Acting Audition Tips : Physical Warm Ups for Acting Auditions

Keep your body limber and ready for anything with expert tips on physical warm ups for acting auditions in this free video clip. Expert: Terri Lynne Bio: Terri Lynne is a freelance hair and makeup artist for film and television production. She received her hair and makeup training through the University of Winnipeg in Canada. Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin

23 Responses to “Acting Audition Tips : Physical Warm Ups for Acting Auditions”

  • lesleythecuttie:

    hey im thinking of taking acting more seriously so can you please tell me other things that casting directors have asked you? and im guessing you were auditioning for something athletic because you had to do summersauls but what have they asked for just regular auditions?

  • ErikBlueGuitar:

    Or the Girl is Tiny*.*…

  • xXParodySistersXx:

    This is very good advice!I once went to an audition and the casting director asked me to do a somersault!You really have no clue what they are going to ask you to do,so I would say this video is extremely helpful.

  • JennyLynnMcCarthy:

    bahahaha I almost peed my pants when he winked.


    That dude is tall *.*


    This accualy really helps! I had to do this before my audition and I was thinking …wow I look like an ass but…hey Im in the play now! so WHO CARES!

  • famous1779:

    ok then

  • feanor:

    Cause they filmed it all in the same day ?? you dumbass.

  • oanunkor:

    David gets it in

  • catersry:

    that guy is gay!!!!! nd y do they wear the same thing evrytime!!!!nd they dont explain or like do as the title says”HOW”

  • aussiejohnr:

    never let your head fall back in neck rolls, its dangerous. Always lean slightly forward when doing kneck rolls. its hard to concentrate if you are muscularely taut. so always warm up before performing just like a runner of weight lifter would.
    It will help you relax and concentrate on your audition

  • latinoish37:

    yeah, i guess but none of that stuff helps you become the character, you really have to get that from yourself, but whatever helps I guess

  • c1bomarc:

    Man… who are those peoples? I mean if your going to teach someone how to prepare and act make sure that YOU ARE prepared and acting! This guy look like his fooling around in a bad highschool homework and the girl have no clue of what she’s saying.


  • akualtekefan:

    you’ve obiously never acted

  • sweeetra3:


  • kingdanny1:

    fuck does that have to do with acting

  • BroadwayBound707:

    neck rolls are bad for u, ur supposed to just hold it forward, then back ward, and side to side. but this was good other than that.

  • puppy13:

    yea. im goint to be singing in front of agents at my audition so wat should i do?

  • mcsistersam:

    Thanks, but what if you have to sing in front of everybody at an audition??? :D thanks

  • vampuricprincess:

    i tried those stretches, they actually calmed me down and i perform 10 times better

  • XR0N4LDX:

    why do u have to do these stretches?

  • Brady2k8:

    i do Yoga and Judo and trust me in Judo we warm up like mad.

  • FireEmblem92:

    these tips are realy helpful, thanks alot!

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