….ALRIGHTY. TIme to put on my man voice! >:D
    [Prepare for some laughs OTL]

  • happiehippiecats:

    can I do Lluna chronos,beacose if the only normal female I can be old beacose I don’t have voice for do it XD y send you my email in a privade message

  • LenRinTwin:

    Im willing to do extras, and also a good website(s) for sfx is soungle, and sounddogs. There’s a new sounddogs, and you should check it out when you can! Also this goes for all animators, to make your quiet scenes with no music extra awesome, download some cloth movement effects. If you cant find any, download a freakin idk, flag sounds? XD

  • ChiiM0M0:

    i wanna do itt!

  • CosplayRocks24:

    I will try to audition…. I’ll try several roles so, would you like them in video responses?

  • victim130:

    Hope its ok I only used the lines up on VAA >.< just now noticed that you had more on the video description lol


    Oh wow, Ep. 1. :D I will audition! But =_= it will be private ;A; I won’t get sad if i don’t win a part …maybe.

  • TheGirlWithThatVoice:

    I have posted an audition :D although, as you asked for Illuna’s emotions to be repressed, it is a little different to my usual work :D though I hope you’ll consider me!

  • EileMontyVA:

    Uploaded my audition! (>w<)-d

  • KaggyFilms:

    Well I’ll be auditioning of course.

  • Schattenfaust2:

    As for sound effects, if you want some royalty-free ones I’d check out sounddogs . com, it’s got tonnes of effects you could use.

  • Schattenfaust2:

    I’ve been meaning to get back into voice acting, so I’ll give this a shot, probably as Blair, Locke and Kylos for a start. Which method of audition would you prefer, between youtube response, Skyping you and e-mailing a file? And on this page there are some audition lines that aren’t included in the VAA post, should they be included? I’ve cross-posted this to make sure it’s seen better and to show my youtube account. Thanks for your time, I’ll get this to you ASAP.

  • 3Bismyname:

    ill do it. itll b my first and i knw a guy who has like a billion sound effects in his library

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