What is a good way of starting my acting/modeling career?

So I want to be a actress/model, I have no experience but I am tall and slim.

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  • Kitegirl Coach:

    Education is where you need to start – and a good agent.

    With acting, look for an agent who can recommend courses but doesn’t produce their own as they are often relying on this for income rather than getting you work.

    With modeling most agents do the training themselves but look on their walls for pictures of models you recognise.

  • Kim:

    You should start with classes. I want to be an actress too, so I started doing plays at a local theater and taking summer classes there. You should work on being pretty for modeling (kidding). I’m 100% positive you’re beautiful already. Just, you can’t be camera shy for either. Try working on being outgoing and not shy.

  • Cogito:

    Acting and modelling are totally separate careers. A few actors do a bit of modelling to earn some extra money, but they also work in offices, bars, restaurants, call-centres – anything, really.

    I don’t know anything about modelling – only that it’s all about looks and you require little intelligence and no talent whatsoever.

    To be an actor takes many years of training and gaining experience, as well as huge talent, determination, resilience and intelligence.
    It’s usually the same route for getting into any musical, movie, stage play, TV show – anything.
    But it all depends on whether or not you have a real talent in the first place.

    First you study it at school with all the other subjects while attending an independent, professionally-run acting class to learn all the basic stuff.
    Then you get experience at school or in a drama group or in a community theatre.
    Then you get professional training at a good drama school.
    Then you get unpaid or low-paid work experience to build up a good resume.
    Then you apply to good agents and hope that one will agree to represent you.
    The agent then gets casting info from various producers and passes the details on to you.
    You turn up for the auditions, and compete with the hundreds of others who also turn up.
    One of you gets the job.

  • DraMuse:

    The steps to being an actor are the steps you take.
    Acting is usually one of three things: a Hobby, a Lifestyle and a Career.
    Already because of the three different meanings there are three different paths.
    In short, no path is the same and what worked for one person mightn’t work for someone else.

    Anyone can pick Acting up as a Hobby.
    Whether it be picking up a script, grabbing yourself a camera, acting it out, filming it then uploading it to Youtube. Or seeing an audition notice in a local newspaper for an upcoming play, contacting the director, attending the audition and seeing how it goes.

    As a Lifestyle, you’ve decided that Acting means something more to you long term.
    Therefor it may be in your best interest to get involved with Acting Classes, Acting Schools, become a Member of a Theatre Company to generate more regular Acting Opportunities. Though how you enjoy Acting as part of your Lifestyle is up to you, same as enjoying Exercise as part of your Lifestyle.

    The website Starnow:
    Provides opportunities for Actors interested in both of the above and occasional professional opportunities as well.
    For Actors in Australia I recommend against AT2 as it’s very similar to Starnow – you get the same types of opportunities, though you have to pay over $100 more per year for them and they discriminate between Actors who do have an Agent and those who don’t.

    If you’re after Acting as a Career there are certain things inside of your control and outside of your control.
    What’s inside of your control is keeping yourself ready, centered and focused – (this is usually done by keeping yourself busy with some acting opportunity whether it’s paid or not). Having an Agent, representation, networking and looking for work.
    What’s inside of your control are the avenues you have to generate work, what’s outside of your control is the work that comes in.
    Lucky breaks are also outside of your control. You can do your best to be in the right place at the right time, though sometimes it’s not a matter of what you know but who you know.

    When you’re ready, here’s how to Find and Apply for an Agent:
    It’s how I got mine.

    Answers that give you a bulk ladder in how to become an actor are false.
    As anyone can become an Actor just as anyone can become a cook.
    Acting isn’t the same as being famous and Acting means many different things to many different people.

    The best step for you to take, is the step that is available to you.
    Once you take that step I’m sure you will gain insight as to what you’d like to pursue and what step you’d like next to take.

    All the best :)

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