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  • Jana Nathinge:

    Hi! I finished high school this year and I want to study a BA in acting in
    Uk. I am supposed to audition next year and I am crazy nervous! Thank you
    for your advice! I will be watching more of your videos.

  • ActingAdvice:

    +gianthills if you think a “pretty face” is going to get you a role in
    Hollywood then you are very sadly mistaken and are totally disregarding the
    years of training people do to get where they are.

  • Annie Rocq:

    I enjoyed it and took notes! Gonna do more research but this will
    definitely help me on my first acting audition. Kudos! And I love your
    accent btw!

  • ActingAdvice:

    +gianthills Firstly.don’t patronise something that I actually do for a
    living secondly, Hollywood represents not even 0.1% of the business so
    baaing it on a place that brings out maybe two films a year is ridiculous
    when there is touring theatre, regional, TIE, reminiscence , pop up,
    independent , adverts, voice over, animation etc…its not just about

  • Just Annie:

    thank u it helps me a lot:D
    i hav a drama audition tmr at school but i haven’t done dis before so I’m a
    bit nervous, but it won’t be all the people together right?

  • AndImTheBlondie:

    thank you! im auditioning at my local theatre and though its a relatively
    small town, its really a really big deal for me!

  • gianthills:

    Realize that look is number 1. Talent is number 2. you wont even get in the
    door if you dont have a “marketable” look. and if you cant get in the door,
    they wont even see your talent. so, in theory you could have the most
    amazing actor never getting cast because his look isnt right. while at the
    same time, pretty boys with less talent will get cast. thats
    reality. acting isnt like other art forms because the actual craft is
    secondary, particularly in North America. so, if you dont have a look that
    will sell, there’s really no point, regardless how excited and driven you
    may be. the work just wont be there for you.

  • jj powis:

    Nice accent

  • Jason Gallantry:

    Hi there, just auditioned for Bath Spa and was wondering how many hours a
    week you are attending classes and what a typical week consists of.

  • dree gouh:

    Love your videos! so cool to have some sound advice on British Drama
    Schools.. thanks for the tips. could you maybe do some stuff on
    contemporary monologues and what makes a good piece?

  • Simi Dhillon:

    it would be interesting to know your journey of acting, what you’ve done,
    how you got started and what your doing now! :) your videos have been a
    blessing btw

  • Hayden Charles:

    Yet again thanks a lot dude for the tips. Keep up the great work

  • sataeresday:

    I did not do drama at A level, or even at GCSE (despite it being my
    favourite subject). Does this mean I’m at a huge disadvantage?

  • byouds03:

    Even little things add up

  • SkaBayb:

    Saying that your chosen charactor is “Funny2 or “Evil” is not enough.

  • Desiree Dupree:

    Wow , Im loving the accents

  • Desiree Dupree:


  • Erosium:

    Awesome video man and really good tips to give people! Funny cuts in the
    editing too mate! :)

  • byouds03:

    Basically all you really need to do is get tons of expirience

  • Sekela Ngamilo:

    A video on what to wear to an audition (both for theater auditions and
    stage school auditions)

  • ActingAdvice:

    Thanks a lot! :)

  • Julia aka Ladyshe:

    Thank you for your vids…It’s very generous of you. I have an audition
    coming up- and after watching your videos, I feel even more confident that
    I am on the correct path. (^_^)

  • SkaBayb:

    I have e-mailed this to myself

  • ActingAdvice:

    I’m really glad I can help you out! Is there anything you would like a
    video on? :)

  • Aniella Killick:

    Are you able to do a mock audition for us?! I’ve got to film videos for my
    auditions because I’m currently in Australia and it would be AMAZING if you
    could give an example of how you would film your monologues!

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