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Freuds Last Session Auditions – 1504974
11-26-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – Freud’s Last Session concerns a fictional meeting between Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis, presumably taking place in 1939. They debate religion, music, sex, and Hitler while BBC interrupts with bulletins of imminent world war. — Project Type: Live Event

Once On This Island A Musical – 1504954
11-26-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – From the Tony Award-winning songwriting team that brought you Seussical and Ragtime, comes this Tony nominated, Olivier Award-winning musical set in the Caribbean Sea concerning a peasant girl on a tropical island, who uses the power of love to bring together people of different social classes. From the first song you will be enthralled by the music and engaging lyrics of this magical story which includes hints of Romeo and Juliet and the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, The Little Mermaid. — Project Type: Live Event

Monty Pythons Spamalot Auditions – 1504666
11-22-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – Spamalot tells the legendary tale of King Arthur’s quest to find the Holy Grail. Inspired by the classic comedy film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the musical also diverts a bit from more traditional versions of the legend. Instead, Spamalot features shennanigans including a line of beautiful dancing girls, a flatulent Frenchmen and killer rabbits. Outside, there is plague with a 50% chance of pestilence and famine. Throughout the show, Arthur, traveling with his servant Patsy, recruits several knights to accompany him on his quest, including Sir Bedevere, Sir Robin, Sir Lancelot and Sir Galahad. Besides the rabbits and farting Frenchman, they meet such characters as the Lady of the Lake, Prince Herbert, Tim the Enchanter, Not Dead Fred, the Black Knight and the Knights who say Ni. — Project Type: Live Event

Sleeping Beauty Auditions – 1504579
11-20-15 – Jackson, MS>Little Rock, AR – In the story of Sleeping Beauty, Carabosse, the wicked witch, sentences the young Princess Aurora to death by spinning wheel, but the good fairies (the slim Fairy Liquid and the plump Fairy Cakes) commute this to a long boring sleep – a sleep from which the Princess can only be woken by a kiss from her true love. Sleeping Beauty features a loveable cast of characters, including a madcap nanny, wacky fairies, seriously challenged henchmen, and of course, Princess Aurora herself.
— Project Type: Live Event

Sister Act Casting Actors – 1504231
11-17-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – When diva Deloris Van Cartier witnesses a murder, she is put in protective custody in one place the cops are sure she won’t be a found: a convent. Disguised as a nun, she finds herself at odds with the rigid lifestyle. Deloris uses her singing talent to inspire the choir and breathe new life into the church and community, but in doing so blows her cover. A sparkling tribute to the universal power of friendship, Sister Act is reason to rejoice! — Project Type: Live Event

Bus Stop Auditions – 1504114
11-16-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – In the middle of a howling snowstorm, a bus out of Kansas City pulls up at a cheerful roadside diner. All roads are blocked, and four or five weary travelers are going to have to hole up until morning. Cherie, a nightclub chanteuse in a sparkling gown and a seedy fur-trimmed jacket, is the passenger with most to worry about. She’s been pursued, made love to and finally kidnapped by a twenty-one-year-old cowboy with a ranch of his own and the romantic methods of an unusually headstrong bull. The belligerent cowhand is right behind her, ready to sling her over his shoulder and carry her, alive and kicking, all the way to Montana. Even as she’s ducking out from under his clumsy but confident embraces, and screeching at him fiercely to shut him up, she pauses to furrow her forehead and muse, “Somehow deep inside of me I got a funny feeling I’m gonna end up in Montana†As a counterpoint to the main romance, the proprietor of the cafe and the bus driver at last find time to develop a friendship of their own; a middle-age scholar comes to terms with himself; and a young girl who works in the cafe also gets her first taste of romance. — Project Type: Live Event

Coming Home – 1503978
11-13-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – John is a hardworking husband, father, and Catholic man. He has spent his whole life climbing the ladder of success. During the Christmas season, he is given an opportunity for another promotion, but at what sacrifice? After ten years away from his family during the holidays and at every life event, he has chose work first. With a huge job opportunity that will take him even further away from family, John has to rediscover who he is in God, family, and within. — Project Type: Feature Film

180wknd – Promo Model – 1503927
11-12-15 – Albuquerque, NM>Charleston, WV>Chicago, IL>Cleveland, OH>Columbus, OH>Dallas, TX>Detroit, MI>El Paso, TX>Fargo, ND>Houston, TX>Indianapolis, IN>Jacksonville, FL>Kansas City, KS>Kansas City, MO>Las Vegas, NV>Little Rock, AR>Los Angeles, CA – Seeking outgoing Promotional Models for exciting events, year round.

Duties: Promotional Models will be stationed at a table in a retail location and demoing a unique liquor bottle that contains programable LED lights to consumers. This is a very simple demonstration role.

MODELS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO WORK ALL DATES! This is an ongoing program throughout the year and we are looking for a pool of good candidates to pick up shifts when available.

Rate: $180/weekend (estimated) – $15/hr — Project Type: Live Event

Cheaper By the Dozen Casting – 1503914
11-12-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – Tells the story of the Gilbreth family. Their inventor father, who is well-known for bringing better efficiency to factories, keeps his family of twelve children running just as efficiently. This play is told from the point of view of two of his children reflecting on the last few months before his death. He was preparing the family for his imminent departure, but most of his children, like most of the young children in the audience, were unaware of the fact. It is an extremely funny, heart-warming, and family-friendly tale, and the tragic catharsis of the father’s death is beautiful to the adults in the audience, who can understand the euphemisms. — Project Type: Live Event

Singin in the Rain Auditions – 1503766
11-11-15 – Little Rock, AR>Oklahoma City, OK – The “Greatest Movie Musical of All Time” is faithfully and lovingly adapted by Broadway legends Betty Comden and Adolph Green from their original award-winning screenplay in Singin’ In The Rain. Each unforgettable scene, song, and dance is accounted for, including the show-stopping title number, complete with an onstage rainstorm! Hilarious situations, snappy dialogue, and a hit-parade score of Hollywood standards make Singin’ In The Rain the perfect entertainment for any fan of the golden age of movie musicals.
— Project Type: Live Event

Farce of Nature Auditions – 1503761
11-11-15 – Little Rock, AR>Oklahoma City, OK – The non-stop hilarity of this Southern-fried farce highlights one day in the life of the Wilburn family of Mayhew, Arkansas. Meet D. Gene Wilburn, the owner and proprietor of the Reel ‘Em Inn, the finest little fishing lodge in the Ozarks. Well, it used to be, but lately business is down, tourists are few, and the lone guest who’s just checked in an extremely jittery Carmine DeLuca from Chicago is only there due to a location shift in the Witness Protection Program. Doesn’t anybody just want to fish anymore? Certainly not D. Gene’s frustrated wife, Wanelle, who’s fed up with their lackluster romantic life. She’s taken drastic steps to improve it through hypnotic suggestion and, for the life of him, D. Gene cannot understand why his pants keep falling down. D. Gene’s feisty sister Maxie has her own problems, chief among them battling ageism to resume her career in law enforcement. She’s determined to prove her worth by keeping Carmine DeLuca alive through the weekend task that’s going to prove to be much harder than she bargained for since she keeps losing both her gun and the bullets. And she never anticipated the gangster Camine’s been dodging for the last five years, Sonny Barbosa, is about to walk through the door, in hot pursuit of his sexy wife, Lola. Seems the headstong Lola has driven hundreds of miles to the lodge to follow her boytoy, D. Gene and Wanelle’s son Ty. But Lola meets her match in Ty’s seemingly innocent girlfriend, Jenna, whose patience has reached the breaking point after months of waiting for Ty to come home. In the deliciously funny romp that ensues, they all hide, lie, disguise themselves, cross-dress, and slam doors chasing one another, while trying to figure out the source of an increasingly awful stench. By then it’s too late and the lodge is surrounded by vicious critters and hungry varmints that have followed the odor down from the hills. Yet by the delightfully chaotic climax of this one outrageous day, love blossoms, truths are revealed, and the lives of all family, guests and gangsters alike change in incredible and surprising ways. This side-splittingly funny Jones Hope Wooten comedy is guaranteed to win your audiences over hook, line, and sinker! — Project Type: Live Event

I Hate Hamlet Auditions – 1503702
11-10-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – Andrew Rally seems to have it all: celebrity and acclaim from his starring role in a hit television series; a rich, beautiful girlfriend; a glamorous, devoted agent; the perfect New York apartment; and the chance to play Hamlet in Central Park. There are, however, a couple of glitches in paradise. Andrew’s series has been canceled; his girlfriend is clinging to her virginity with unyielding conviction; and he has no desire to play Hamlet. When Andrew’s agent visits him, she reminisces about her brief romance with John Barrymore many years ago, in Andrew’s apartment.

This prompts a seance to summon his ghost. From the moment Barrymore returns, dressed in high Shakespearean garb, Andrew’s life is no longer his own. Barrymore, fortified by champagne and ego, presses Andrew to accept the part and fulfill his actor’s destiny. The action becomes more hilarious with the entrance of Andrew’s deal-making friend from LA, spouting the laid-back hype of the Coast and offering Andrew a fabulous new TV deal worth millions of dollars. The laughs are nonstop as Andrew wrestles with his conscience, Barrymore, his sword, and the fact that he fails as Hamlet in Central Park. — Project Type: Live Event

Crimes of the Heart Auditions – 1503696
11-10-15 – Little Rock, AR>Oklahoma City, OK – Tells the story of three sisters from Hazelhurst, Mississippi and their poignant, hilarious and sometimes downright bizarre relationships.
— Project Type: Live Event

Aladdin Auditions – 1503613
11-10-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – Disney’s Aladdin brings the famous movie to life, on stage. In Agrabah, City of Enchantment, every beggar has a story and every camel has a tail! Aladdin, a kind but wily, street urchin, falls in love with beautiful Princess Jasmine, who he knows is waaaaay out of his league. It just so happens, however, that the Sultan has declared Princess Jasmine must choose a husband within the next day. After she turns down the offers from various wealthy suitors, Aladdin — with the help of a wacky, magical genie — introduces himself as wealthy suitor Prince Ali Ababua. Meanwhile, evil royal advisor Jafar also has his sights set on the kingdom, and tries to convince the Sultan to force Jasmine to wed him. Will love conquer all? Perhaps – if love has a little help from a genie. — Project Type: Live Event

Peter And The Starcatcher Casting Call – 1502889
11-02-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – Based on the novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, Peter and the Starcatcher explores how a young orphan ultimately became Peter Pan.

Embark upon a treacherous ocean voyage as Molly, a young Starcatcher aboard the good ship Neverland, races to escape the comical clutches of the dread pirate Black Stache. Accompanied by a trio of Lost Boys from a British orphanage, she is soon marooned on a not-so-deserted island filled with otherworldly enchantments and exhilarating danger around every turn. Each breathtaking adventure leads them closer to the mysterious origins of the Peter Pan you know and love. — Project Type: Live Event

Hairspray Casting Call – 1502846
11-02-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – It’s 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland, and quirky, plus-sized, teenage Tracy Turnblad has one dream: to dance on the “Corny Collins Showâ€. When she gets put in detention with the African-American students in the school, they teach her some of their dance moves, and her new found groove wins her a spot on Corny’s show. Overnight, Tracy transforms from a nobody into a star, and uses her newfound influence to advocate for racial integration on the television show. Tracy faces scrutiny and bullying from the network producer, Velma, and her popular, but vicious, daughter, Amber. With the help of the teenage heartthrob Link, host Corny Collins, and Motormouth Maybelle (the host of ‘Negro Day’), Tracy overcomes the odds and succeeds in her mission to integrate the “Corny Collins Show.†Tony Award-winning Hairspray continues to be one of the most widely produced musicals today, not only because of its wit and charm, but also because of the beautiful message of acceptance and progress that it portrays. The bright, energetic story of Tracy Turnblad teaches us all to look past the color of one’s skin and fight for every human being’s equal rights. — Project Type: Live Event

Christmas Carol Auditions – 1502757
10-30-15 – Dallas, TX>Little Rock, AR – Based on the classic novel by Charles Dickens and adapted for the stage by Romulus Linney, the play tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an embittered, miserly old man whose name has become synonymous with greediness. But then, one Christmas Eve, Scrooge — who typically responds to the holiday with his familiar “Bah! Humbug!†— is visited by a series of ghosts, led first by the ghost of his long-since-dead partner Jacob Marley, who is followed by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come.
— Project Type: Live Event

William Shakespeares Star Wars Audition – 1502510
10-27-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – Ian Doescher reimagines the Star Wars trilogy, translating the original script into iambic pentameter in the style of Master Shakespeare. We are looking for 4-8 additional members of the cast and the following roles are open.
— Project Type: Live Event

Monroe Auditions for Rent – 1502153
10-23-15 – Jackson, MS>Little Rock, AR – Based on Puccini’s beloved opera La Bohème, Rent follows the ups and downs of a year in the life of a group of impoverished, artistic friends living in Manhattan’s East Village. Mark, an aspiring filmmaker, struggles to find his place in the world; his roommate Roger, an HIV-positive musician, wonders how he will leave his mark before he dies. Mimi and Angel look for true love as they face the harsh reality of life as HIV-positive young people, while the businesslike Joanne seeks fidelity from her wild-child performance artist girlfriend Maureen. The group’s dreams, losses, and love stories weave through the musical’s narration to paint a stunningly raw and emotional portrait of the gritty bohemian world of New York City in the late 1980s, under the shadow of HIV/AIDS.

— Project Type: Live Event

Casting Call for Gehenna – 1501714
10-19-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – A variety-show style play set in the world of “Dante’s Inferno.” Caroline just ended up in the Inferno after losing a violin duel with Devil. When the Devil takes a soul he’s not supposed to have, Jesus personally comes in to intervene. Caroline takes this as an opportunity to find the Devil while everyone’s distracted and try to convince him to give her a rematch. — Project Type: Live Event

The Penitent Thief – 1501665
10-19-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – The Penitent Thief is a Biblical Fiction feature film about the lives of the two thieves crucified with Jesus and how they came to be there with him on that fateful day. — Project Type: Feature Film

Memphis Casting Actors – 1501543
10-15-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – Inspired by actual events, Memphis is about a white radio DJ who wants to change the world and a black club singer who is ready for her big break.

Come along on their incredible journey to the ends of the airwaves – filled with laughter, soaring emotion and roof-raising rock ‘n’ roll.Winner of four 2010 Tony Awards including Best Musical, Memphis features a Tony-winning book by Joe DiPietro and a Tony-winning original score with music by Bon Jovi founding member David Bryan. — Project Type: Live Event

The Velveteen Rabbit Auditions – 1501470
10-15-15 – Jackson, MS>Little Rock, AR – A stuffed rabbit sewn from velveteen is given as a Christmas present to a small boy. The boy plays with his other new presents and forgets the velveteen rabbit for a time. These presents are modern and mechanical, and snub the old-fashioned velveteen rabbit. The wisest and oldest toy in the nursery, the Skin Horse, who was owned by the boy’s uncle, tells the rabbit about toys magically becoming Real due to love from children. The rabbit is awed by this idea; however, his chances of achieving this wish are slight. — Project Type: Live Event

Auditions For Pageant – 1501403
10-14-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – Pageant is a pageant. Judges selected from the audience actually vote and determine the winner who, therefore, may be different at each performance. The show takes its shots not by mocking the pageant from the outside, but by being one.

The six contestants compete for the title of Miss Glamouresse (Glamouresse being a cosmetics company). Miss Deep South, Miss West Coast, Miss Great Plains, Miss Bible Belt, Miss Industrial Northeast. and Miss Texas and compete in evening gowns, talent, swim-wear and spokemodeling, plus the finalists answer actual calls from the Glamouresse Beauty Crisis Hotline. — Project Type: Live Event

A Christmas Story Casting Call – 1500571
10-06-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – This classic holiday tale centers on a mischievous, bespectacled boy, Ralphie, who dreams of getting a BB-gun for Christmas. In the weeks before the big holiday, Ralphie, his friends and his family get into all kinds of situations— including run-ins with a bully with “yellow eyes,†a tongue stuck to a flag pole, a bar of soap in the mouth, a garish leg lamp, a major award and a Chinese Christmas dinner.

Based on the humorist Jean Shepherd’s novel “In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash,†this is a tribute to the Original, Traditional, One-Hundred-Percent, Red-Blooded, Two-Fisted, All-American Christmas. — Project Type: Live Event

AChristmasCarol Auditions – 1500263
10-02-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – When mega-star Eben Sadler agrees to participate in a television reality show for the holidays, he gets more than he bargained for as social media, the hype of empty celebrities, and reality TV combine with hilarious and perhaps touching results. Loaded with pop-culture, this is A Christmas Carol for the entire modern family. — Project Type: Live Event

A Streetcar Named Desire Casting Call – 1499817
09-28-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – One of Tennessee William’s most popular plays, A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, tells the story of fragile Southern belle, Blanche, who leaves the family plantation house and moves to New Orleans to live with her sister, Stella, and her animalistic husband, Stanley. Once there, she quickly gets a gritty life lesson in the steamy underbelly of 1940s French Quarter life. — Project Type: Live Event

Irving Berlins White Christmas Audition – 1499762
09-28-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – From Rogers and Hammerstein: “Based on the beloved, timeless film, this heartwarming musical adaptation features seventeen Irving Berlin songs and a book by David Ives and Paul Blake. Veterans Bob Wallace and Phil Davis have a successful song-and-dance act after World War II. With romance in mind, the two follow a duo of beautiful singing sisters en route to their Christmas show at a Vermont lodge, which just happens to be owned by Bob and Phil’s former army commander.†— Project Type: Live Event

The Foreigner and Standing on Ceremony – 1499442
09-23-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – “The Foreigner”
This off-beat comedy demonstrates what can happen when a group of devious and bigoted characters, including a two-faced minister and his bigoted associate, must deal with a stranger who knows no English but who has heard more than he should of their unscrupulous plans.

“Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays”
This collection of monologues and short stories celebrates the recent advances in winning marital rights for gay and lesbian couples, and how the changing laws are changing lives. This mostly genial and often funny omnibus holds a magnifying glass to the highs and lows, joys and fears, courage and silliness, of people bucking trends and making history. — Project Type: Live Event

The Great American Trailer Park Audition – 1498564
09-15-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – “The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical”

It’s holiday time down in Armadillo Acres (North Florida’s premier mobile-living community), and everyone’s filled with warmth and beer. But when a freak bout of amnesia strikes the trailer park Scrooge, neighborly love is put to the test. Be on hand as Betty, Lin, and Pickles jingle all the way with some new neighbors in an all-new, all-trailer-park musical! This companion to the original Great American Trailer Park Musical is just as much of a cat-fightin’, sun-worshippin’, chair-throwin’ good time-but with tinsel and Keg Nog. — Project Type: Live Event

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