Acting Tips : Tips on Acting Auditions

Acting auditions are very nerve-racking for most actors, but it’s important to try to have a great attitude during the audition. Learn these audition tips from a working actor in this free video on acting auditions. Expert: Jennifer Rae Bio: Jennifer Rae is an Equity actor, who has been involved in all aspects of acting (theatre and screen) for more than 20 years. Filmmaker: Tyler Bourns Series Description:

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  • Cyaysyd:

    Never give them the hand,unless they ask you for it,your not the only person they are going to see,and trust me they want there space,and lot of them are germofobic and stuff,just be nice energetic cool and own it.

  • bescoka:

    When i heard a headshot i was thinking to headshot people wilth a sniper.That’s What i thought

  • bbcasting:

    And last but not least…

    Don’t forget to blow the producer!! :)

  • CandyPingu7:

    So if they say “profile” it means “show me the left side of your face and right side of your face”?

  • yiliyaly:

    perfect AWESOM all i needed :)

  • Ashley Anne:

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  • tglover879:

    why? isn’t that disrespectful?

  • angelsbabe555:

    There are some helpful tips here but I have to disagree with shaking hands, unless they initiate it and I have never heard of turning left and right while slating (or that’s how it’s done?). Other than that, it’s pretty good – be on time, know your lines, thank them for the time and opportunity.

  • boarding5401:

    Scratch that, the audition begins the minute you wake up. Another piece of helpful advice – HAVE FUN WITH IT. Keep the ‘I’M JUST KIDDING’ mentality and you’ll be more rleaxed and natural

  • madflavazdep:

    My agent says the same…never shake unless they offer. Shit video if you ask me

  • EternalSoul9:

    Hi, My angent remarked to me and the other actors to not shake hands ever….

  • mara48866:

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  • 4085jones:

    The first tip don’t listen to this bitch

  • kikoalalily:

    this is sooo outdated

  • Possesssed666:

    This advice is more valuable then the entire video, thanks.


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  • cdsdancer158:

    but what if its for a play?

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  • sanele2more:

    @valdezsusy. I wanna be an actor, are you on facebook?

  • ZyanForever:

    thank you so much for the advice i had no idea about the turning! thanx

  • valdezsusy:

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  • Aphrodite2009:

    hey! hope it goes/went well x

  • kbs1212:


  • yummieyummie123:

    good advice! With any creative line of work.

  • McdonaldQuinn:

    watch rosey (by brendan quinn) its a monologue i wrote and would love to get some feed back thanks

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