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Auditions For Harvey 2016 – 1509770
02-04-16 – Birmingham, AL>Nashville, TN – Elwood P. Dowd is an affable man who claims to have an unseen (and presumably imaginary) friend Harvey — whom Elwood describes as a six-foot, three-and-one-half-inch tall pooka resembling an anthropomorphic rabbit. Elwood introduces Harvey to everyone he meets. His social-climbing sister, Veta, increasingly finds his eccentric behavior embarrassing. She decides to have him committed to a sanitarium. When they arrive at the sanitarium, a comedy of errors ensues. The young, handsome, and very flirtatious Dr. Sanderson commits Veta instead of Elwood, but when the truth comes out, the search is on for Elwood and his invisible companion. When Elwood shows up at the sanitarium looking for his lost friend Harvey, it seems that the mild-mannered Elwood’s delusion has had a strange influence on the staff, including sanitarium director Dr. Chumley. Only just before Elwood is to be given an injection that will make him into a “perfectly normal human being, and you know what bastards they are!” (in the words of a taxi cab driver who has become involved in the proceedings) does Veta realize that she would rather have Elwood the same as he has always been — carefree and kind — even if it means living with Harvey.
— Project Type: Live Event

The Void – 1509618
02-03-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – Two years ago an anomaly appeared in space in our solar system. Black and planet-sized, the Void, as it has come to be known, rises and sets each day. Many people believe it is the end of the world, but Declan believes there is more to it. His recurring dreams of a strange place with stranger characters seem to have a connection to the mystery in the sky, and to Declan himself. One day, the anomaly begins to move closer to Earth and Declan begins to realize the true meaning and purpose behind the Void. — Project Type: Feature Film

The Musical Series – 1509415
02-01-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – The Musical Series is musical and dance series about a boy named Chase who has a dream of finding his father, but instead finds love from someone else. The Musical will be a narrative series like a book. The series will start filming in February and ends March. — Project Type: Episodic

Dead And Dying – 1509407
02-01-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – A young man attempts suicide and fails, killing a man in the process. With the help of a concerned defense attorney, he takes steps to find the meaning in his life before he is forced to face the consequences of his actions. — Project Type: Feature Film

The Music Man Auditions – 1509353
01-29-16 – Birmingham, AL>Nashville, TN – Trouble? Right here? In Oregon City? When “Professor†Harold Hill, the smooth-talking traveling salesman arrives in River City, Iowa, he quickly has everyone eating out of his hand. However, this time he meets his match in town librarian Marian Paroo. She steals his heart and the con man faces a tough choice: love or money. This classic American musical is full of songs you know and love: ‘Till There Was You,†“Seventy-Six Trombones,†“Goodnight My Someone†and many more. — Project Type: Live Event

No Russian – 1509300
01-29-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – A psychiatrist’s best friend’s brother is in town. He might be crazy; he might be dangerous. The psychiatrist senses the perfect opportunity to test a theory of his and, for reasons he deems appropriate, decides to kill his friend’s brother to stop him from causing harm to anyone else. In a twist ending, it turns out that the psychiatrist is not in control, but instead his best friend is the crazy one. Some strong language. — Project Type: Feature Film

Casting Call For Damage Control – 1509299
01-29-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – David Dunkle, a young Poli Sci major in Ohio, swims through murky moral waters when thrust in the middle of an important scandal while interviewing for a campaign internship. — Project Type: Feature Film

Casting For The Mary Poppins – 1509262
01-28-16 – Birmingham, AL>Nashville, TN – Mary Poppins is the lead character in a series of eight children’s books written by P. L. Travers. Throughout the Mary Poppins series, which was published over the period 1934 to 1988, Mary Shepard was the illustrator.[1] The books centre on a magical English nanny, Mary Poppins. She is blown by the East wind to Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane, London, and into the Banks’s household to care for their children. Encounters with chimney sweeps, shopkeepers and various adventures follow until Mary Poppins abruptly leaves, i.e., “pops-out”. Only the first three of the eight books feature Mary Poppins arriving and leaving. The later five books recount previously unrecorded adventures from her original three visits. As P. L. Travers explains in her introduction to Mary Poppins in the Park, “She cannot forever arrive and depart.

Be Prepared: Be ready with sheet music to sing 16-32 bars (accompanist provided), wear comfortable clothing for dance component.

— Project Type: Live Event

Dividing the Estate Auditions – 1509221
01-28-16 – Atlanta, GA>Nashville, TN – Matriarch Stella Gordon is determined not to divide her 100-year-old Texas estate, despite her family’s declining wealth and the looming financial crisis. But her three children have another plan. Old resentments and sibling rivalries surface as the members of this hilariously dysfunctional family go head to head to see who might claim the biggest piece of the pie in DIVIDING THE ESTATE. — Project Type: Live Event

The Restaurant – 1509211
01-28-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – Inspired by The Office. This is a quirky comedy, with Marty as the general manager of an Italian restaurant. After a new CEO takes charge, Marty resists conforming to new company policies; Rebecca, the regional director, tries to get him to comply. Meanwhile, the restaurant runs as usual with zany servers and unusual happenings. This film contains some language and crude humor. — Project Type: Feature Film

Now Casting For Tricks – 1509207
01-28-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – Phillip Howell is a man in his late-twenties who has recently lost his job. Phillip has been keeping his unemployment from his best friend, Mark. Unaware that Phillip is holding back from doing things simply because he cannot afford to, Mark gets aggravated with Phillip and encourages him to get a hobby. This gives Phillip the idea to take up magic, something he loved as a child, and work to make money doing street magic to pay his rent. — Project Type: Feature Film

Til Next Time – 1509205
01-28-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – A troubled teenager crosses paths with a teacher who is determined to bring out her full potential. — Project Type: Feature Film

150 Feet Up – 1509204
01-28-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – A young woman finds herself on a rooftop, contemplating suicide, while a police officer tries to talk her down. — Project Type: Feature Film

No More Caroling – 1509126
01-27-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – In an attempt to create a special memory, a father takes his family to chop down a real Christmas tree, but his efforts are thwarted when the tree falls off their car in the middle of the road. — Project Type: Feature Film

Savant Learning Systems Project – 1509079
01-27-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – We create and professionally produce learning content that colleges, universities and businesses use to teach students in online settings. Our online learning courses incorporate instructional videos that depict real-life situations demonstrating course objectives. — Project Type: Infomercial

Aint No Light But Justice – 1509076
01-27-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – Jacey, unable to hold down a job, is indebted to her landlord, Roy. Roy extorts sexual favors from her as she looks to God for guidance. Jacey’s son Harris discovers what is going on and decides to take matters into his own hands, for better or worse. — Project Type: Feature Film

The Director Casting Call – 1508943
01-26-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – A 12-year-old-boy attempts to make the greatest film ever made. Using his father’s clout, he directs two actors and his professional crew deeper and deeper into one of the worst films ever made. — Project Type: Feature Film

Protector Casting Call – 1508939
01-26-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – Kate is pushed to the brink; as she investigates her new neighbors, she suppresses anger of her own.

NOTICE: This short film will contain violence and language. — Project Type: Feature Film

Snapped Killer Couples – 1508883
01-25-16 – Atlanta, GA>Nashville, TN – Features couples whose passion drives them to commit terrible criminal acts. Through recreations and gripping firsthand accounts, each episode takes a deep dive into the stories behind the couples’ romance, how their relationship evolved once love turned into manipulation and what ultimately drove them to commit the crime. — Project Type: Episodic

Casting For Short Film In Nashville – 1508869
01-25-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – Tori, an angsty and seclusive teenager, must travel through the insanity of a high school party to find her little brother who has been locked in a closet by some bullies. — Project Type: Feature Film

The Boys Next Door Auditions – 1508851
01-25-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – The place is a communal residence in a New England city, where four mentally handicapped men live under the supervision of an earnest, but increasingly “burned out” young social worker named Jack. Norman, who works in a doughnut shop and is unable to resist the lure of the sweet pastries, takes great pride in the huge bundle of keys that dangles from his waist; Lucien P. Smith has the mind of a five-year-old but imagines that he is able to read and comprehend the weighty books he lugs about; Arnold, the ringleader of the group, is a hyperactive, compulsive chatterer, who suffers from deep-seated insecurities and a persecution complex; while Barry, a brilliant schizophrenic who is devastated by the unfeeling rejection of his brutal father, fantasizes that he is a golf pro.

Mingled with scenes from the daily lives of these four, where “little things” sometimes become momentous (and often very funny), are moments of great poignancy when, with touching effectiveness, we are reminded that the handicapped, like the rest of us, want only to love and laugh and find some meaning and purpose in the brief time that they, like their more fortunate brothers, are allotted on this earth. — Project Type: Live Event

Hold Your Peace – 1508769
01-22-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – Cara attends the wedding of her life-long best friend Benjamin. The only problem? She’s been secretly in love with him for years, but never got up the courage to tell him. Now, it might be too late. Will she take the risk and tell him how she feels, risking everything they have? Or play it safe and live the rest of her life wondering “What if?” — Project Type: Feature Film

Howie Grave Teenage Reaper – 1508743
01-22-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – “Howie Grave†is an anti-suicide themed production. The story revolves around Howie, a teen who has prematurely ended his own life, and consequently has had his spirit returned to earth where he must carry out the duties of a grim reaper until his true time of departure. — Project Type: Feature Film

Casting Call For Boycott – 1508736
01-22-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – During a dinner, a couple recounts how they met to their inquisitive friend. — Project Type: Feature Film

Mister Allein – 1508735
01-22-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – After Izaak Allein retires, he loses his wife and faces betrayal, walking a solitary road to forgiveness.

“For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.â€â€“Matthew 6:14-15. — Project Type: Feature Film

Auditions for the Boardinghouse – 1508527
01-20-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – Welcome to the Home Sweet Home Boardinghouse, where life is anything but normal. Miss Harriet runs a clean, cozy home with the help of the none-too-bright and perpetually terrified Tweenie, and accompanied by as zany a cast of boarders as you are likely to meet. There’s Mr. Richards, the poet who practices dying to spark his inspiration. Gladys Klotz is a taxidermist who has a direct line to the spirit world and prefers her men stuffed, while Martha Willis has every imaginable illness, from leprosy to pneumonia to heart palpitations… and loves every minute of it. Poor Hortense tries her best to keep up with Ivy, a free spirited ’artist’ who enjoys painting people’s faces, whether they want to be painted or not. Finally, the suave and mysterious Dirk Shadow and his sister Veronica have just arrived on the scene to hunt for Captain Schnook’s pirate treasure buried in the basement… or is it really just something left over from dinner? Leave it to the clever and ever-vigilant Dr. Sni-fell to unravel the mystery that will have audiences laughing from beginning to end. — Project Type: Live Event

Little Mermaid Casting Call – 1508514
01-20-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – This is the story of a little mermaid named Ariel, who dreams of going on land. When her father, King Triton, Forbids her to go on land, Ariel visits Ursula who her father had banished. Eventhough she helps her get to land, what Ariel doesn’t know is that Ursula has plans to destroy her to get revenge on her father. — Project Type: Live Event

Auditions for the Mousetrap – 1508479
01-19-16 – Louisville, KY>Nashville, TN – Monkswell Manor has recently been converted to a guesthouse and is run by a young couple, Mollie and Giles Ralston. The inexperienced Ralstons are nervous to be hosting their first guests but determined to make a go of things. While waiting for the guests to begin arriving, Mollie listens to a radio report about the “Lyon Murder”, which notes that police are looking for a man in a dark overcoat who was observed near the scene. — Project Type: Live Event

The Snow Queen Jr. Auditions – 1508350
01-18-16 – Atlanta, GA>Nashville, TN – In this adaptation of the original Hans Christian Anderson tale, the wicked Snow Queen casts her icy spell, turning a young boy’s heart to ice and stealing him away to her Ice Palace at the very top of the world. Undeterred by the Snow Queen’s powers, a young girl, Gerda, takes it upon herself to journey forever north and brave many dangers in her attempt to break the Snow Queen’s evil grip and save her best friend. — Project Type: Live Event

Cathedral – 1508348
01-18-16 – Atlanta, GA>Nashville, TN – Casting for a non union short film. The film takes place in the early 1930s.

Shoot date would start on March 2016. Pay rate is still to be discussed. — Project Type: Feature Film

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