Acting 101 : Acting Tips: The Audition

When attending an acting audition, be sure to acknowledge the director and exhibit positive body language both during your entrance and exit. Discover a few key moments during auditions withadvice from an experienced stage and screen performer in this free video on acting. Expert: Jennifer Rae Bio: Jennifer Rae is an Equity actor, who has been involved in all aspects of acting (theatre and screen) for more than 20 years. Filmmaker: Tyler Bourns

25 Responses to “Acting 101 : Acting Tips: The Audition”

  • rhondarice7:

    i’m going into high school and i need this for future tryoutsss!

  • 3BallIIntentalo:

    Tomorrow I Have A Audition To Go To.. I’m So Nervous And Scared :(

  • YooEssBee1:

    slate is introducing yourself and what your doing

  • autiilicious:

    U don’t need to take acting classes if ur a good actor. Der

  • Thejazzy8049:

    Do you have to have headshots and a resume

  • Thejazzy8049:

    I have a question…

  • mikemanero829:

    A slate is when the Actor States their name and what Agency they are with, for example:
    “Hi My Name is John Smith and I’m with the William Morris Agency.”

  • CaitlinsCrazyCanvas:

    Is it a bad thing if I am not nervous?

  • mhmonster9:

    where you say your first and last name and your age

  • jessicatheshort:

    i just want a legit agency lol i have the audition down but its just all scams

  • nilboo112:

    When you state your name & age

  • GamerEveryMinute:

    A slate is a flat clean surface.

  • SuperDanHat:

    The best advice I can give is to just relax in your audition. Yes, I know that’s not that easy, but consider this. If you do get the job, you did great. If you don’t get the job, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad actor, it simply means that maybe someone else was better for THAT part. Also, consider this. If they say no, what did you lose? Nothing really, because you didn’t have it in the first place. I’ve been a voice actor for years, and can’t tell you how many jobs I didn’t get.

  • mkgonzalez123:

    OMG I am SO nervous to go to my VERY first acting audition…….! So I’m trying to look up what to do, so anyone have any tips or advice for me??? It would really help!!

  • ThinkingPurple:

    And just look at those replies. O.o

  • gilberto597307:

    You tell them your name,age,where your from. and optional your reprensetation……..EXp: Hi my name is Gilbert Sosa/ im 14 years old/ Im houston texas and i am represented by so and so…. :P

  • Sarahberrycute123:

    when you say your name . your age . and your agency or agent representing you . then you turn to your left side . forward . and to your right side . the forward again while smiling so they can see all sides of you .

  • mydickmilk:

    also if you have an agent or not that is very important

  • QuidHD:

    I would be a terrible auditioner. I get so nervous when having to present things in front of groups of people.

  • mylittleboat3:

    Slating is basically introducing yourself. Lets say that I was at an audition and they asked me to slate I would say: “Hi my name is (Your first and last name, you can give them your middle name if you want), I am (blank) years old, and I am reading/auditioning for the role of (character’s name).”

  • yourenot:

    a slate is how you start off most auditions. You just look at the camera- smile- and say your name and agency. Though sometimes slates vary. If they ask you to slate your name and age instead make sure you do that. :)

  • disneyforever100:

    i have a question ..
    what is Slate ?

  • glamorousjuicy1:

    @mhart29 it doesnt need to be extremely professional my dad is an excellent photographer and i got an audition for a commercial.

  • GDGloomie:

    Not all the time, head shots are cheaper than $700, and all you need is experience, confidence, and personality!

  • KaraJayneee:

    lol, im sorry but it is really actully quite hard to become an actor.
    Unless your 110% for it.
    You also have to have money before you can make money. good head and body shots can cost up 2 $700 and more
    Not to mention the price of acting classes, and lots more. its expensive and its hard work

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