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I Love You Youre Perfect Now Casting – 1473645
01-30-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Milwaukee, WI – A series of vignettes connected by the central theme of love and relationships. The play’s tagline is “Everything you have ever secretly thought about dating, romance, marriage, lovers, husbands, wives and inlaws, but were afraid to admit. ”

1 Adult Female
2 Adult Male — Project Type: Live Event

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Castings – 1473524
01-29-15 – Milwaukee, WI>Minneapolis, MN – Nine-year-old Peter Hatcher’s life would be sweet if it weren’t for Fudge, his toddler terror of a brother. Fudge seems to get away with everything, whether he’s throwing a tantrum at the shoe store, acting like a bird on the jungle gym and knocking out his two front teeth, or scribbling all over Peter’s homework! It’s enough to make him feel like a fourth grade nothing! When Peter’s beloved pet turtle disappears, he just knows that Fudge is behind it. This is the last straw — how can he get his parents to pay attention to him for a change?

Audition Info:
Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. No preparation is needed. — Project Type: Live Event

The Milk Ladys Son Auditions – 1473523
01-29-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – On October 20, 1958, fifth graders Robert Weindruck and Dwight Lilja were playing on top of a drainpipe at the edge of the Mississippi River. Dwight fell in and was never heard from again. The disappearance remained Robert’s secret until the day of his death in the summer of 2010. It is in his final hours that the dying Robert gives his ambivalent son Billy a sizable check to personally deliver to the mother of Dwight, a woman who like all others never knew what happened to her son. Eventually Billy and Gertrude (Dwight’s mother) figure out the meaning of the payment from Robert. The greedy Billy then offers to escort the elderly woman to the bedside of the dying Robert for a final confrontation. In attendance are family and friends who have some knowledge but are about to learn the authentic emotionally devastating secret that has persisted to harass and overwhelm this dying man for over 50 years. What they are about to discover will not only enrage them but will begin to impact their lives.

The Milk Lady’s Son is a play that will not only ask questions about the morality and fabric of our society but hold the audience in its grasp until its concluding moment. Difficult lingering thoughts will pervade the audience’s ride home or stop for coffee.

Preparation: Please send a head-shot and resume for consideration. Candidates should bring and perform a 2-minute contemporary monologue. — Project Type: Live Event

The Music Man Seeks Musicians – 1473513
01-29-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Seeks young musicians who play marching band instruments to be in the finale of their upcoming production of THE MUSIC MAN

There’s trouble in River City! When smooth-talking con man Harold Hill arrives in a small, tight-knit town in Iowa, he expects to dupe its residents with his elaborate moneymaking scheme: Despite his complete lack of musical literacy, he will convince everyone that he is a brilliant bandleader and recruit all the boys in town to form a band, pocketing the cash for instruments and uniforms. The problem? Some of the town members, especially the stern librarian, Marian Paroo, don’t quite buy Harold’s story. — Project Type: Live Event

Crew Needed For Theater In Minnesota – 1473301
01-28-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – A Theater Company are casting volunteers to be part of the wonderful team.

Volunteers get to see our shows for FREE at Open Window, and we have a lot of fun to boot. — Project Type: 1

The Mystery Of Edwin Drood Auditions – 1473163
01-28-15 – Milwaukee, WI>Minneapolis, MN – Who killed Edwin Drood? It’s up to you in this wildly warm-hearted, whodunit musical based on the Charles Dickens novel and adapted by renowned writer/composer Rupert Holmes. Travel back in time to a Victorian music hall where a rowdy ensemble of actors take the stage to find an ending for the syndicated novel left unfinished by Dickens’ sudden death. Every performer is a suspect in the murder of young Edwin Drood and each performance ends with a surprise as the audience decides who’s the killer. With its fun songs and lively script, Drood swept the Tony Awards in 1986 and has enjoyed numerous revivals.

The auditions are low pressure and fun. All are welcome and encouraged to participate. Previous experience is not required.

Audition Process
The auditions consist of three parts to demonstrate how well you sing, act, and move:
-Sing a song of your choice accompanied by piano
-Read from the script
-Simple stage choreography
*Bring your own sheet music and prepare beforehand. Musical “showtunes” are generally the best, but pop songs or oldies may work too, as long as they are upbeat and show some range.
— Project Type: Live Event

State Fair Auditions – 1473155
01-28-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – This classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical has Mom and Pop striving for blue ribbons while their daughter and son find romance and heartbreak on the midway.

With an award-winning score, State Fair is the kind of warm-hearted family entertainment that will get your toes tapping and leave you smiling.

Please come prepared with song to sing. You may also be asked to read from the script.

What To Bring: Along with sheet music for your song, please bring your completed audition form (forms also available at the auditions), plus a headshot and resume if available. Also bring your calendar so you can check for any rehearsal/performance conflicts. — Project Type: Live Event

Hiring Editor For Marketing Videos – 1472859
01-26-15 – Des Moines, IA>Minneapolis, MN – Looking to create some awesome instructional and marketing videos to be used as product explanation demos posted on YouTube and our website and for other marketing efforts.

Qualified candidates should have good videography and editing skills. You should be able to think strategically and constructively about how to most efficiently and effectively create instructional videos that inform the audience of how a product works, how to install a product and how to make the product look easy to work with in fairly short videos, usually less than 5 minutes. The products being highlighted in the videos are new to the market, high tech and green solutions for electricians, low voltage installers, facilities managers, and residential home owners. — Project Type: 1

Being Warmth Casting Call – 1472852
01-26-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Theodore, a mediocre young man, searches for the meaning of life, balancing curiosity in one hand and a mug of coffee in the other. He believes the kooky local fortune teller, Sylvester, holds the answers to his fate, all for the cost of years of coffee. For Theodore, this payment, in the form of a red mug of coffee, will be the last. Unfortunately, right before Theodore’s life truly begins to make sense, Sylvester’s life ends…supposedly, leaving behind a simple quote, “Be warmth.” After crushing his neighbor Bernice’s snowman, the two become fond friends.

While the sly Sylvester resumes his job in satisfaction, Theodore and Bernice rebuild the snowman and each enjoys a mug of coffee. All is complete, all is understood, and all is right. — Project Type: Feature Film

Hiring Crew for Romantic Comedy Film – 1472619
01-23-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – If you had 90 days to choose between love and your career which would you choose? In this film we learn about one woman’s hardships as she tries to decide whether to follow her heart or her head?!

Position Description: We are seeking a dynamic crew of creative and talented people who are looking to gain the gamut of experience in the production/filming industry. Your unique and raw perspectives will contribute to the production of a trailer that is both captivating and of quality. — Project Type: 1

Casting Now For Romantic Comedy Film – 1472615
01-23-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – If you had 90 days to choose between love and your career which would you choose? In this film we learn about one woman’s hardships as she tries to decide whether to follow her heart or her head?!

From the outside looking in Aiyanna Michaels (a 29 year old, Store Merchandise Manager for V.L. Battista) has a pretty great life; a successful career, supportive friends and family, nice house and car. She’s literally seen the world two times over, what more can a girl ask for?! Yet there is one thing missing for Aiyanna and that is a MAN!!

Unfortunately for Aiyanna and her close friends, they are limited to making the most out of their city’s drab dating scene in The Dating Game; in this romantic comedy, Aiyanna becomes inspired to find love by her 30th Birthday. With just 3 months to spare and a twist of fate in her career, she immediately dives into some of the most bizarre and outrageously crazy scenarios, finding out that there is so much more to the rules of The Dating Game!

We are seeking a cast of creative, professional and talented people who are looking to gain the gamut of experience on this film project. Your unique and raw skills will contribute to the production of a trailer that is both captivating and of quality.

We are looking for actors with at least 2 years experience and strongly encourage those with a serious passion for the industry to apply. — Project Type: Feature Film

Oliver Auditions In Theater – 1472241
01-22-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Based on the Charles Dicken’s novel, this musical theater classic is fun for the whole family! Come along on the exciting adventures of Oliver, a boy trying to survive on the streets of London early in the twentieth century. Audiences will recognize the beautiful and often touching score, including the musical theater classics “Consider Yourself,” “As Long As He Needs Me,” and “Where Is Love?”.

Please plan to come at 5:30pm prepared to sing 16 bars from a Musical Theater or Traditional Song that you feel shows off your abilities (ballad or uptempo). Do not choose a song from Oliver, or a pop tune, please. — Project Type: Live Event

Casting Call for Cheeseheads the Musical – 1472143
01-21-15 – Milwaukee, WI>Minneapolis, MN – A modern day dairy-tale with a lotto heart! The most magical thing about the lottery is pondering what you’d do if you won…At Schnaybel’s Famous Cheese, the lotto is just the ticket to help the workers take their minds off how things are in Sheboygan. Their beloved founder has passed away and there are rumors the factory may shut down. With typical Wisconsin good humor, the workers carry on while keeping their fingers crossed that something better will come their way…A touching and joyful Wisconsin musical gouda luck fable!

*Have a one minute section of a song to sing and be prepared to do readings from the play. Interested crew members are also encouraged to attend! — Project Type: Live Event

The Glass Menagerie Auditions – 1471861
01-20-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Anchored by the ageing southern belle Amanda Wingfield, who hopes for her son Tom to fulfill her dreams of finding the perfect “gentleman caller” for her shy and damaged daughter Laura.

Amanda Wingfield is a faded, tragic remnant of Southern gentility who lives in poverty in a dingy St. Louis apartment with her son, Tom, and her daughter, Laura. Amanda strives to give meaning and direction to her life and the lives of her children, though her methods are ineffective and irritating. Tom is driven nearly to distraction by his mother’s nagging and seeks escape in alcohol and the world of the movies. Laura also lives in her illusions. She is crippled, and this defect, intensified by her mother’s anxiety to see her married, has driven her more and more into herself. The crux of the action comes when Tom invites a young man of his acquaintance to take dinner with the family. Jim, the caller, is a nice ordinary fellow who is at once pounced upon by Amanda as a possible husband for Laura. In spite of her crude and obvious efforts to entrap the young man, he and Laura manage to get along very nicely, and momentarily Laura is lifted out of herself into a new world. But this crashes when, toward the end, Jim explains that he is already engaged. The world of illusion that Amanda and Laura have striven to create in order to make life bearable collapses about them. Tom, too, at the end of his tether, at last leaves home.

A drama of great tenderness, charm and beauty, THE GLASS MENAGERIE is one of the most famous plays of the modern theatre. — Project Type: Live Event

Pirates Of Penzance Boom Venus In Fur – 1471747
01-20-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Pirates auditionees please note:
*All who are auditioning should sing 16 bars from the show or any other show (bring sheet music).
Those auditioning for Frederic and Mabel should audition with selections from Pirates.
*Callbacks will use music from Pirates. Frederic and Mabel will audition with a duet from Pirates.

boom and Venus auditioners please note:
*Prepare a 60-second monologue in a style similar to the scripts.
*Callbacks will be cold readings from the script. — Project Type: Live Event

Artistic Director Needed For Shrek – 1471699
01-19-15 – Minneapolis, MN – Seeking an Artistic Director for our upcoming production of Shrek: The Musical.
Performances: September 11-13 and September 18-20 — Project Type: 1

You Cant Take It With You Now Casting – 1471485
01-16-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – At first the Sycamores seem mad, but it is not long before you realize that if they are mad, then the rest of the world is madder. In contrast to these delightful people are the unhappy Kirbys. Tony, the attractive young son of the Kirbys, falls in love with Alice Sycamore and brings his parents to dine at the Sycamore house on the wrong evening. The shock sustained by Mr. and Mrs. Kirby shows Alicethat marriage with Tony is out of the question. The Sycamores find it hard to understandAlice’s view. Tony knows the Sycamores live the right way with love and care for each other, while his own family is the one that’s crazy. In the end, Mr. Kirby is converted to the happy madness of the Sycamores after he happens in during a visit by the ex-Grand Duchess ofRussia, Olga Katrina, who is currently earning her living as a waitress. — Project Type: Live Event

Hapgood Auditions – 1471463
01-16-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – It falls to Hapgood, an extraordinary matriarchal officer in the the British intelligence agency, to unravel a mystery of mistaken identity and deep betrayals.

Please bring a monologue to perform. — Project Type: Live Event

Bedroom Farce Now Casting – 1471414
01-16-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Trevor and Susannah, a pair of roving neurotics whose marriage is on the rocks, hawk their problems around the bedrooms of three other couples in one endless night. In Alan Acykbourn’s masterful style, the action ingeniously flies back and forth among all three bedrooms on stage — with humor that veers from smart and biting to pratfalls and slapstick — in this wickedly bleak view of modern marriage.

all ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

British accents will be required for all characters; for the audition, accents are preferred but not required. Delia and Ernest should be basic, standard BBC. The other characters can have accents from London, Bristol, Cornwall, Cardiff, Wales, Liverpool, Yorkshire, Edinburgh, etc. — Project Type: Live Event

The Fox On The Fairway Now Casting – 1471209
01-15-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – A tribute of great English farces this show takes place at Quail Valley Country Club as the members are getting ready to take on arch rival Crouching Squirrel in the Annual Inter-Club Golf Tournament. With a sizable wager at stake, the contest plays out amidst three love affairs, a disappearing diamond, objectionable sweaters and an exploding vase. It is a charming madcap adventure about love, life, and man’s eternal love affair with golf.

Please bring a headshot or current photo with you and also your calendar.
Auditions will consist of reading from the script.
— Project Type: Live Event

Winter Melodrama Auditions – 1471173
01-15-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Rehearsals will take place based on actors’ availability. Expect four rehearsals from Jan. 29 through opening on Feb. 20. Bring any schedule conflicts to the audition. — Project Type: Live Event

Ballroom Dancers Needed For Short Video – 1471000
01-14-15 – Des Moines, IA>Minneapolis, MN – Looking for singles or couples that have one or more of the following talents in ballroom dance:

Waltz, Tango, Salsa, Swing (Men and Women, guys and gals… age from teens to seniors)

— Project Type: 1

As You Like It Now Casting – 1470966
01-14-15 – Milwaukee, WI>Minneapolis, MN –
The play is set in a duchy in France, but most of the action takes place in a location called the Forest of Arden, which may be intended for the Ardennes, a forested region covering an area located in southeast Belgium, western Luxembourg and northeastern France, but sometimes is identified with Arden, Warwickshire, near Shakespeare’s home town, which was the ancestral origin of his mother’s family, who incidentally were called Arden.

To audition come either with something prepared from Shakespeare, or ready to do a cold reading. Pair or group auditions are welcome. There are both singing and non-singing parts in this show, so if you intend to audition for a singing role, come ready to sing with the musical directors. They will provide music and instructions. — Project Type: Live Event

Pirates Of Penzance Casting – 1470956
01-14-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – For auditions you will not need to bring anything for we will have a piece for you to sing and read for us! If you would like to save your hand from getting tired and writing all of the shows you have previously been in, you may bring a resume!
— Project Type: Live Event

01-09-15 – Birmingham, AL>Columbus, OH>Dallas, TX>Detroit, MI>El Paso, TX>Houston, TX>Kansas City, MO>Louisville, KY>Memphis, TN>Minneapolis, MN>Nashville, TN>Orlando, FL>San Antonio, TX – AUDITION #1 ATTIRE:
Women Wear Two Piece Swimwear with heels
MEN Wear Fitted Swim Trunks or Fitted Boxers

Wear Fitted Blue Jeans & Fitted White Top
Females Wear Heels & Men Wear Dress Shoes

View Our YouTube Channel to see Show Videos, Promotional Video Commercials & Interviews

PLEASE NOTE: IF you have been accepted to participate in the show as one of the 75 models in your category group then we will require confirmation of you and your Travel and Accommodations booking to New York for the show. IF you have been accepted then the deadline date for proof of booking Travel and Accommodation confirmation will be due by the deadline date given to you.

PLEASE NOTE: IF you have been accepted to participate in our Fashion Week show in New York as one of our featured models then we will require confirmation of you and your Travel and Accommodations booking to New York for the show. IF you have been accepted then the deadline date for proof of booking Travel and Accommodation confirmation will be due by the deadline date given to you.

All models – if it is determined that a model’s fashion runway walk does not meet Fashion Industry Runway Standards – regardless of a model’s stated experience – then
they might be told that they require “Professional Fashion Model Runway Training” at a $60 cost.
— Project Type: Live Event

Assistant Stage Manager Needed – 1469922
01-07-15 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – This position would be responsible for assisting with set movement and general help backstage during the run of the show. The applicant must be available for ALL performance dates without exception. A stipend will be provided after the final show. — Project Type: 1

Auditions For Jesus Christ Super Star – 1469606
01-06-15 – Fargo, ND>Minneapolis, MN – Auditions for Jesus Christ Super Star!

Telling the story in contemporary costume and music. Lots of good voices, both male and female are needed. We will not necessarily follow traditional gender roles, so don’t be surprised if we have female voices among the 12 disciples. The pit band will include both rock band and traditional instruments. Those interested in being part of the pit band or tech team also are welcome! Come to auditions and let us know! — Project Type: Live Event

Legally Blonde The Mussical Now Casting – 1468646
12-29-14 – Des Moines, IA>Minneapolis, MN – When Elle’s high school boyfriend Warner dumps he and heads to Harvard, claiming she’s not “serious” enough, Elle takes matters into her own hands, crafting a showy song and dance personal essay and charming her way into law school. Befriending classmate Emmett and spunky hairdresser Paulette along the way, Elle finds that books and looks aren’t mutually exclusive – in fact, law may be her natural calling after all as she quickly begins outsmarting her peers.

Please come prepared to move. Sides and music will be available on the callboard outside the green room (E108) in January. Music will be taught. — Project Type: Live Event

The Dancing at Lughnasa Now Casting – 1468540
12-23-14 – Milwaukee, WI>Minneapolis, MN – The Story:
Widely regarded as Brian Friel’s masterpiece, this haunting play is Friel’s tribute to the spirit and valor of the past. The story is told through the memory of the son of one of five unmarried sisters eking out their lives in a small village in Ireland in 1936. He is only seven when his elderly uncle, a priest, returns after serving for twenty-five years as a missionary in a Ugandan leper colony. For the young boy, two other disturbances occur that summer. The sisters acquire their first radio, and he meets his father for the first time. Winner of the 1992 Tony Award for Best Play, the Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Broadway Play and the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Play. Chosen by Time magazine as one of the ten best plays for 1991, saying it is “The most elegant and rueful memory play since The Glass Menagerie.” — Project Type: Live Event

Love And Information For Stage Manager – 1468450
12-23-14 – Minneapolis, MN>Rapid City, SD – Seeking:

Stage Manager for the Production of Caryl Churchill’s Love And Information.

Looking For Local Hire.

Other Dates:

Rehearsals begin Jan 6, 2015,

show opens Jan 30, 2015,

closes Feb 22, 2015.

— Project Type: 1

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