How does a 10 yr. kid in Chicago get into acting and modeling?

My son loves acting and modeling and wants to get in films and commercials.
My son is ten,not me

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  • josh j:


  • Lucy Y:

    Make a portfolio of him. Make photo shoots for him, (this means getting a photographer) and send them into children’s clothes magazines or companies.

  • missbrightness24:

    Try calling Whoopi Goldberg.


  • sbtravelgirl:

    Son? Modeling? Those words don’t go together. Sign him up for an actign class! That’ll work!

  • Alessandra T:

    acting you can go to an agent and get one and they can sign you up for something like my brother is and he’s only 13
    modeling if its going to be professional it wont really work out because he is way to young but maybe at a clothing store like gap or target you ask the manager and they can get you a job

  • Voodoo Child:

    Far too young if you ask me. Although if you absolutely can’t change his mind you’d need to find an agent, One you know you can trust as there might be times when he’s left in this person’s care.

    A lot of agencies and studios have open castings so email or call them and ask what’s coming up and if they need someone fitting his description.

  • Veronica Rose:

    get him into plays and make a portfolio. Call a local agency and get ready to put out some money for classes..

  • blublood:

    ur only 10 and have yahoo acount im am going to let yahoo police know and have ur account taken away

  • coolduude619:

    First off- Chi-town rules!
    I suggest getting him involved in the school drama club, and also acting opprotunities outside of school. Try going to acting places where a lot of people go.

  • mOu:

    Find an agent and get him into commercials then from there if he’s good enough..he’ll be put into movies.
    Use this site and register him for audition dates.

  • polkadots:

    You can go to an acting school or auditions.

    Like this one:

    those are some cast calls

  • TwP:

    google for a agent :) good luck(Y)

  • Anthony Spears:

    My brother also got in as an extra in the Dark Knight and Public Enemies (currently in post-production, you’ll see him directly behind Johnny Depp in the movie theatre before Johnny’s character gets gunned down).

  • S F:

    Just about ALL your ‘Talent Agents’ will charge a fee. They will want to charge you for their ‘acting classes’…careful here, many times the instruction IS helpful, but how much can you afford for his venture? Is he good, really, be honest… even though you are his mom, get him in plays to volunteer at your local Theatre, or Church.

    He needs to make a portfolio of pictures. Usually asked to ‘display’ different characters. Humor/whimsical, Sad/angry, Everyday look/Dressy look. This can be done for representation in both acting and modeling. My last portfolio costed quite a bit of money, in the several hundreds of dollars. Depending on the “Photographer”/ “Studio”… look around if you don’t know someone personally. (can try a school, for graduate students to see if they would be much cheaper, just make sure they are ‘good’!)

    Call up all the angencies in your area. Do you know any photographers (professional)? Best way to get noticed, is to get a portfolio done, and ‘pass’ out copies to ALL the agencies..They might just sign him on, without requiring a fee up front. This way, he gets as much exposure as possible. CAREFUL not to sign a contract right off the bat… small print, exculsive, fee amounts, entitlements, length of contract, commissions, etc… Rights of ownership, etc… can also be misleading…Only reference I have was my own former representation: ‘Talent Services’ in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I am sure there are plenty in Chicago.. (write Oprah?…could not hurt, include your own cutest/best picture of him)

  • bust 'em:

    I hope this is for fun and a few extra bucks. One has to realize that very, very few people make it big time. The thought of “being discovered” by a big shot agent and becoming the next big star gets some people excited. You ever see amature models think that they are the next big thing? What do they have that other people don’t have? Attitude. But guess what? All that attitude gives you is the false sense that you’re a valuable person. I’ve been on a few major sets, all for fun of course. Got to meet some big stars and industry professionals, eat their food, and get paid well for doing nothing, etc. etc.

    There’s nothing wrong with putting together a portfolio and trying it out, just don’t rely on modeling and acting to be the career. Have a “real job”, “just in case” your son isn’t discovered by some jerk agent.

  • starstruck:

    I would recommend getting an talent agent.. they can get him jobs for commercials and television and catalogues and such.

    Also you can try googling ‘chicago casting calls’ or ‘chicago children auditions’ or something like that.. :)

    Oh and also make sure he has a resume! and goes acting classes and/or modelling classes.

  • Actress_28_x3:

    mOu does not know what he/she is talking about, whatever you do, do NOT use, I used it and almost got ripped off. They give you a little free trial, but then you have to pay and neverr pay upfront! You will need to get head shots for acting and a portfolio for modeling write a resume and send them to many different agencies. Good luck =)

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