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Dancers Wanted For Film Supersix – 1455699
10-19-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Dancers Wanted for Film Supersix

An Amazing & Heartwarming true story featuring a comic journey of a father raising his 4-yr old daughter. A successful 29 y/o young multimillionaire physician father used to a life of developing medical technology is suddenly a full time father transforming his world of technology into a world of pink princess parties and dancing. Through dance and the love for his daughter, the dance instructor takes on the playful role of teaching not only dance but lessons in life. — Project Type: 1

Auditions – Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – 1455447
10-17-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Auditions

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is the story of a Southern family in crisis, especially the husband and wife Brick and Margaret (usually called Maggie or “Maggie the Cat”), and their interaction with Brick’s family over the course of one evening gathering at the family estate in Mississippi. The party is to celebrate the birthday of patriarch Big Daddy Pollitt, “the Delta’s biggest cotton-planter”,[2] and his return from the Ochsner Clinic with what he has been told is a clean bill of health. All family members (except Big Daddy and his wife, Big Mama) are aware of Big Daddy’s true diagnosis: he is dying of cancer. His family has lied to Big Daddy and Big Mama to spare the aging couple from pain on the patriarch’s birthday but, throughout the course of the play, it becomes clear that the Pollitt family has long constructed a web of deceit for itself.

Maggie, determined and beautiful, has escaped a childhood of poverty to marry into the wealthy Pollitts, but finds herself unfulfilled. The family is aware that Brick has not slept with Maggie for a long time, which has strained their marriage. Brick, an aging football hero, infuriates her by ignoring his brother Gooper’s attempts to gain control of the family fortune. Brick’s indifference and his drinking escalates with the recent suicide of his friend Skipper. Maggie fears that Brick’s malaise will ensure that Gooper and his wife Mae end up with Big Daddy’s estate. — Project Type: Live Event

LTN Auditions – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – 1455433
10-17-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Auditions

Based on the popular 1988 film, two men living on the French Riviera, skilled in duping rich women out of their money, attempt to work with one another only to find out the town isn’t big enough for the two of them. They decide to settle the matter once and for all. The first one to swindle $50,000 from the heiress Christine Colgate wins and the other must leave town. A hilarious battle of cons ensues that will keep you laughing, humming and guessing to the end. — Project Type: Live Event

Auditions Seminar – 1455109
10-15-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Auditions: Seminar

SYPNOSIS: Four aspiring young novelists sign up for private writing classes with Leonard, an international literary figure. Under his recklessly brilliant and unorthodox instruction, some thrive and others flounder, alliances are made and broken, sex is used as a weapon and hearts are unmoored. The wordplay is not the only thing that turns vicious as innocence collides with experience in this biting Broadway comedy.

Callbacks: Saturday November 8th at 10am. — Project Type: Live Event

NC Auditions For Once Upon A Mattress – 1454557
10-14-14 – Norfolk, VA>Raleigh, NC – Once Upon a Mattress
(A musical adaptation of The Princess and the Pea)

Performance Dates – May 8-10, 2015
This production is being directed by Jim Grant

Due to an unhappy curse, King Sextimus is unable to speak. Meanwhile, his terror of a wife, Queen Aggravian, has taken over control of the kingdom. Most importantly, in an attempt to keep Prince Dauntless single, she has decreed that only the princess that can pass her test may marry her son. Further, no one else in the kingdom may marry until Prince Dauntless does. Lady Larken and Sir Harry are extremely disturbed by this fact since Lady Larken is now pregnant with Sir Harry’s baby. Luckily, Sir Harry is able to find an amazing princess, Winnifred the Woebegone. She instantly catches the attention of Prince Dauntless, and in the end, is able to pass the Queen’s supposedly impassable sensitivity test. When the Queen still tries to prevent the Prince Dauntless from marrying, he tells her to ’shut up’ which ends up breaking the curse on the king. Now able to speak, King Sextimus regains his rightful position as leader of the kingdom, and all is well. — Project Type: Live Event

Auditions Cheaper By The Dozen – 1454543
10-14-14 – Norfolk, VA>Raleigh, NC – Cheaper by the Dozen (Non-Musical)

Performance Dates – March 6-8, 2015
This production is being directed by Deanne Morris.

No audition preparation needed. Those auditioning will be provided scenes from the script to cold-read.

You may choose to attend one or both days of auditions. — Project Type: Live Event

SLT Auditions – The Producers – 1453826
10-09-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – The Producers Auditions

*Prepare a Broadway style song of not more than TWO minutes. Supply sheet music for the audition accompanist or a Karaoke style CD (no words). No MP3 and No A Capella permitted. Dress comfortably for dance portion of auditions. NOTE: THE PRODUCERS contains suggestive scenes that may offend some people. It is a Mel Brooks, equal insult opportunity production!

‘The Producers’ tells the story of a down-on-his-luck Broadway producer, Max Bialystock, and a nerdy, young accountant, Leo Bloom, who concoct a scheme to raise thousands of dollars from backers and then put on a flop of a show. With all the money that will be leftover, the pair will be rich! Only one thing goes wrong: the show is a gigantic hit! — Project Type: Live Event

Cheaper The Dozen Non-musical Audition – 1453394
10-08-14 – Norfolk, VA>Raleigh, NC – No audition preparation needed. Those auditioning will be provided scenes from the script to cold-read.
You may choose to attend one or both days of auditions.

Auditions are always free and open to anyone.

Based on a true story, Cheaper by the Dozen tells the story of the Gilbreth family. Their inventor father, who is well-known for bringing better efficiency to factories, keeps his family of twelve children running just as efficiently. It is an extremely funny, heart-warming, and family-friendly tale. — Project Type: Live Event

Seeking Dancers Singers Actors Musici – 1452974
10-06-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Seeking Dancers, Singers, Actors, Musicians
For Performances of:
*Scrooge No More!*
*Deck the Halls

*Auditions for the role of Tiny Tim* – Saturday, October 11th 11 am —
3:30 pm
*Dancers* – Saturday, October 11th 9 am — 10:30 am
*Musicians* – Sunday, October 12th 1 pm — 4:30 pm
*Singers* – Saturday, October 18th 9 am — 12 pm
*Actors* – Saturday, October 18th 9 am — 12 pm

For more information, photos and directions visit our website
— Project Type: Live Event

Audition For Bare – 1452857
10-06-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – This popular musical brings together the directorial team that brought you last summer’s Les Miserable. Bare follows a group of teens at a co-ed Catholic boarding school who are wrestling with issues of identity, sexuality, gossip, bullying, and religion. It is provocative, raw, and unyielding in its exploration of how today’s generation navigates the tightrope between adolescence and adulthood. Bare reminds us that there is only one today, one tomorrow, and one forever; so join us as we celebrate and examine the consequences of baring our soul or hiding it from those who matter most.

What To Prepare:
-One music selection: Not to exceed two minutes.
-Accompanist provided.
-NO CD/or Karaoke CD’s
-Bring sheet music for pianist.
-YOU MAY use music from the production.
-Music selection in the style of the show please and from a musical. This is a Pop Opera, so think pop/rock.
-Be prepared to dance, so dress to move or be ready to change.
Please be aware you need to play these ages your DO NOT need to be this age. Casting will depend on students looking similar in age, so there are people out there who are 25 and can play 18 etc.

If you are under 18 and cast you MUST have parental permission due to subject matter of show but you are encouraged to audition.
— Project Type: Live Event

Run for Your Wife Audition – Virginia – 1452792
10-06-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Written by Ray Cooney

A taxi driver gets away with having two wives in different areas of London because of his irregular working schedule. Complication is piled upon complication as the cabby tries to keep his double life from exploding! This superb example of the British farce had audiences rolling in the aisles in London and New York!

Production Dates: January 15 – 31, 2015.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8:00 PM; Saturday at 2:00 PM — Project Type: Live Event

Richmond- Multiple Openings – 1452676
10-03-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Hi all!

Our company is looking for some amazing ladies and gentlemen to help with our events throughout the rest of this year- end of summer through the Holiday season!

Our short term events/day/ week long events range from $15-$25/hour upwards, we have long term programs which are usually weekly pay based programs and start at $875/week!


Event dates/Locations:

These will change according to program.

Attire Requirements:

Branded t-shirts are usually provided by client on site, rest of attire is TBD ( probably jeans/khakis/black pants.)

These are some of the positions we are looking to fill/ will be upcoming programs for the rest of the year, obviously as the year goes on, our clients will inform us of all new events etc:

NFL events/ pre season NFL events

NHL events( In season)

Summer concert staff HUGE artists need staff at their concerts!

Liquor sampling events ( Waitresses/Waiters/shot girls/any experience with restaurants will help)

Direct hire programs- $180/day ( 6-8hour shifts) ; $875/ week base pay( you will also earn commision, no cap)

Summer/Winter events (Guerilla marketing, handing out flyers, giving away samples, tshirts etc)

Indoor Sporting events (Volleyball, Gymnastics, Hockey etc)

MLB Fan Fest staff

Brand Ambassadors and male and female models ( This pay rate will range the most as it depends on experience/being a market manager/Touring capabilities etc)

Costumer and Guide positions

Car Tradeshow events for well known car company

Bilingual Staff for healthcare provider ( no Medical knowledge needed)

Comic-con events

Light labor ( setting up and breaking down and event site – putting up tents, setting chairs and tables etc)

NASCAR events

Full time BA hire- Weekends only- 5 hours each day, $180/weekend for product demoing! — Project Type: Live Event

Christmas Town 2014 – 1452593
10-03-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Christmas Town 2014

Happy to announce auditions for the 2014 Christmas Town season. We are seeking musicians for various opportunities.

Email your resume, recent headshot and Use the subject line ‘Video Audition’. — Project Type: 1

Guys and Dolls Audition – 1452586
10-03-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Based on The Idyll of Sarah Brown and characters by Damon Runyon
Book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows
Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser

Set in Damon Runyon’s mythical New York City, this oddball romantic comedy — considered by many to be the perfect musical comedy — soars with the spirit of Broadway as it introduces us to a cast of vivid characters who have become legends in the canon: Sarah Brown, the upright but uptight “mission doll,” out to reform the evildoers of Time Square; Sky Masterson, the slick, high-rolling gambler who woos her on a bet and ends up falling in love; Adelaide, the chronically ill nightclub performer whose condition is brought on by the fact she’s been engaged to the same man for 14 years; and Nathan Detroit, her devoted fiance, desperate as always to find a spot for his infamous floating crap game.

Production Dates: January 15 – 31, 2015.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8:00 PM; Saturday at 2:00 PM — Project Type: Live Event

Auditions For Kids Scrooge No More – 1452298
10-02-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Busch Gardens is seeking kids 8 to 12 for the role of Tiny Tim in their Christmas musical to be performed at the Globe Theater. Auditions will be held in Williamsburg on the 11th.

Please prepare a song selection that shows off your child performer’s voice and range. Bring sheet music. No CD accompaniment please. Pianist provided. Bring picture & resume. Non-Equity performers only.

Send resume and recent head shot.
— Project Type: Live Event

The Little Mermaid Auditions – Virginia – 1452190
10-02-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – The Little Mermaid Auditions

Holding auditions for its fall production of The Little Mermaid.

Please bring your head shot, resume and 16-bars of music.

All actors 14 years old and up are encouraged to audition.

All positions are volunteer. — Project Type: Live Event

Auditions For Tiny Tim – 1452132
10-01-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Seeking child actor/singers that can play ages 8 to 12

Attention Parents:

Please prepare a song selection that shows off your child performer’s
voice and range. Bring sheet music. No CD accompaniment please. Pianist
provided. Bring picture & resume. Non-Equity performers only.

— Project Type: Live Event

Comedysportz Rva Tryouts – 1452024
10-01-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – We’re looking for excellent team players, natural improv comedians, and those with an uncanny sense of comedic timing. Improv or theatre experience helpful, but not required. Come prepare to move, play and laugh. A lot. No prepared monologues or songs necessary-this is improv! — Project Type: Commercials

Strangers Casting Call – 1451865
10-02-14 – Norfolk, VA>Raleigh, NC – “Strangers” is a short film that I’ve written over two years ago. I

was recently asked to submit a film to the Dread fest Film festival and this happens to be one of my all time favorite scripts that I personally wrote myself.

With that said I’m casting immediately to fill all roles for this short.

You see them everyday, you wave, and you speak, all friendly gestures. They seem peaceful as if they couldn’t harm a fly but yet the question still lingers, how well do you know thy neighbor? A killer is on the loose and he has placed his eyes upon the small town of Riversdale where he blends in like a normal citizen. The killer has been moving silently, one by one marking the victims off his list. One name remains and now Kayla finds herself at the mercy of the killer. Can she do what others before her have failed to do or will she become just another victim? — Project Type: Feature Film

Going Down Short Film Auditions – 1451483
09-29-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Audition date: 10/9/2014 6:30pm-9:00PM
Rehearsal: 10/17
Filming 10/19

Short Film, not paid but meals provided.

Synopsis: A simple elevator ride turns into much more when two strangers get stuck in an elevator. Rachel is having a rough day and cannot get home soon enough. Michael’s world is crumbling before him and he is looking to get away. When the two get stuck in an elevator, passion ignites and they throw caution to the wind.

If interested please contact and provide a recent photo if available. — Project Type: Feature Film

AMCs Turn Casting For Principal Roles – 1451417
09-28-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – AMC’s television series TURN: WASHINGTON’S SPIES is filming in the Central Virginia area, and Arvold Casting is seeking actors who look authentically from the Revolutionary War period for speaking roles. TURN is adapted from the nonfiction book Washington’s Spies by Alexander Rose. The story is centered on a band of young soldiers and civilians who were part of the secret spy ring during the Revolutionary War.

Callback dates: Wednesday, October 1st or Thursday, October 2nd in Richmond, VA

Episode 202 shoot dates: Thursday, October 9th – Monday, October 20th
Series shoot dates: Through February 2015
Shoot Location: Richmond / Central VA area

All principal (speaking) roles are either local hires (within 60 miles of Richmond, VA) or modified local hires (within 500 miles of Richmond, VA). In general, modified local hire means mileage reimbursement, lodging provided and per diem on work days only.

Seeking the following speaking roles for episode 202. — Project Type: Episodic

Singers Dancers for Love That Fails – 1450874
09-24-14 – Norfolk, VA>Raleigh, NC – We need singers (not professional) and dancers for short film called “love that fails”.

Please send me headshots and if you could make the audition call in goldsboro north carolina in 1-2 weeks. — Project Type: Feature Film

Plus ModelStudent Casting – 1450348
09-22-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC –
They are looking for Plus Models and Plus students attending HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) to participate in the first ever Fashion Showcase, which will be held in Virginia in March 2015.

If you are a student attending a historically Black college and/or university and are between sizes 14-24, this could be your opportunity to shine as a model. There is no fee to audition and no height requirement.

Please bring a full body shot and a heel 3 or more inches that you can walk in. — Project Type: Live Event

Teenagers Needed For Student Film – 1450285
09-25-14 – Norfolk, VA>Raleigh, NC – Teenagers Needed For Short Film

We are in need of a few teenage actors (good actors, non expirenced actors) for a student film ,

The film is about a young couple who fall in love and face the traggic death of their partner. — Project Type: Feature Film

My Brothers Keeper Casting Call – 1450282
09-22-14 – Norfolk, VA>Raleigh, NC – MY BROTHER’S KEEPER
Director: Jamar Alston
Written by: Jamar Alston

As a young man James was your average naive inner city youth. He lived in the moment, never thought about his actions or the consequences of his actions. The older he became the more his conscious began to develop, and soon James was at a cross roads in life. After a fatal accident James was faced with two options; He could continue to life the same “dangerous life he lived, or he could change and live seek the guidance of Christ. The decision was made, for the first time James sought God. Now after one year of living a faithful devoted life James finds himself facing yet another cross roads. This cross road is in the form of his younger naive brother Travis, who’s headed down that same dark path that James once walked. James can continue to live his life in service to the lord, or he can allow his brother’s problems to become his own and take on the burden placed upon him by Travis. The street life is calling James once again, the question remains if James will answer or not. — Project Type: Feature Film

Lysistrata Auditions – 1450135
09-22-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – In this hilarious, modernized version of Aristophanes’ classic comedy, we explore the role of women and sex in the politics of wars and nations. Can one woman with a radical idea bring an age-old conflict to rest?

Auditions will operate on a first come, first serve basis.

Please prepare: Nothing! Auditions will consist of a cold reading. Come warmed up and ready to show us your best!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014 and
Wednesday, 31 September 2014 from 7pm to 10pm

Saturday and Sunday December 6th and 7th

All majors and years are welcome and encouraged to audition! — Project Type: Live Event

Auditions For The Little Mermaid – VA – 1450091
09-25-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – The Little Mermaid

Please bring your head shot, resume and 16-bars of music.
All actors 14 years old and up are encouraged to audition.
All positions are volunteer.

The Little Mermaid longs to know the world above and to gain an immortal soul but when she makes a bargain with the sea witch, she gets more than she bargains for. Experience Hans Christian Anderson’s original story and all its wonder. — Project Type: Live Event

Auditions For 2 Musical Productions – 1450085
09-22-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Auditions for 2 musical productions in the 2014/15 Season.

“The Melody Lingers On: The Songs of Irving Berlin”
Directed by Debra Clinton
Musical Direction by Jason Marks
December 10 – 21, 2014

Casting an adult ensemble of singer/actors 18 & older (limited roles for teens available, as well). Please prepare 16 – 32 bars of a traditional “golden age” musical theater style song that best shows your vocal range, and bring sheet music in the correct key (Music must be in a binder; no loose pages, please; Singing acapella will NOT be permitted). Pianist provided, or bring CD accompaniment with no background vocals on it.

Music & Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown
Book by Alfred Uhry
Part of the Acts of Faith Festival
Directed by Debra Clinton
Musical Direction by Jason Marks
March 5-15, 2015

Casting a large ensemble of highly skilled singers & actors (along with several children’s roles). ALL ETHNICITIES are encouraged to audition. Please prepare 16 – 32 bars of a contemporary (1980′s – present) musical theater style song that best shows your vocal range, and bring sheet music in the correct key (Music must be in a binder; no loose pages, please; Singing acapella will NOT be permitted). Pianist provided, or bring CD accompaniment with no background vocals on it.

Auditions for BOTH productions will be held Sunday. No appointment necessary. Sign-ups begin at 1:30 pm. Please note: No performers paid.

“The Melody Lingers On: The Songs of Irving Berlin” is a musical revue, celebrating the life, love, and works of Irving Berlin, one of America’s greatest musical theater composers of the 20th’ Century. Featuring such hits as “Alexander’s Ragtime Band”, “God Bless America”, “Let Yourself Go”, and “White Christmas”, this show is sure to delight audiences in an evening of song, nostalgia, and wonderful, tuneful gems that the whole family will enjoy.

“Parade” – Amid religious intolerance, political injustice and racial tension, the stirring Tony Award-winning “Parade” explores the endurance of love and hope against all the odds. With a book by acclaimed playwright Alfred Uhry (“Driving Miss Daisy”) and a rousing, colorful and haunting score byJason Robert Brown (“Songs for a New World”, “The Bridges of Madison County”), “Parade” is a moving examination of the darkest corners of America’s history. Based on the true story of Leo Frank, a Jewish man living in Atlanta in 1913, who is put on trial for the murder of a young girl under his employ. This incredibly powerful peace of drama comes to life for the first time in Richmond ever fully staged, and is the perfect conversation starter for the Acts of Faith Festival. — Project Type: Live Event

39 Steps Audition – 1449764
09-18-14 – Norfolk, VA>Washington, DC – Synopsis:
Inspired by Hitchcock’s classic tale, this romantic thriller is a fast-paced ride through the signature world of the Master of Suspense. Richard Hannay is visiting 1930’s London when he meets Annabella Smith, who is on the run from foreign agents after a disturbance at a music hall. Later that night, Annabella is murdered and Hannay must then try to break the spy ring and prove his innocence. From an epic train chase to a feisty love interest, Hannay has his work cut out for him as he searches for the truth about The 39 Steps.

Performances: Mar 12-28, 2015
Thu, Fri, Sat at 8 PM; Sat at 2 PM. — Project Type: Live Event

Road Trip Documentary Casting – 1449718
09-18-14 – Charleston, SC>Charleston, WV>Charlotte, NC>Columbia, SC>Jackson, MS>Jacksonville, FL>Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN>Miami, FL>Nashville, TN>Norfolk, VA>Orlando, FL>Raleigh, NC>Tampa, FL>Baltimore, MD – Need southern comic to send on a hero’s journey, traveling across the country, meeting other characters on the road and visiting places that embody liberty in some special way. Casting for a green-lit network documentary film set to go into production this fall. Should be naturally curious, quick witted, good with off-the-cuff observations and have a somewhat flexible schedule.

Must be genuinely or convincingly interested in learning where and in what ways Americans still uniquely encounter freedom. Driver’s license required, motorcycle or RV driving experience a plus.

Three to four week shooting schedule, possibly segmented. Compensation negotiable, all expenses covered. — Project Type: Commercials

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