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Below are the Most Recently Posted Gigs Consisting of Acting, Modeling, and Musical Auditions and Job Opportunities

Mary Poppins Auditions – 1482129
04-01-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – When Jane and Michael, the children of the wealthy and uptight Banks family, are faced with the prospect of a new nanny, they are pleasantly surprised by the arrival of the magical Mary Poppins. Embarking on a series of fantastical adventures with Mary and her Cockney performer friend, Bert, the siblings try to pass on some of their nanny’s sunny attitude to their preoccupied parents. — Project Type: Live Event

Director Needed for Hamlet – 1482120
04-01-15 – Memphis, TN>St Louis, MO – We are currently looking for volunteers to join the production committee. If you are interested in acting as a director, and etc.., expressing your interest and any past experience you may have. Don’t let lack of experience stop you!

Spark your interest? More information can be found on our website. — Project Type: 1

Next To Normal Auditions For Actors – 1482107
04-01-15 – St Louis, MO>Kansas City, MO – Dad’s an architect; Mom rushes to pack lunches and pour cereal; their daughter and son are bright, wise-cracking teens, appearing to be a typical American family. And yet their lives are anything but normal, because the mother has been battling bipolar disorder for 16 years. Next To Normal takes audiences into the minds and hearts of each character, presenting their family’s story with love, sympathy and heart. And, importantly, much more humor that one might expect.

Please prepare a 32-bar cut of a contemporary musical theatre song.
An accompanist will be provided.

*Please also prepare the following excerpts for the role(s) in which you are interested:
Perfect for You – Henry and Natalie
Superboy and the Invisible Girl – Natalie
Make Up Your Mind – Dr. Madden

Although in-person auditions are strongly encouraged, video auditions may be submitted if you are unable to audition in person. Please send your songs (32-bar cut and show excerpt) no later than Friday, April 17th. — Project Type: Live Event

Musical Auditions For Legally Blonde – 1482090
04-01-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Harvard’s beloved blonde takes the stage in pink storm in this fun, upbeat musical about self-discovery. Based on the adored movie of the same name, Legally Blonde: The Musical features a peppy score and playful book and is very entertaining from start to finish. Elle Woods appears to have it all. Her life is turned upside-down, however, when her boyfriend dumps her so he can start getting serious about his life and attend Harvard Law. Determined to get him back, Elle uses her charm to get into Harvard, where she struggles with peers and professors. With the help of new firends, she quickly realizes her potential and sets out to prove herself to the world. The film was a tremendous success starring Reese Witherspoon and grossed over $300 million worldwide.

Please list all conflicts you might have between May 4th and July 18th (there should be no conflicts after July 18th).

We will be auditioning for the following categories. You may audition for multiple categories if you would like.

Leads and Ensemble
Please bring a recent photo and resume of theatrical experience as well as your conflict list.
Prepare 32 bars of an up-tempo or mid-tempo musical theater song (not from Legally Blonde). Bring sheet music in the correct key; an accompanist will be provided. Dress to learn a dance/movement combination.

Dance Chorus
Please bring a recent photo and a resume listing your dance training and experience. Come dressed to dance and prepared to learn a combination. Flat shoes recommended.
Dancers should be able to pass for college age or a little older.
Are you a tumbler? Baton twirler? Other special skills? Show us what you’ve got! (Our audition space has plenty of headroom and a painted wood floor). If you want to show us something you don’t feel comfortable doing in the audition space, feel free to send us a link to a video and we’ll check it out!

Pit Chorus Vocalists
Please bring a resume listing your vocal training and experience. Ability to read music is a plus. On your resume, please also list your vocal range (if known). Prepare 32 bars in a style appropriate for the show (but not from Legally Blonde). Bring your sheet music in the appropriate key; an accompanist will be provided.
If you are auditioning for ONLY pit chorus, you do not need to dance.
— Project Type: Live Event

Auditions for Tarzan – 1482078
04-01-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – The king of the apes and his lady love swing to the stage in this adaptation of the Disney film.

Based on Disney’s epic animated musical adventure and Edgar Rice Burrough’s Tarzan of the Apes, Tarzan features heart-pumping music by rock legend Phil Collins and a book by TONY Award-winning playwright, David Henry Hwang. High-flying excitement and hits like the Academy Award winning “You’ll Be in My Heart” as well as “Son of Man” and “Two Worlds” make Tarzan an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Washed up on the shores of West Africa, an infant boy is taken in and raised by gorillas who name him Tarzan. Apart from striving for acceptance from his ape father, Tarzan’s life is mostly monkey business until a human expedition treks into his tribe’s territory and he encounters creatures like himself for the first time. Tarzan struggles to navigate a jungle, thick with emotion as he discovers his animal upbringing clashing with his human instincts.​

— Project Type: Live Event

Mulan Jr. Auditions – 1482072
04-01-15 – St Louis, MO>Indianapolis, IN – Defying the village matchmaker, Mulan takes up arms and disguises as a boy in order to spare her father from having to serve in the army. The Huns have invaded, and it is up to the misfit Mulan and her mischievous sidekick Mushu to save the Emperor!

I am having everyone perform a song from the show for their vocal audition. Everyone ages Kindergarten through 2nd grade will perform a part of Honor to Us All in a group. Anyone wanting a chorus role or a speaking only role will do the same thing. Anyone ages 3rd grade and older who wants a solo singing role will perform either Reflection (girls) or I’ll Make a Man Out of You (boys). The portions of the song I would like you to sing are bracketed on the music. On audition day, we will take the time to learn the songs and I will answer ANY questions you may have.
— Project Type: Live Event

12 Angry Jurors Audition – 1482031
04-01-15 – Memphis, TN>St Louis, MO – Tempers flare and the jurors’ debate turns ugly when a young man stands trial for the fatal stabbing of his father. It looks like an open-and-shut case – until one of the jurors begins opening the others’ eyes to the facts. Originally set in 1956 and titled Twelve Angry Men, the once all-white, all male play has been updated to take place with a cast of men and women.

This is a drama and the characters have distinct personality styles. The director will be looking for those who can emote and fulfill each personality type. Note: All jurors are on stage during all three acts. — Project Type: Live Event

Footloose Auditions In Peoria – 1481877
03-31-15 – Chicago, IL>St Louis, MO – One of the most explosive and popular movies of all time, Footloose will burst onto the stage as a full-fledged musical!

When Ren and his mother move from Chicago to a small farming town, Ren is prepared for the inevitable adjustment period at his new high school. What he isn’t prepared for are the rigorous local edicts, including a ban on dancing instituted by the local preacher, determined to exercise the control over the town’s youth that he cannot command in his own home. When the reverend’s rebellious daughter sets her sights on Ren, her roughneck boyfriend tries to sabotage Ren’s reputation, with many of the locals eager to believe the worst about the new kid. The heartfelt story that emerges is of a father longing for the son he lost and of a young man aching for the father who walked out on him.

Young singers, dancers and actors between the ages of 14 – 20 years old are encouraged to audition for this fast paced musical.
— Project Type: Live Event

1940s Radio Hour Auditions – 1481545
03-27-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – A different time is evoked in this marvelously theatrical and winning show, a live broadcast of The Mutual Manhattan Variety Cavalcade on December 21, 1942. The spirit of that bygone era when the world was at war is reflected in this show featuring songs from the Golden Age of radio. This crowd pleaser is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Please prepare 30 seconds of a song that shows off your voice. We are casting ages 16 and up. — Project Type: Live Event

Auditions For Leading Ladies – 1481486
03-26-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Leading Ladies is a fast paced comedy by playwright Ken Ludwig. The story is set in the biggest house in York, Pennsylvania. The house is owned by a millionairess named Florence. With her health failing, Florence’s last wish is to reconnect with her estranged sister’s daughters. Meanwhile Jack and Leo, two down on their luck actors find themselves penniless and stranded in York. After hearing word that Florence is searching for her two long lost relations so that she can leave them her vast fortune, Jack and Leo think they’ve found their big break. Jack and Leo realize claiming the inheritance is the role of a lifetime, as long as they are willing to dress up as women. Impersonating the long lost nieces, Jack and Leo work to con Florence into leaving them her fortune. However, their plan begins to unravel as they meet the people in Florence’s life. Without giving away their secret, Jack and Leo must deal with the aspirations of two local women, the schemes of the town’s pastor, and the shenanigans of the members of the Moose Lodge. Jack and Leo might pull off their scheme, if truth, love, or Twelfth Night don’t get in the way first.

Auditions will consist of readings from the script and a few improv activities. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Actors interested in the part of Leo or Jack must be willing to dress and act like women; including wearing a wig and speaking in a more feminine tone of voice.
— Project Type: Live Event

Much Ado About Nothing Auditions – 1481461
03-26-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Much Ado About Nothing is two love stories intertwined.

On one hand, we have the formal and romantic courtship between Claudio (a star player for the Missouri football team), and Hero (Missouri student, and daughter of Leonato, the Missouri athletic director). Don Pedro (the Missouri head coach) helps to bring the two together.

On the other, Beatrice (Hero’s cousin and a Missouri grad student) and Benedick (the Missouri assistant coach and former star player), work hard to give the impression that neither is the least bit attracted to the other—after having been burned by each other before. Comedy insues as Pedro, Claudio, Hero, and friends to their level best to trick them into overcoming their reservations with staged conversations about how much each loves the other.

But, as we all know, the course of true love never runs smooth—Don John (Pedro’s bastard brother and a not-so-star player), jealous of Claudio’s positon on the team (and with his brother), gather his cronies and plot mischief to destroy Claudio’s happiness and discredit his brother.

In the end, it is truly Much Ado About Nothing as John’s plots are foiled, lovers are reunited, and everyone lives happily ever after! — Project Type: Live Event

Shrek Jr. For Auditions – 1481450
03-26-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Based on the Oscar-winning DreamWorks Animation film, Shrek The Musical is a TONY Award-winning fairy tale adventure featuring all new songs from Jeanine Tesori (Thoroughly Modern Millie, Caroline or Change) and a sidesplitting book by David Lindsay-Abaire. Shrek brings all the beloved characters you know from the film to life on stage, and proves there’s more to the story than meets the ears.

“Once upon a time, there was a little ogre named Shrek…” And thus begins the tale of an unlikely hero who finds himself on a life-changing journey alongside a wisecracking Donkey and a feisty princess who resists her rescue. Throw in a short tempered bad guy, a cookie with an attitude, and over a dozen other fairy tale misfits, and you’ve got the kind of mess that calls for a real hero. Luckily, there’s one on hand…and his name is Shrek.

Auditions are OPEN auditions for ALL actors ages 5 and older.

Auditions will go by a first come, first serve basis. If you have a Resume/Head Shot, please bring them to your audition.
If you do not have a Resume/Head Shot, do not panic! Instead, please bring in any photo (school picture or similar is fine)

Check your schedule BEFORE you accept a role!
We need our performers in town on the performance date – Saturday, June 27th! — Project Type: Live Event

Crew Needed For Theater In Galesburg – 1481245
03-25-15 – Chicago, IL>St Louis, MO – There are plenty of opportunities to join in the fun and to work with others who share a love of theater! Even if you’ve never worked on a production before, you’ll find there’s lots to do and plenty of chances to learn new skills and make new friends.

Whether you’re interested in singing, acting, building or painting sets, sewing, selling tickets, or helping out in the office, all volunteers are welcome. — Project Type: 1

Young Frankenstein Auditions – 1481206
03-25-15 – Chicago, IL>St Louis, MO – Dr. Frankenstein creates a monster from various posthumous ‘donors’ and combines them into a massive creature, to whom he wishes to bestow life. The movie centers on this monster and his struggle in this ‘life after death.

Prepare a song that is 16-32 bars long and demonstrates an ability to create a character. Please do not use music from the show as this will be used in the call backs. An accompanist will be provided.

Due to the mature content of this show, we must restrict auditions to those ages 15+

— Project Type: Live Event

Fobidden Broadway Auditions – 1481079
03-24-15 – Indianapolis, IN>St Louis, MO – In this Off-Broadway hit musical revue, Broadway’s greatest musical legends meet Broadway’s greatest satirist in this hilarious, loving, and endlessly entertaining tribute to some of theater’s greatest stars and songwriters. Hailed a “hilarious and brilliantly wicked” by The New York Times, you do not have to be a Broadway musical fan to enjoy this immensely entertaining show. This fall-down funny roast of Broadway features outrageous costumes and hilarious rewrites of the songs you know and love. Forbidden Broadway is a wonderful show parodying a large range of Broadway musicals.

Prepare a Broadway song that showcases your singing and character acting abilities. You must provide your own accompaniment. — Project Type: Live Event

The Bones Of Malcolm Macduff Auditions – 1480967
03-23-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – When impecunious medical student Frank takes rooms overlooking the cemetery with Victor, he and his very modern fiancée Miriam, are unaware of the macabre sideline in that Victor is running with his shady business partner, Malcolm MacDuff. When Miriam’s redoubtable mother, Mrs. Forbes, decides to provide a little assistance to Frank’s studies, an anatomical skeleton needs to be procured. But when Malcolm pushes things too far, he looks like taking the blame for both himself and Victor, something he is not likely to forgive. Investigating officer, Sergeant Moscrop of the Edinburgh, police has dealt with all manner of criminals, but he’s never dealt with a felon like this before. Is Victor haunted by more than just memories?

Head shot
Monologue from play — Project Type: Live Event

One Arm Auditions – 1480806
03-23-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – One Arm which is based on a short story and unproduced screenplay by Tennesse Williams. Moises Kaufman adapted the work into a stage play.

This new adaptation follows Ollie, a young farm boy who joins the navy and becomes the lightweight boxing champion of the Pacific Fleet. Soon after, he loses his arm in a car accident, and turns to life on the streets to survive. One of Williams’ most searing character studies, taking us through Ollie’s odyssey in a disenfranchised American underworld. — Project Type: Live Event

The Skin Of Our Teeth Auditions – 1480415
03-19-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Here is a story about George Antrobus, his wife and two children, and their general utility maid, Lily Sabina. George Antrobus is at grips with a destiny, sometimes sour, sometimes sweet. The Antrobuses have survived fire, flood, pestilence, the seven-year locusts, the ice age, the black pox and the double feature, a dozen wars and as many depressions.

They run many a gamut, are as durable as radiators, and look upon the future with a disarming optimism. Alternately bewitched, befuddled and becalmed, they are the stuff of which heroes are made-heroes and buffoons. They are true offspring of Adam and Eve, victims of all the ills that flesh is heir to. They have survived a thousand calamities by the skin of their teeth.

The auditions will consist of cold readings from the script (sides available at the auditions), — Project Type: Live Event

Reed Players For West Side Story – 1480352
03-18-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Looking for reed players for their upcoming youth production of WEST SIDE STORY. This is a paid position.

Clarinet, Saxophone, and Oboe — Project Type: 1

Brass Players For West Side Story – 1480350
03-18-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Looking for brass players for their upcoming youth production of WEST SIDE STORY. This is a paid position.

Trumpet (Bflat and D) and French Horn — Project Type: 1

Auditions for Beauty and the Beast Jr. – 1480333
03-18-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Based on the smash hit 1991 Disney movie and dating back to a late 18th-century classic French fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast tells the story of Belle, a beautiful and intelligent young woman who feels out of place in her provincial French village. When her father is imprisoned in a mysterious castle, Belle’s attempt to rescue him leads to her capture by the Beast, a grisly and fearsome monster, who was long ago trapped in his gruesome form by an enchantress. The only way for the Beast to become human once again is if he learns to love and be loved in return. There is a time limit, too: once a magical rose loses all of its petals, all hope will be lost and he will stay a Beast forever. The Beast’s enchanted household–populated by such beloved characters as Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Chip–watch anxiously as Belle and the Beast grow to understand and befriend one another. Their feelings grow ever deeper as the clock ticks and petals continue to fall off the enchanted rose–will they confess their love for one another before it is too late?

The musical calls for a cast of more than 30, both children and adults, including male and female starring roles which require singing and dancing ability, and a large chorus. Auditioners will be asked to learn a song and a dance, and should bring a headshot or school photo to leave with the director. — Project Type: Live Event

Crew Needed For Theater In Alton – 1480119
03-17-15 – Indianapolis, IN>St Louis, MO – Volunteering is a great way to introduce yourself and meet new people. Each and every show calls for a different set of skills, hands and tasks. There’s always something for everyone. — Project Type: 1

Grease Auditions for Several Roles – 1479963
03-16-15 – Chicago, IL>St Louis, MO – The musical begins with a class of 1959 Rydell High School reunion headed by old maid English teacher, Miss Lynch, who starts off with a recitation of the school anthem (”Alma Mater”). She welcomes former cheerleader/yearbook-editor Patty Simcox Honeywell and class valedictorian Eugene Florczyk. Eugene gives a rousing speech, mentioning that the alumni who are missing from the reunion are surely present in-spirit. Suddenly, the greaser gang known as the Burger Palace Boys (known in later versions of the production as the “T-Birds”) and their auxiliary, the “Pink Ladies”, appear and recite their own parody of the Rydell anthem: “Alma Mater” (Parody).
— Project Type: Live Event

Fidelity Communications Commercials – 1479884
03-16-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Fidelity is a multi-state, broadband Internet, cable television and phone company headquartered in Sullivan, Missouri providing services to approximately 115,000 customers in Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana. Since 1940, Fidelity has been committed to bringing the latest technology and services to the customers it serves.

Selected participants will be utilized for multiple productions to include film/TV, photo and audio. Final media types will include items such as TV donuts, 15, 20/10, 23/7 & 60 second commercials, radio commercials, brochures, website and other print materials. All productions will be related to the products and services provided by Fidelity.

Compensation: Paid/Meals/Copy — Project Type: Commercials

Grease The Musical Auditions – 1479804
05-16-15 – Chicago, IL>St Louis, MO – It’s 1959, and Rydell High School’s senior class is in rare form. The too-cool-for-school “Burger Palace Boys” are stealing hub-caps and acting tough and their gum-snapping, chain-smoking “Pink Ladies” are looking hot in bobby sox and pedal pushers. The 1950s high school dream is about to explode in this rollicking musical that is both an homage to the idealism of the fifties and a satire of high schoolers’ age-old desire to be rebellious, provocative and rebellious. At the heart of the story is the romance between hot-rodding gangster Danny Zuko and the sweet new girl in town, Sandy Dumbrowski. They had a secret romance in summer, but now back in the context of school, peer-pressure and cliques make their love a bit more complicated. Can Danny maintain his cool dude status and still get make demure Sandy his girl? The whole gang sings and dances around Danny and Sandy’s romance, through such hit songs as “Greased Lightnin’“, “We Go Together”, and “Mooning”, recalling the music of Buddy Holly, Little Richard and Elvis Presley that became the soundtrack of a generation.

Audition Details:
1) Please prepare 32 bars of a song in the style of the show. Please bring your own sheet music: an accompanist will be provided. No a cappella auditions please.
2) You are welcome to bring your own recorded music but you will need to bring your own device to play it on for your audition.
3) Please dress comfortably for movement. You will learn some of the show’s choreography and we will have a dance audition portion.
4) Callbacks may be needed for this show. We will inform you by 5:00 pm on Saturday if you will be needed back.

Our “goal” is to cast this show between the ages of 25-40. We will allow anyone between the ages of 18 (high school graduates) and up to audition but are going to try to stick to an older cast depending on who attends auditions. We do reserve the right to cast outside the audition process if needed. We are still deciding if we will have a cast of just principal characters or if we will be adding additional ensemble members. Once again this will be determined based on who attends auditions. — Project Type: Live Event

Auditions For Singers Dancers – 1479593
03-12-15 – Indianapolis, IN>St Louis, MO – Looking for trained dancers in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. Performing experience a plus but not required. Must be at least 20 years of age and willing to relocate to Charleston, South Carolina.

Offering two to six month contracts.

Our productions are original dance musicals or music revues, ranging from period shows such as Motown, to themed shows like Beach, Country, or Female Pop Artists.

Our upcoming productions include:
Summer Lovin’
Nashville Nights
Holiday show (TBA)

Cast housing not provided. Shows typically are four nights per week and are only 90 minutes in length. A secondary job is recommended.

Incentive package includes compensation bonuses and free training.

A great work environment, an excellent way to build your resume, and the opportunity to receive professional conservatory training under the direction of Broadway veterans. — Project Type: Live Event

Color Purple The Musical Auditions – 1479519
03-12-15 – Chicago, IL>St Louis, MO – Based upon the novel written by Alice Walker. This is a musical about hope and about love and about the resilience of the human spirit within us all.

Audition Details:
1) Please prepare a song that highlights your vocal ability and your range.
2) You are welcome to bring sheet music or a C.D./Ipod track, without vocals.
3) Please dress comfortably for a movement audition.
4) Call backs will include a vocal coaching session of music from the show, movement, and dramatic readings from the script.

We are looking for strong performers who can express emotion both vocally and physically. The relationships of these characters over a forty year period are woven together by the beauty of the inspirational music and movement. — Project Type: Live Event

TV Commercial Auditions in Sullivan – 1479497
03-12-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Open Call coming up for a series of commercials for Fidelity Communications.

Seeking outgoing MOMS, DADS, KIDS & GRANDMAS OF ALL AGES who want to expand or even start their acting portfolio, have a love for technology to help us present and promote the products and services for Fidelity in the most upbeat and fun manner possible!

Fidelity is a multi-state, broadband Internet, cable television and phone company headquartered in Sullivan, Missouri providing services to approximately 115,000 customers in Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana. Since 1940, Fidelity has been committed to bringing the latest technology and services to the customers it serves.

Selected participants will be utilized for multiple productions to include film/TV, photo and audio. Final media types will include items such as TV donuts, 15, 20/10, 23/7 & 60 second commercials, radio commercials, brochures, website and other print materials. All productions will be related to the products and services provided by Fidelity.

Must be able to satisfy ALL of the following:

Provide own reliable transportation to shooting locations – all shoots will be located near Sullivan, Missouri (45 minutes down I-44 from STL)
Be available for possible multiple production days.
Must have current, non-returnable headshot printed and available at call check-in. Resumes are optional, but encouraged to provide if you have one!
Never done this before? No Problem! Past acting experience NOT required.
Must have enthusiasm and interest!
Ability to take direction.
All participants 17 and under must have a parent or guardian in attendance. — Project Type: Commercials

Lighting Designer For Big Fish – 1479349
03-11-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Seeking Lighting Designer for Fine Linen Drama’s production of the musical BIG FISH.

Up to a maximum $600 honorarium available, depending on experience. May be able to negotiate an additional travel stipend.

We have a team ready to assist with hanging and programming. — Project Type: 1

Looking For A Sound Designer – 1479304
03-11-15 – Indianapolis, IN>St Louis, MO – Looking for a sound designer for a 40 minute- short film. Job includes foley, recording voice-overs, ambient sound design.

Paying gig. — Project Type: 1

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