Why is Barbizon acting/modeling school a scam?

I read a comment on Yahoo Answers once that it’s a scam with no explanation. I want to get into the talent agency, but Barbizon is the only place in the area offering acting and modeling classes for teen girls. Besides, that there’s my school’s drama club, but I doubt that’s enough experience to get accepted.

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  • ajtheactress:

    Barbizon is a school who will overcharge you for sub par classes. Having only school projects on your resume is better than listing Barbizon. They are not at all well regarded in the acting community.

    The reason most people say Barbizon is a scam is because they often misrepresent their services by saying they are an agency and that various celebs have trained with them.

    IMO you are better off taking classes at your local community college.

  • Cogito:

    Hi – because they either say or imply that they are an agency, and can get you acting auditions. They aren’t, and they can’t. And I hear that they charge far more than they should for their classes, which aren’t very good anyway. A bad class is worse than no class at all.
    To get an agent, you need to have attended a real drama school, full-time, for at least a year. And after that, you need to gain experience by doing unpaid work on stage and in student films, etc.
    Don’t waste your money on something that isn’t going to help you.

  • Kittysue:

    There is never any reason to pay for modeling school – there is not a legitimate agency in the world that requires it, and no school can make you taller, thinner or make you more photogenic which is all any agency cares about. You either have the right face, body and height to model or you don’t – and paying $3000 to some school who tells you that you have “potential” is not going to change that. If you really are model material you can submit your pictures directly to an agency like Ford or Elite or Click or IMG and they’ll sign you without any schooling

    As for acting, are you sure that Barbizon is the only school near you? You will learn pretty much the same thing in drama club as you will at Barbizon and it won’t charge you $1800+. Unless you are at an advanced level with at least 2-3 years of training, it’s not worth paying a lot for classes because you are going to learn the same thing at a beginner and intermediate level whether you are getting training for free at a drama club, for $100 at your local community center, for $500 at acting day camp or for $3000 at some expensive school

    What’s more important than training is your actual experience which you won’t get through Barbizon or any other school. You will get experience through school plays, community theatre, church plays, glee club, drama club, etc

  • TruthTeller59:

    Barbizon’s a SCAM!

    They will call you saying that you got the highest scores! They only care if you have $2000. Barbizon will ONLY help you get laughed out of LA and NY.

    BARBIZON was exposed by Dateline’s Chris Hansen as being scammy! They sent someone who intentionally was a bad actress and she got a perfect score and accepted to Barbizon. Scam O’RAMA! DOCUMENTATION BEATS CONVERSATION!




    Barbizon, John Robert Powers, and John Casablancas are all SCAMS! They are NOT agencies! They MISLEAD people into thinking that they are, but are NOT. LEGIT Agencies only make money when you do (10% for film/tv and commercials, 20% for commercial print). REAL AGENTS DON’T take $2000 upfront and DON’T make you take their subpar classes. YES! You’ll be paying at least $2000 for crappy classes!

    A school for modeling is the biggest scam, period! When you get picked up by a LEGIT agency like Ford or Elite, they will teach you or hire coaches. They’re not going to reject your resume because “oh, you don’t have any modeling classes.”

    If you don’t think they’re scams, then go waste thousands of dollars that could go towards good headshots and training from the BEST schools (JRP, JC, and Barb. are NOT the best!) Also, go to a major market like L.A. or N.Y. with those schools on your resume. You’ll get LAUGHED out!

    Schools like Barbizon, JRP, and JC still exist because there are a lot of suckers trying to get into acting and for the money. They think that going to one school will be the answer and it’s not. It’s these schools that give them and feed off of those false promises. For every 100 people that go through these scammy schools and lose their money, there will always be that naturally talented kid that gets work and that these scammy schools take credit for.

    JRP-Banks on the name of a very famous and DEAD agent. They say that Lucille Ball, John Wayne, Barbara Walters, Heather Locklear, Peter Fonda, Jane Fonda, and many other famous actors went to the school, when NONE of them did! Some of those celebs even threatened legal action for using their names. So you see, they use bait and switch tactics.

    John Casablancas-The franchises have been known for unethical business practices and really have nothing to do with the founder’s original intentions.

    Barbizon-It was popular back in the 70s and 80s. Now these franchises have been known for unethical business practices and false promises.

    These schools are OVERPRICED and DON’T provide the caliber training that more affordable and REPUTABLE schools like Howard Fine Studios, Ivanna Chubbuck, Groundlings, Second City, Beverly Hills Playhouse, Stella Adler, William Esper Studios, Tom Todoroff, Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown, Margie Haber, etc. do.

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