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Audition For Company In Virginia – 1419679
04-15-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Audition for Company

Performance Dates: Dates: September 5, 2014 – September 28, 2014

Synopsis: On the night of his 35th birthday, confirmed bachelor Robert contemplates his unmarried state. In vignette after hilarious vignette, we are introduced to “those good and crazy people,” his married friends, as Robert weighs the pros and cons of married life. In the end, he realizes being alone is “alone, not alive.” An honest, witty, sophisticated look at relationships, Company is as contemporary and relevant as ever. It features a brilliant energetic score containing many of Stephen Sondheim’s best-known songs (including “Another Hundred People,” “The Ladies Who Lunch” and “Being Alive”). — Project Type: Live Event

Williamsburg Players Inc Cats – 1419637
04-15-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – James-York Playhouse Home of The Williamsburg Players, Inc.

Prepare a song of not more than two minutes in length;
Provide sheet music or Karaoke style CD
No MP3’s and No a capella.
Dress comfortably for dance and movement audition

Synopsis Of Cats:

This Tony winning, all-singing, all-dancing musical spectacular tells the story of a tribe of cats called Jellicles and the night they make the Jellicle choice and decide which cat will ascend to the Heavyside Layer and come back to a new life. Cats is the second longest-running show in Broadway history!
— Project Type: Live Event

My Three Angels Auditions – 1419271
04-10-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – My Three Angels Auditions

Auditions for “My Three Angels” Sunday, May 18, 2;00 PM, White Marsh Shopping Center, Court House Players Shop.

Needed: 4 Men, any age; 1 man, 25-30 or so; 2 teenage boys 18-21; 1 teenage girl 18-21;, 2 adult women any age. Everybody gets a good part!

Dinner theater show will be at Church of St.Therese July 24-27. — Project Type: Live Event

Peter Pan The Musical Auditions – 1418943
04-08-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Peter Pan, the Musical Auditions

Prepare a song of not more than two minutes in length; Provide sheet music or Karaoke style CD; No a capella. Dress comfortably for dance and movement audition.

‘Peter Pan’ tells the story of a mischievous little boy who refuses to grow up. Peter Pan spends his never-ending childhood adventuring on the small island of Neverland as leader of his gang, the Lost Boys. The show’s adventures begin when Peter teaches Wendy and her brothers how to fly and invites them to come with him to Never-Never-Land. — Project Type: Live Event

Audition For Grandpappys Farm – 1418766
04-07-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Audition for Grandpappy’s Farm

Auditioners will read from the script and sing. Be prepared to sing 16 bars of a song of your choice. Bring sheet music (accompanist provided) or CD. All performers paid. Bring a photo and recent resume if possible.

Most performances and all rehearsals are in the daytime. Rehearsals begin April 24.

To be performed and toured: May 29 –June 24, 2014. — Project Type: Live Event

The Sound Of Music Auditions – 1418271
04-03-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – The Sound of Music Auditions

Audition Requirements:
One song not exceeding 2 mins. (Classical musical theater preferred).
Music from the show will be allowed.
No Accapella or CD, bring sheet music, Pianist will be provided.
There will also be a movement audition.

In Salzburg, Austria, just before World War II, nuns from Nonnberg Abbey sing the Dixit Dominus. One of the postulants, Maria Rainer, is on the nearby mountainside regretting leaving the beautiful hills (”The Sound of Music”) where she was brought up. She returns late. The Mother Abbess and the other nuns consider what to do about her (”Maria”). Maria explains her lateness, saying she was raised on that mountain, and also apologizes for singing in the garden without permission. The Mother Abbess joins her in song (”My Favorite Things”).[5] The Mother Abbess tells her that she should spend some time outside the abbey to decide whether she is ready for the monastic life. She will act as the governess to the seven children of a widower, Austro-Hungarian Navy submarine Captain Georg von Trapp. — Project Type: Live Event

Richmond Casting Call For Feature Film – 1417867
04-01-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – TRAINERS: THE MOVIE is now casting for very specific body types! This is a film about Personal Trainers and working out, etc. Seeking MUSCULAR MEN; guys who workout regularly, have very little body fat, etc. Think Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne The Rock Johnson in “Pain and Gain”.

If you or someone you know is interested and fits this description please send an email with Head Shot and Resume. — Project Type: Feature Film

Reefer Madness. – 1417848
04-01-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Preparation:
Auditionees will be asked to sing, dance, and read from the script.
Please bring sheet music for the provided Accompanist.
Please come to auditions prepared to move, as there will be a dance portion of the audition. — Project Type: Live Event

Auditions The King and I ACW – 1417358
03-28-14 – Norfolk, VA>Raleigh, NC – Arts Council of Wilson Auditions
“The King and I”

Mrs. Anna Leonowens and her son Louis arrive in Bangkok, where she has contracted to teach English to the children of the royal household. She threatens to leave when the house she had been promised is not available, but falls in love with the children. A new slave, a gift of a vassal king, translates “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” into a Siamese ballet, expressing her unhappiness at being with the King. She attempts to escape with her lover. Anna and the King fall in love, but her British upbringing inhibits her from joining his harem. She is just about to leave Siam when she hears of the King’s imminent death, and returns to help his son, her favorite pupil, rule his people. — Project Type: Live Event

Detective – 1417143
03-26-14 – Norfolk, VA – Casting for female undercover detectives for a future web series in Virginia beach. Must be from the Beach area. Agents may wear swim suit attire, dresses and jeans through out the series. Must be athletic for some chase scenes. This is an action series. Must have a nice figured body. Age 25 to 40. Please send full body photos not just head shots. This is a low budget film and we welcome experienced and non experienced actresses. Visit for previous and up coming projects. More info will be give to those that submit themselves.

Thank you,
RM Productions — Project Type: Episodic

Casting For Mama Wont Fly – 1417030
03-26-14 – Norfolk, VA>Raleigh, NC – Plot: The clock begins when Savannah agrees to get her feisty mother all the way from Alabama to California in time for her brother’s wedding. Savannah’s problem: Mama won’t fly. With only four days to make it to the ceremony, this determined daughter has no choice but to drive cross-country. The bubbly, over-eager bride-to-be arrives unannounced; the journey begins and comedic chaos ensues!!

The other supporting parts include, but are not limited to: a mechanic, several dysfunctional members of Norleen’s family in Texas, a bartender, a drunk woman, some showgirls from Vegas, a cop, Savannah’s old boyfriend, and a truck driver. — Project Type: Live Event

Casting Call For Indie Short Film Jump – 1416917
03-25-14 – Norfolk, VA>Raleigh, NC – Casting Call for new short film, “Jump”, filming in late May. The script is 6 pages in length, with the goal being 7-8 minutes long. No pay, but depending on location, expenses will be covered. Actors will receive credit and a copy of the film for their reel.

If you are interested please send a Headshot and a Resume. We will then send you sides and instructions to perform a video audition.

JUMP is a short film exploring the moments before a new chapter begins in a young woman’s life. — Project Type: Feature Film

Casting Industrial Short – 1416660
03-24-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – RICHMOND – Casting Industrial Short, Non-Union, Paid

VCU School of Medicine Department of Social and Behavioral Health is casting for organ donation requester training videos. This is the SECOND of two calls. This shoot will take place here in Richmond May 5-9. You will be guaranteed 1 day paid rehearsal, and one day of shooting. If your shoot takes two days, you will be paid for a total of 3 days. We will be shooting 3 separate scenarios with distinct casts for each. There are nine (9) roles we need to cast. — Project Type: Episodic

Auditions The Dixie Swim Club SFCT – 1416615
03-24-14 – Norfolk, VA>Raleigh, NC – Sneads Ferry Community Theater Auditions
“The Dixie Swim Club”

Five Southern women, whose friendships began many years ago on their college swim team, set aside a long weekend every August to recharge those relationships. Free from husbands, kids and jobs, they meet at the same beach cottage on North Carolina’s Outer Banks to catch up, laugh and meddle in each other’s lives. THE DIXIE SWIM CLUB focuses on four of those weekends and spans a period of thirty-three years. Sheree, the spunky team captain, desperately tries to maintain her organized and “perfect” life, and continues to be the group’s leader. Dinah, the wisecracking overachiever, is a career dynamo. But her victories in the courtroom are in stark contrast to the frustrations of her personal life. Lexie, pampered and outspoken, is determined to hold on to her looks and youth as long as possible. She enjoys being married—over and over and over again. The self-deprecating and acerbic Vernadette, acutely aware of the dark cloud that hovers over her life, has decided to just give in and embrace the chaos. And sweet, eager-to-please Jeri Neal experiences a late entry into motherhood that takes them all by surprise. As their lives unfold and the years pass, these women increasingly rely on one another, through advice and raucous repartee, to get through the challenges (men, sex, marriage, parenting, divorce, aging) that life flings at them. And when fate throws a wrench into one of their lives in the second act, these friends, proving the enduring power of “teamwork,” rally ’round their own with the strength and love that takes this comedy in a poignant and surprising direction. THE DIXIE SWIM CLUB is the story of these five unforgettable women—a hilarious and touching comedy about friendships that last forever. — Project Type: Live Event

Auditions Mama Wont Fly SFCT – 1416563
03-24-14 – Norfolk, VA>Raleigh, NC – Sneads Ferry Community Theater Auditions
“Mama Won’t Fly”

An outrageously hilarious race against the clock begins when Savannah Sprunt Fairchild Honeycutt agrees to get her feisty mother all the way from Alabama to California in time for her brother’s wedding. Savannah’s problem: Mama won’t fly. With only four days to make it to the ceremony, this determined daughter has no choice but to drive cross-country with her equally willful mother, Norleen Sprunt, in Mama’s vintage sedan. As Savannah steels herself for this hastily conceived road trip, another outrageous complication arises: the bubbly, over-eager bride-to-be arrives unannounced. Hayley Quinn, delighted to finally meet her future in-laws, is convinced that travelling together to her wedding is the perfect way to bond. The folly of her decision quickly becomes apparent when the journey begins and comedic chaos ensues. Every conceivable—and inconceivable—mishap that can occur does, including the theft of their car and all their clothes, a near-fatal encounter at an underwear museum, the accidental homicide of an ancient Texas relative, a mad dash across the desert in a hijacked eighteen-wheeler and a riotous detour to Vegas that ends in a brawl with an ordained showgirl/minister. As the misadventures multiply, the beleaguered trio rapidly develops the urge to ditch each other anywhere along the way. Eventually the race to get to the church on time takes its toll and the overwhelmed bride calls off the wedding. Rising above their age-old mother-daughter issues, Norleen and Savannah work together to get the nuptials back on track. In a surprising and heartwarming resolution, they forge an exciting new path for their own relationship and welcome Hayley into their delightfully wacky family. This ferociously funny, family-friendly Jones-Hope-Wooten comedy will have you laughing your way across the country and all the way down the aisle! — Project Type: Live Event

Casting Roles For Student Short Film – 1416448
03-21-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – VA BEACH – Casting Roles for Student Short, Unpaid

UNDER is a film showing the different faces of homelessness in America. This is a great opportunity to gain experience on a set and build your reel. Small scenes but very noticeable in the film. No previous experience required, we only ask that you submit a headshot. Shooting date is March 30th. — Project Type: Feature Film

Casting Comedy Web Series – 1416443
03-21-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – HAMPTON ROADS – Casting Comedy Web Series, Unpaid/Copy/IMDB Credit.

CASTING CALL, HAMPTON ROADS, UNPAID, COPY/IMDB CREDIT for Season 2 of webseries “The Making of Jane D. Smith” — Project Type: Commercials

Short Film Casting For Police Officers – 1416437
03-21-14 – Norfolk, VA>Raleigh, NC – Short Film Casting Call Need two males clean cut to play police officers in short film!

It is one scene and no dialogue. Saturday March 29, 2014. — Project Type: Feature Film

Cat Theater – Leaving Iowa Auditions – 1415970
03-19-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – AUDITIONS – CAT THEATER – LEAVING IOWA

Leaving Iowa, which closes out CAT?s 50th Anniversary Season, was written by Tim Clue and Spike Manton and is a family-friendly comedy that raises a glass to the strength and ideals of the greatest generation. The play takes a good-natured, and hysterical, look at the family road trip.
Director Amy Berlin is seeking three females and three males aged 25 to 55 with the ability to play multiple characters. Those auditioning should prepare a single one minute comedic monologue which they will be asked to present as three distinct characters of their choice. The monologue can be of the actor’s choice, or the actors may present a monologue from the play. Memorization is optional.

No appointment is necessary. Actors will be also asked to read from the script and should be prepared to stay for the entire length of the audition time. All roles are paid. — Project Type: Live Event

Film Seeking 60 Extras For Party Scene – 1415822
03-18-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – RICHMOND – Film seeking 60 Extras for Party Scene, Unpaid
Posted on March 17, 2014 by mgupton.

THE 19TH film is seeking 60 extras for a big party scene filming March 23 from 2pm until midnight. Wardrobe should be upscale cocktail party like a classy New Year’s Eve, but not tux and gown.

If you are interested, with one headshot and a full body shot, plus the following information:

PHONE (Cell preferred):
HAIR COLOR: — Project Type: Commercials

Casting Call For Short Film Memory – 1415819
03-18-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Anne Chapman Casting & VCUarts Cinema are seeking 6 actors for MEMORY, a 35mm Short Film to be shot April 4th-6th , 2014 in and around Richmond, Virginia.

Please include role(s) you are submitting for in the subject line. Include shoot date availability and your travel distance to Richmond. The auditions will be held in Richmond, Virginia, March 23rd, 2014.

SUBMIT current head-shots and resumes.
Role(s) you are submitting for in the subject line
Union Status:
Contact information:
Shoot date availability:
Travel distance to Richmond: — Project Type: Feature Film

BATS Auditions Comedy of Errors – 1415750
03-18-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC>London – BEXHILL AMATEUR DRAMATIC SOCIETY Auditions
Directed by Helen Pierce

One of Shakespeare’s early plays, the Comedy of Errors contains the dramatic senario wherein two sets of twins are separated when young. The puzzle for the audience is to bring them back together as men with the help of assorted other characters. The musical ‘The Boys from Syracuse ’ by Rogers and Hart is based on this play and a good way to have a look at the storyline for yourselves. — Project Type: Live Event

HUSTLE HARD – 1415417
03-14-14 – Baltimore, MD > New York City, NY > Norfolk, VA > Washington, DC > Philadelphia, PA – Story Line: Three Ladies, One Pimp, a Duffel Bag full of money. On these streets of LA, either hustle hard or get hustled.

Basic Instinct meets Hustle and Flow


SHOOT LOCATION Philadelphia | Released In Baltimore / Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York

Non-Union Feature Film
Producer: Radmer Lincoln, Ali Kamanda
Writer: Radmer Lincoln
Director: Ali Kamanda
Format: Canon 5D Mark II
Casting Company: BIKO Studios

Pay Rate: Copy,Credit,Meals
Electronic Submissions Only

Project Notes: Award Winning Filmmaker and Production Studio with a talented and fun crew. Our very first project was a short film shot on location in Sierra Leone West Africa and it garnered the Award of Excellence from the international Best Shorts Competition, it was nominated for Best Diaspora film and Best Director at the 2012 San Diego Black Film Festival. It went on to win the Best African Film at the 2012 San Francisco Black Film Festival and recently won Best Director at the Reel Sisters Film Festival and Lecture Series in Brooklyn, NY. The film is continuing it’s festival run and hopefully will gather more accolades on the way.

This project is bold, contemporary, edgy, provocative and a perfect opportunity for stand-out/captivating performances. We are bound for the U.S. and International festival circuits.

— Project Type: Episodic

LTN Auditions for Lend Me a Tenor – 1415318
03-14-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – The Little Theatre of Norfolk Auditions for Lend Me a Tenor

Synopsis: Set in the 1930s, Lend Me a Tenor is a madcap screwball comedy that takes place when Tito Morelli, the greatest tenor of his generation, arrives at the Cleveland Grand Opera Company and promptly goes missing. As Saunders, the show’s presenter, and his assistant conspire to cover for Tito’s absence, chaos on an operatic level ensues.

— Project Type: Live Event

CSA – 1415180
03-13-14 – Norfolk, VA>Philadelphia, PA>Washington, DC>Baltimore, MD – Ruckus Productions latest short film – a love story set in a post apocalyptic world. Ruckus Productions is an award winning independent film and TV production company based in Westminster, MD. We started producing our films in 2007 and since then have had our work broadcast on television stations such as the BBC3 and ChillerTV, as well as millions views online, and countless theatrical screenings across the US. — Project Type: Episodic

AMC Television Series Turn Episode 110 – 1415139
03-13-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – AMC Television Series “Turn” Episode 110

Seeking actors who look authentically from the Revolutionary War period for speaking roles.

TURN is adapted from the nonfiction book Washington’s Spies by Alexander Rose. The story is centered on a band of young soldiers and civilians who were part of the secret spy ring during the Revolutionary War.

To submit directly for this final episode of the first season, please follow the instructions below. If you have submitted for previous episodes, thank you, but we still need you to submit for this specific episode to be fully considered.

Television series, SAG-AFTRA
Network: AMC
Episode 110 shoot dates: Monday, March 17th to Wednesday, March 26th
Shoot Location: Richmond/Central VA area

All roles are regional hires/modified local hires (within 500 miles of Richmond, VA). — Project Type: Feature Film

Open Audition Little Shop Of Horrors – 1415129
03-13-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Mar-Va Productions

2014 Summer Production: Little Shop of Horrors

A down-and out skid row floral assistant becomes an overnight sensation when he discovers an exotic plant with a mysterious craving for fresh blood. Soon “Audrey II” grows into an ill-tempered, foul-mouthed, R&B-singing carnivore who offers him fame and fortune in exchange for feeding its growing appetite!

One of the longest-running Off-Broadway shows of all time, this affectionate spoof of 1950s sci-fi movies has become a household name, thanks to a highly successful film version and a score by the songwriting team of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, who redefined the animated musical film with Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. Charming, tuneful and hilarious, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS never fails to entertain.

Callbacks will be held Tuesday, March 18, 2014 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM

What Do I Need to Do to Audition?
You must be 12 years of age or older to audition for this production.

- Bring A Theatrical Resume -
If you have no experience, an application will be available at the audition.
We encourage anyone interested to audition. This is not a professional production.
- Bring A recent, Non-returnable photo -
- Prepare a Song (Preferably from Musical Theatre) -
- Bring a CD or device to play your music. A computer and CD player will be available, however an accompanist will not.
- Be prepared to do a cold reading from the show -
- Wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement. — Project Type: Live Event

Theatre Of Dare Dixie Swim Club Audition – 1415030
03-13-14 – Norfolk, VA>Raleigh, NC – The Dixie Swim Club has roles for 5 women ages 20 and up.
This is the story of five women who met on their college swim team, and every August meet at the same beach house on the Outer Banks. The play spans 35 years as these women realize how important friendship and “teamwork” really are.

No need to prepare, just come ready to read. — Project Type: Live Event

Audition For The Royal Family – 1415001
03-13-14 – Norfolk, VA – Synopsis: A thinly-veiled portrait of the legendary Barrymore’s; the Cavendish clan comprises three generations of legendary American actors: dowager Fanny Cavendish, widow of the premier actor of his day, who at seventy is planning an upcoming tour; brother Herbert, a histrionic player now in his decline; Fanny’s daughter Julie, at the height of her Broadway fame, and son Tony who has forsaken the stage for Hollywood. Heralding the third generation of players, Julie’s daughter Gwen is just beginning a promising ingenue career. When Tony rushes home only to flee to Europe, escaping the attentions of a Polish movie star and Gwen shocks the family by marrying a “non-professional”, it seems the Cavendish name and reputation is threatened. Through it all, Fanny rules with a combination of strength, wit, courage, and a sharp tongue, proving that the “show” indeed, “must (and will) go on”. This production will be looking to play up the wit and melodrama and hold true to the parody of this legendary family.

Auditions will consist of Cold Readings. Please bring with you all conflicts from March 17th – June 8th. Show Dates: May 16th – June 8th. Headshots and Resumes are always nice to have but are not required. — Project Type: Live Event

Casting For Dixie Swim Club – 1414816
03-12-14 – Norfolk, VA>Raleigh, NC – This is the story of five women who met on their college swim team, and every August meet at the same beach house on the Outer Banks. The play spans 35 years as these women realize how important friendship and “teamwork” really are.

No need to prepare, just come ready to read. — Project Type: Live Event

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