3 Big Acting Mistakes

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25 Responses to “3 Big Acting Mistakes”

  • oscarlover100:

    Scene study classes train the actor to be able to do ANY role! Yes, the
    roles are often more complex and are usually strong leading or principal
    supporting characters, but the training you get from them and from the
    exercises that are taught in the class enable an actor to use that to play
    any role, large or small. It’s a general assumption to say that scene study
    classes can only train you for the juicier roles.

    I understand your point that cold reading and audition skills should be the
    things that actors arriving in L.A focus on first, but one must keep
    practicing their craft in doing larger monologues in order to have a strong
    range and presence. One can only really get audition technique by
    auditioning, but I do think that you have to have the basis of how to make
    contact and be present in yourself in order to audition for roles that
    have 3 to 4 lines. To just focus on that is a limited view of the craft of
    acting itself. 

  • iDalisMediaTV:

    Robert Downey Jr. is a former DRUG ADDICT. When Robert was looking for work
    in the EIGTHIES you could get away without really knowing the real aspects
    of AUDITIONING and book on gut instincts. But now there is not enough work
    to go around and the competition for the spots are much tougher. On Camera
    Technique is no natural. _ Its a skill that is tough to grab. But these
    days you cant do that. He is out of touch with the reality of finding and
    booking work as an actor today.- Keep trying.

  • ella122112:

    and those actors start when they’re 14 and fizzle out in their 30’s

  • Lindo Julet:

    That’s not entirely logical. Many of the greatest artists (actors, singers.
    etc.) have learned from “non-famous” people (even though I really don’t
    know what you mean by ‘famous’…celebrity status, perhaps? A lot of
    awesome teachers DON’T have celebrity status). Just because you’re awesome
    at the art doesn’t mean you know how to teach it. If taking acting classes
    is a waste of time, tell actors like William Shatner, Angela Lansbury,
    Jennifer Garner, etc. who trained and became successful.

  • weaternpi:

    your a smart man i really appreciate your information

  • LowGMan:

    He has a point. Markets are different, in the East coast it is extremely
    hard to get the paying jobs that is readily available in the West. But in
    NYC, you can make a career of doing theater alone.

  • Jacob Stevens:

    You are correct about the low self esteem. Commercial extra work is the
    most harmful to an acting career. There is more money in commercial extra
    so they make more money buy more expensive residence and transportation.
    They don’t want to quit because fear they will lose the easy lifestyle. Its
    a cycle. No longer taking classes cause you on set and some even miss
    audition for principal work to be an extra on a commercial. Its also
    harmful because they or the coworkers have been upgraded (part 1)


    If you know anything about residual income in TV Commercials you would know
    that TV Commercials pay far more in residual income than theater. That is
    the whole point in the videos I post. Would you rather work for minimum
    wage (money) or make as much possible income based on your net worth! THE

  • PoloFaculty:

    he knows what hes talkin about

  • Emily:

    Central casting isn’t a bad thing in itself though right? I could see doing
    it a couple of times just to get the feel of working on set and in front of
    the camera would help but I don’t see how it’s a bad thing. Actually, I
    guess he’s right, a lot of people will probably end up doing that for most
    of their acting careers

  • David Foresman:

    Well said!

  • roter13:

    lol same problem here

  • smedheat:

    The goal is to make money acting, so working for free should be done
    sparingly. Training is important and that training should be used for paid
    work ASAP.

  • Preppyboy70x:

    I just read the things not to do and skipped the whole video

  • Brock Mitchell:

    I want to be an actor

  • Allison Crawford:

    Robert Downey Jr. said it is a waste of time to take acting classes /
    seminars from someone who isn’t famous. If they really knew the business,
    they would be famous actors; they wouldn’t be selling their classes or
    technique to try to pay rent. Downey suggested in lieu of classes, use your
    gut instinct, read as much as you can from various authors (books /
    screenplays), and try different approaches at every delivery.

  • Melissa Ramos:

    I would love to take your classes but they obviously seem expensive:( Plus
    i live in Puerto Rico:((((

  • ella122112:

    1.) My name is not Ella. 2.) I come from a family of actors that you would
    undoubtedly recognize. 3.) I’ve been in the entertainment business myself
    for 5 years 4.) People who take this guy seriously are the ones who will
    end up hosting E! and interviewing real actors.

  • Rubber Ritchie:

    4. Turn off caps lock ; )

  • ThePartyZone225:

    I agree with SOME of the things this man says in the video. But other
    points he make is ridiculous. YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER OFF DOING EXTRA WORK.
    It’s how you learn the in’s & out’s of the tv and film industry. It’s up to
    you to know when enough extra work is sufficient. Doing theater is ok as
    well. Again, there’s a learning process and theater is a great learning

  • iDalisMediaTV:

    That’s not true and completely inaccurate. Where do you get this figure?
    Most actors figure it out by the second extra job…its such a breeding
    ground for low self esteem. Being an extra has nothing to do with acting.
    ZERO.- He is helping you out here by saving you some time so you can get
    speaking parts. He is really looking out for you here. Want to visit a set
    for real…go on a Universal tour, you would learn more. Some people don’t
    like medicine but it makes you feel better.:)

  • Jacob Stevens:

    Mike you are 100% correct. EXTRA WORK is good for people who do NOT want to
    be actors!!! I would see news stories suggesting to people to go get a job
    as an extra during the bad economy. Its a job for NON-actors. This is great
    knowledge for those of us who want to be film and television actors in Los
    Angeles. Making money from commercial great way to help business. Thank
    you, mike

  • iDalisMediaTV:

    Some of the greatest coaches were not famous, UTA HAGEN, MEISNER, Milton
    Katselis all never reached Fame in their acting and directing careers but
    were legendary Acting Teachers. Go with the technique that makes the most
    sense to you and gets you results. Not if a teacher is famous or not.
    Because fame has nothing to do with the gift of teaching.

  • TheLightsister:

    Thanks Mike for the advice you saved me from mistakes.

  • JingleDingle:

    Coach Mike is pretty much right on. Sure, extra work might help you learn
    about how production works, on a superficial level; just don’t make the
    common mistake of thinking that extra work is actually acting. As an extra,
    you are only cattle, and you will more often than not be treated as such. I
    once heard a director characterize extras as “wannabes, but a necessary
    evil”. And don’t put extra work on your resume. It means nothing, and is
    utterly worthless. You won’t be taken seriously

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