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Below are the Most Recently Posted Gigs Consisting of Acting, Modeling, and Musical Auditions and Job Opportunities

Auditions For A Nativity Scene – 1500799
10-08-15 – Milwaukee, WI>Minneapolis, MN – Tiny Shepherds, wise men bearing gifts, angels and animals, two new parents and a manger…. These are all figures that have become part of a traditional scene found in many homes around the Holidays. But when is the last time anyone stopped to look at them as more than figures on their shelf?

This is one of the many questions young Sarah Tanner asks her family one Christmas Eve, and her curiosity spreads through them all, igniting their imaginations as they put themselves in the place of various roles from the scene in an empathetic, at times hilarious, way.

Come Christmas morning, no one will look at their Nativity Scene in the same way. — Project Type: Live Event

Locked Out Casting Call – 1500720
10-07-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – The film, “Locked Out”, is a 4-min thriller about a guy who gets locked out of a suburban home and the unfortunate events that follow. — Project Type: Feature Film

Casting for Psychological Short Film – 1500719
10-07-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Plagued by external pressures, a young filmmaker explores the crevices of his unconscious mind. — Project Type: Feature Film

Crew Needed for Inferno – 1500716
10-07-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Inferno is Dan’s story of his rise and fall. He recounts his life to an audience of dancers. — Project Type: 1

Seeking Cast for Local Feature Film – 1500707
10-07-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Defrost is a coming-of-age family drama, filming this upcoming winter.

Through a heavy winter storm, tears and laughter, past memories and new experiences, a young woman and her estranged father reconnect on a road trip to Madison, WI.
— Project Type: Feature Film

Green Screen Editing – 1500591
10-06-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – A completed comedic web-series has some green screen keys that need to be pulled and tweaked. Will pay per episode.
— Project Type: 1

Casting Two Films in Minnesota – 1500558
10-06-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Katabasis: The dead have stories to tell, and miles to get home, but there are few who will listen and carry them there. Ian is a courier for the dead, and fulfills their final wishes, whether it be returning home, or being cremated in the heart of a sun, and travels through the vast emptiness of space alone, until one of these coffins contains more than Ian could have guessed.

Exit…Stage Left: Following a cryptic message for him in the last will and testament of his family’s black sheep, Uncle Mark, Ryan reflects on his past and his current status making a dishonest living. What place is there for a young, broke kid in a post-recession blue collar city? Reminiscing on his Uncle Mark’s habits, Ryan confronts the future in the face of isolation and uncertainty. — Project Type: Feature Film

As My World Turns – 1500555
10-06-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – The show will highlight problems teens and young adults face in our everyday life just trying to find light at the end of the tunnel as their world turns and spins out of control. — Project Type: TV Show

Student Film Casting Call in Minnesota – 1500554
10-06-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Casting a 2-3 minutes student film about break up and fall in love again. — Project Type: Feature Film

Short Film Auditions in Minnesota – 1500551
10-06-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Indie psycholohical-thriller short film needs actors and actresses of all ages. — Project Type: Feature Film

Casting Call for Queens – 1500548
10-06-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Queens is the story of an aging African-American boxer preparing for his final fight. Born one generation from slavery, he grew up fighting for his place in the world of Jim Crow America. For Raymond, boxing is not about belts or titles; it’s a job. A job that provides food, a room, a purpose. Provides a chance to say he is here, that his life matters. Set in the early 1900’s, when boxing went from bare-knuckles to gloves. — Project Type: Live Event

The Foley Room – 1500543
10-06-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – It follows a highly-skilled Foley Artist who draws suspicion from colleagues when his sounds become unusually realistic. — Project Type: Feature Film

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Audition – 1500494
10-05-15 – Fargo, ND>Minneapolis, MN – Pageant tells the story of the Herdmen children who are described as “absolutely the worst kids in the history of the world. They lied and stole and smoked cigars (even the girls) and talked dirty and hit little kids and cussed their teachers and took the name of the Lord in vain and set fire to Fred Shoemaker’s old broken-down tool house.â€

One day while tormenting one of the local children they hear about the church Christmas Pageant and decide they should be in it. Not only should they be in it but they should be the leads. What transpires is truly a great story about the transformative power of the Christmas story. The play is based on the 1973 book by the same name. It a show that has become as much a tradition for some theatres as “A Christmas Carol has become for others.†— Project Type: Live Event

A Christmas Carol Auditions – 1500477
10-05-15 – Des Moines, IA>Minneapolis, MN – Based on the classic novel by Charles Dickens and adapted for the stage by Romulus Linney, the play tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an embittered, miserly old man whose name has become synonymous with greediness. But then, one Christmas Eve, Scrooge — who typically responds to the holiday with his familiar “Bah! Humbug!†— is visited by a series of ghosts, led first by the ghost of his long-since-dead partner Jacob Marley, who is followed by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come.

The experience, all taking place in one night, transforms Scrooge forever, much to the delight of his nephew Fred and to his clerk Bob Cratchit and his family, especially his son Tiny Tim. — Project Type: Live Event

Casting for Dashing through the Snow – 1500454
10-05-15 – Fargo, ND>Minneapolis, MN – It’s four days before Christmas in the tiny town of Tinsel, Texas, and a colorful parade of eccentric guests arrive at the Snowflake Inn and deck the halls with holiday hilarity.

Trina, the harried yet upbeat innkeeper of this B&B, has more than she can handle coping with these nuttier-than-a-fruitcake lodgers. Hoyt and his sister, Donna Jo, make the mistake of trying to end a thirty-year feud between their curmudgeonly aunts, Ennis and Della, with sidesplitting results. Ainsley and Lenora, self-involved actors from a lower-than-low-budget touring production of A Christmas Carol, descend on the Inn to fulfill a promise, leaving comedic chaos in their wake. Add to this Yuletide mayhem an ill-advised romantic rendezvous between Mrs. Claus and one of Santa’s elves, a demanding guest who refuses to leave, not to mention a tipsy housekeeper, and it’s clear it will take more than a kiss under the mistletoe to keep Trina’s spirits merry and bright. — Project Type: Live Event

The Santaland Diaries Auditions – 1500337
10-04-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Best-selling author David Sedaris brings us the story of an actor who gets a temporary job as a Macy’s Christmas elf in The Santaland Diaries. His story of holiday trials and tribulations will bring a smile to even the grouchiest face! — Project Type: Live Event

Eau Claire WI Hair Show Casting – 1500070
09-30-15 – Milwaukee, WI>Minneapolis, MN – Eau Claire, Wi Beauty Fashion Hair Show Auditions
Show Date : Sunday October 4 2015
Morning To Late Afternoon

** Casting # 1 / Aloxxi **
Pay Rate : $ 150.00 Flat + Gift Of Beauty Products
1 Prep Date & 1 Show Date

** Casting # 2 / Sexy Hair **
( There Is No Color Done )
Pay Rate : $ 200.00 Flat
1 Show Date

— Project Type: Live Event

Sound Mixer Needed for Feature Film – 1500054
09-30-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – We are in need of a sound mixer for the remaining production days of our feature film.

Filming in Chaska, Savage, and Roseville, MN. — Project Type: 1

And then There Were None Casting – 1500031
09-30-15 – Milwaukee, WI>Minneapolis, MN – In Agatha Christie’s masterpiece, a group of 10 strangers is lured to a remote island. Upon arrival, it is discovered that their host, an eccentric millionaire, is missing. At dinner, a recorded message accuses each of them of having a guilty secret. One by one the guests begin to die but who is the killer?
— Project Type: Live Event

Extras for New Season of In an Instant – 1499910
09-29-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Prime time network television docudrama In an Instant is currently filming its upcoming season here in the Twin Cities area. IA reenactment show of extraordinary true life events that propose life threatening situations, with survivors left to give their true story accounts. We are currently looking for EMT’s, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, and actor. — Project Type: Episodic

Casting Quickly – 1499903
09-29-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – We are looking for actors to be in a two minute company sales video.

All actors will be paid in full – on day of shoot. — Project Type: Commercials

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike – 1499852
09-29-15 – Milwaukee, WI>Minneapolis, MN – Three siblings. One Hot Mess. Middle-aged siblings Vanya and Sonia share a home where they bicker and complain about their circumstances. Their movie star sister, Masha, swoops in with her new boy toy, Spike, and old resentments flare up. — Project Type: Live Event

Casting For Immobilized – 1499850
09-29-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – This film takes a look at the fear people go through as they strive to achieve their dreams in life. — Project Type: Feature Film

A Christmas Carol Theater Audition – 1499767
09-28-15 – Fargo, ND>Minneapolis, MN – A Christmas Carol tells the story of a bitter old miser named Ebenezer Scrooge and his transformation into a gentler, kindlier man after visitations by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present and Yet to Come. The book was written at a time when the British were examining and exploring Christmas traditions from the past as well as new customs such as Christmas cards and Christmas trees. Carol singing took a new lease on life during this time. Dickens’ sources for the tale appear to be many and varied, but are, principally, the humiliating experiences of his childhood, his sympathy for the poor, and various Christmas stories and fairy tales.

Dickens’ Carol was one of the greatest influences in rejuvenating the old Christmas traditions of England, but, while it brings to the reader images of light, joy, warmth and life, it also brings strong and unforgettable images of darkness, despair, coldness, sadness, and death. Scrooge himself is the embodiment of winter, and, just as winter is followed by spring and the renewal of life, so too is Scrooge’s cold, pinched heart restored to the innocent goodwill he had known in his childhood and youth. A Christmas Carol remains popular-having never been out of print and has been adapted many times to film, stage, opera, and other media. — Project Type: Live Event

Casting Call for Short Film in MN – 1499679
09-25-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Looking for actors for a short film.

Roles are unpaid, but we will provide credit and footage for reels, as well as consideration for future shorts and features (as well as IMDb credit, if applicable). — Project Type: Feature Film

Casting for The Mousetrap – 1499662
09-25-15 – Milwaukee, WI>Minneapolis, MN – This one explains itself, the mystery which has the longest run in the world of any play, still on in London’s West End. — Project Type: Live Event

A Christmas Carol Auditions – 1499589
09-24-15 – Milwaukee, WI>Minneapolis, MN – The Musical blends original music with striking visuals to present a twist on the classic tale. Ebenezer Scrooge, a man living his life as a cruel and unfeeling miser is visited by the ghost of his dead business partner with an ultimatum – change, or spend eternity in chains. Scrooge is then visited by three extraordinary spirits, each showing him a period of his life. The beautiful and mysterious ghost of Christmas Past, the eccentric and jovial ghost of Christmas Present, and the grim and frightening ghost of Christmas Future. Each will haunt Ebenezer Scrooge in one last desperate attempt to change his ways .
— Project Type: Live Event

The Seafarer Auditions – 1499588
09-24-15 – Fargo, ND>Minneapolis, MN – “The Seafarer” is an Irish play by contemporary writer Conor McPherson. Often referred to as “the thinking man’s ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’” the play is a black comedy that wrenches laughter out of the despair of frustrated men whose lives have come to naught. — Project Type: Live Event

Crew Call for Short Independent Film – 1499584
09-24-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Hiring crew position for a short independent film. Shooting this October 24th and 25th. — Project Type: 1

Casting Call For Short Independent Film – 1499522
09-24-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Casting talents for a short independent film. Filming this October 24th and 25th, 2015. — Project Type: Feature Film

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