What is the best way to get into acting/modeling without much experience?

I’m very interested in acting or modeling but I’m not sure how the best way is to get started. I look on websites for auditions or things like that but I don’t exactly know what to look for. I have very little experience (been in a few school plays) but still… Also I am only 15 years old and most casting looks for higher ages. Can someone please help me with all this and what I should do…?

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  • R K:

    first you need to get training to learn how to go about getting experience. there are things you can do for experience like local theater,student and ind. films, their open calls. you need to start by getting yourself educated and get training. you aren’t ready for auditions if you don’t know
    what to expect and do when you get on one.

  • history_theatrenut:

    Either will require parental permission. I cannot speak on modeling in particular but with acting, your best bet is to get experience. It may not be the answer you want to hear, but there it is. Acting requires discipline and some study in most cases if its to be done successful. Child actors are the only ones who are typically cast with little experience. This is perhaps part of the reason child stars have a hard time crossing over into adult roles. Many don’t go back and get the training that they need.

    To summarized though, your best bet is to get some training. Take an acting class and be patient. It won’t happen overnight. Often to play teenagers they do cast people who are a few years older, just to avoid being tangled up in legal requirements for employing juvenile actors/actress. So use that time to train in acting.

  • Kittysue:

    Modeling and acting are completely different. To get a theatrical agent, you are going to first need experience and training. That means school plays, community theater, acting classes, etc

    For modeling, all that matters is your height, measurements and facial features. You don’t need experience to start, most models are discovered by either sending in pictures or attending open calls at agencies. Most legitimate agencies have a minimum height requirement of 5′7″ or 5′8″ at your age, and your measurements need to be between 34-24-34 and 36-26-36 unless you are plus size. You also need to be incredibly photogenic, and have a look that the agency’s clients are demanding. You can start by sending in your pictures to legitimate agencies near you like Elite, Ford, IMG, Wilhelmina, etc then waiting to see if they call if they think you have what it takes. If not, they don’t bother contacting you. Or call the agencies to see if they hold open calls and go in – they will usually tell you on the spot if they are interested or not.

  • docbritt:

    first of all, MODELING AND ACTING ARE TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS!!! i dont know why people assume theyre related, but theyre not. the only people who relate the two are scams like barbazon, john casablancas and robert powers, so do not fall into that trap. to get into modeling, youd need a modeling agent, and to get a modeling agent you would have to be at LEAST 5′8″ (and that goes for anyone older than age 12), wear a sample size (size 2 or 4), have perfect proportions both body-wise and facially (meaning you need a symmetrical face and symmetrical body proportions), and excellent skin, hair and teeth, plus the features that are “hot” in the industry right now and the very rare body type needed to become a model- very small chest, very small waist- very small everything- and very long legs (at least a 34″ inseam). your measurements need to be within an inch of 33 (chest)- 24 (waist)- 34(hips). if you dont have those measurements, AND wear the right size, AND have the height, AND have the face, modeling wont be an option, its as simple as that. you have to look like a model to be a model, and most women just dont have what it takes; thats the whole point. and any modeling “castings” you find online will be very low-quality and most likely for something either trashy or a complete scam. one thing i see a lot of is castings for “models” who pass out free red bull at, say, a video game unveiling- thats not modeling. acting is a WHOLE different ball game. acting agents dont sign anyone without tons of professional experience, so thats not an option for you yet. the best way to try to build a resume is to ask theater teachers at your high school and other nearby schools where there are legitmate theater groups in the area, and if there are any community theaters nearby that do not require the actors to be equity (union). do not confuse modeling with acting- they are never intertwined, no matter what you may see on dumb shows like americas next top model. the only models who end up acting are supermodels, and thats more rare than winning the lottery three times in a row.

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