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Below are the Most Recently Posted Gigs Consisting of Acting, Modeling, and Musical Auditions and Job Opportunities

achristmascarol Auditions – 1500263
10-02-15 – Little Rock, AR>Kansas City, MO – The Theatre is looking for Actors to play for the #AChristmasCarol Production. — Project Type: Live Event

Casting For A Music Video Project – 1500055
09-30-15 – Jackson, MS>Little Rock, AR – Calling all actors. Film students are seeking the following characters for a music video project. Filming will begin mid October. — Project Type: Music Video

A Streetcar Named Desire Casting Call – 1499817
09-28-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – One of Tennessee William’s most popular plays, A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, tells the story of fragile Southern belle, Blanche, who leaves the family plantation house and moves to New Orleans to live with her sister, Stella, and her animalistic husband, Stanley. Once there, she quickly gets a gritty life lesson in the steamy underbelly of 1940s French Quarter life. — Project Type: Live Event

Irving Berlins White Christmas Audition – 1499762
09-28-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – From Rogers and Hammerstein: “Based on the beloved, timeless film, this heartwarming musical adaptation features seventeen Irving Berlin songs and a book by David Ives and Paul Blake. Veterans Bob Wallace and Phil Davis have a successful song-and-dance act after World War II. With romance in mind, the two follow a duo of beautiful singing sisters en route to their Christmas show at a Vermont lodge, which just happens to be owned by Bob and Phil’s former army commander.†— Project Type: Live Event

The Foreigner Auditions – 1499714
09-28-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – The scene is a fishing lodge in rural Georgia often visited by “Froggy†LeSeuer, a British demolition expert who occasionally runs training sessions at a nearby army base. This time “Froggy†has brought along a friend, a pathologically shy young man named Charlie who is overcome with fear at the thought of making conversation with strangers. So “Froggy,†before departing, tells all assembled that Charlie is from an exotic foreign country and speaks no English.

Once alone the fun really begins, as Charlie overhears more than he should—the evil plans of a sinister, two-faced minister and his redneck associate; the fact that the minister’s pretty fiancée is pregnant; and many other damaging revelations made with the thought that Charlie doesn’t understand a word being said. That he does fuels the nonstop hilarity of the play and sets up the wildly funny climax in which things go uproariously awry for the “bad guys,†and the “good guys†emerge triumphant. — Project Type: Live Event

Children of Eden Auditions – 1499711
09-28-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – Stephen Schwartz and John Caird’s musical, Children of Eden casts the beloved biblical stories of Genesis through the personal lens of family. An epic musical with an original cast of sixty (though it can be done with far fewer actors, if necessary), Children of Eden starts with the very beginning: the creation of the universe. Father breathes life into his children, Adam and Eve, and learns that the hardest part of being a loving Father is letting go. It’s a lesson that translates into the parenting of Cain, Abel, and Seth — and is reiterated once again as Noah parents his sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth. This joyous and inspiring musical celebrates the difficulty of choice, the importance of passion, the value of questioning, and the pain in allowing those you love to take risks and face the consequences. In order to capture the expanse of humanity, this play is traditionally performed with a multi-ethnic cast. — Project Type: Live Event

Yes Virginia The Musical Auditions – 1499710
09-28-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – Eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon has always loved Christmas. Until the day her classmates bring up the age-old question: “Is there a Santa Claus?†Not sure what to believe, Virginia ventures into the city to find out for herself. Along the way she consults some unusual characters: a scraggly Santa ringing a bell, an excitable librarian with a shelf full of Christmas books, and her quirky doctor father. Unable to find the answers she’s looking for, Virginia writes to The New York Sun newspaper. Her letter makes its way to the desk of curmudgeonly editor Francis Church, who has better things to do than respond to a little girl’s questions. But through Virginia’s determination (and a little help from a scraggly Santa) Mr. Church is persuaded to write his answer…an answer that becomes the most famous newspaper editorial of all time. — Project Type: Live Event

The Foreigner and Standing on Ceremony – 1499442
09-23-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – “The Foreigner”
This off-beat comedy demonstrates what can happen when a group of devious and bigoted characters, including a two-faced minister and his bigoted associate, must deal with a stranger who knows no English but who has heard more than he should of their unscrupulous plans.

“Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays”
This collection of monologues and short stories celebrates the recent advances in winning marital rights for gay and lesbian couples, and how the changing laws are changing lives. This mostly genial and often funny omnibus holds a magnifying glass to the highs and lows, joys and fears, courage and silliness, of people bucking trends and making history. — Project Type: Live Event

Brigadoon The Musical Audition – 1499206
09-22-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – When New Yorkers Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas get lost on a vacation in the Scottish Highlands, they stumble into Brigadoon.

Brigadoon is a mythical village that, they learn, appears for a single day once every hundred years. At first, Tommy and Jeff are mystified by the villagers’ 18th century garb as they go to market, but they are soon charmed by romantic liaisons: Tommy, who is engaged back in New York, falls terribly in love with headstrong Fiona, while Jeff enjoys a harmless flirtation with Meg Brockie. It is only when Harry Beaton, the rejected suitor of Fiona’s sister, Jean, tries to leave Brigadoon that the two men realize the complicated truth: at the end of the day, this town will disappear into the mist for the next hundred years –- and if anyone succeeds in leaving Brigadoon, the town and the people in it will be lost, forever. Tommy is forced to choose between returning to the world that he knows and his New York fiance — or taking a chance on life and love in a mysterious new place.

Including such famous hits as “Heather on the Hill†and “Almost Like Being in Love,†Lerner and Loewe’s Brigadoon has music that will sweep you off your feet and a whimsical story that is a tribute to the power of true love. — Project Type: Live Event

The Great American Trailer Park Audition – 1498564
09-15-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – “The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical”

It’s holiday time down in Armadillo Acres (North Florida’s premier mobile-living community), and everyone’s filled with warmth and beer. But when a freak bout of amnesia strikes the trailer park Scrooge, neighborly love is put to the test. Be on hand as Betty, Lin, and Pickles jingle all the way with some new neighbors in an all-new, all-trailer-park musical! This companion to the original Great American Trailer Park Musical is just as much of a cat-fightin’, sun-worshippin’, chair-throwin’ good time-but with tinsel and Keg Nog. — Project Type: Live Event

My Fair Lady Auditions – 1498227
09-11-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – In this beloved musical, pompous phonetics professor Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) is so sure of his abilities that he takes it upon himself to transform a Cockney working-class girl into someone who can pass for a cultured member of high society. His subject turns out to be the lovely Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn), who agrees to speech lessons to improve her job prospects. Higgins and Eliza clash, then form an unlikely bond — one that is threatened by an aristocratic suitor. — Project Type: Live Event

Casting Call for Grey Skulls – 1497848
09-08-15 – Dallas, TX>Little Rock, AR – Staying at a desolate Texas house, four friends fleeing from an infectious danger must decide if they’re going to stay and fight or keep running. — Project Type: Feature Film

Casting Call for Back Then – 1497510
09-03-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – Morgan is a 16-year old boy who falls in love with a girl and then loses her. Two years later, he’s a distraught mess until an odd man arrives to give him the opportunity to fix his mistakes. — Project Type: Feature Film

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Auditions in TN – 1497427
09-03-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – This musical comedy is based on the 1988 film of the same name which starred Michael Caine and Steve Martin. DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS is set in the colorful world of the French Riviera. Master con-artists Lawrence and Freddy challenge each other to a bet. The first one to swindle $50,000 out of an unsuspecting woman, wins. As they both take on the bet, they fall for the same woman, but soon realize she’s not your average mark! — Project Type: Live Event

Parkers Anchor – 1497345
09-02-15 – Little Rock, AR>Oklahoma City, OK – An artistic feature film about struggling with identity, letting go, and second chances. Quirky & beautiful, a must-see for those starting over in their 30’s (or at any age). — Project Type: Feature Film

The Perfect Host A Southern Gothic Tale – 1497237
09-01-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – When a lonely, young woman returns to town to bury her grandmother, she soon discovers that the home where she’s staying contains something far more sinister than just her elderly hosts.

We are currently taking video-only submissions. Please submit your resume, headshots, reel, and a cover letter stating which role you’re interested in. — Project Type: Feature Film

The Addams Family Auditions – 1497129
09-01-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – When a man claiming to be Fester, the missing brother of Gomez Addams, arrives at the Addams’ home, the family is thrilled. However, Morticia (Anjelica Huston) begins to suspect the man is a fraud, since he cannot recall details of Fester’s life. With the help of lawyer Tully Alford, Fester manages to get the Addams clan evicted from their home. Gomez realizes the two men are conspiring to swindle the Addams fortune and that he must challenge Fester. — Project Type: Live Event

The Maltese Falcon Radio Show Auditions – 1496927
08-28-15 – Little Rock, AR>Oklahoma City, OK – This is the LUX Radio Theatre version of “The Maltese Falcon†which was aired in 1942. It is a Film Noir. A mystery with a hardened P.I; a real looker vamp and bad girl; the Girl Friday; best bad guys – some hoods looking for a name to smooth and lethal criminals. It has everything, except the happy ending.

— Project Type: Live Event

Auditions For Byhalia – 1496327
08-23-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – Jim and Laurel Parker are about to become new parents. They are broke. They are loud. They are in love. When Laurel finally gives birth to their overdue child, she and Jim are faced with the biggest challenge of their lives: their baby boy is black, the result of Laurel’s affair the previous year.

The lives of their families and friends are thrown into turmoil in Byhalia, Mississippi, a town with a racially-charged past that still very much affects its present. — Project Type: Live Event

Disney Aladdin Jr. Auditions – 1496098
08-20-15 – Dallas, TX>Little Rock, AR – Brings the famous movie to life on stage, in an abridged fashion, suitable for young performers. In Agrabah, City of Enchantment, every beggar has a story and every camel has a tail! Aladdin, a kind but wily street urchin, falls in love with beautiful Princess Jasmine. It just so happens that the Sultan has declared that Princess Jasmine must choose a husband within the next day. After she turns down the offers from various wealthy suitors, Aladdin and the evil Jafar duke it out for Jasmine’s love. With a little help from a wacky genie, Aladdin manages to win Jasmine’s hand in marriage.
— Project Type: Live Event

A Miracle On 34th Street A Radio Play – 1496082
08-19-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – This is a tale that we want to believe in, that creates a world we seem to desperately desire, free of the blatant commercialism that surrounds us, where love and decency and generosity of spirit are their own rewards. What we want Christmas to be all about, really.” So writes the Santa Cruz Sentinel of this most heartwarming holiday story. By chance, Kris Kringle, an old man in a retirement home, gets a job working as Santa for Macy’s.

Kris unleashes waves of good will with Macy’s customers and the commercial world of New York City by referring parents to other stores to find exactly the toy their child has asked for. Seen as deluded and dangerous by Macy’s vocational counselor, who plots to have Kris shanghaied to Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital, Kris ends up in a court competency hearing. Especially at stake is one little girl’s belief in Santa. In a dramatic decision, the court confirms Kris as the true Santa, allowing Susan and countless other children to experience the joy of childhood fantasy. Area staging.
— Project Type: Live Event

Love From A Stranger – 1495973
08-19-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – Cecily Harrington’s fiance is traveling in the Sudan, when she wins a big prize in a sweepstake and decides to postpone the wedding to spend a portion of the money on a European trip. During her travels, she meets Bruce Lovell, who sweeps the romance-craving Cecily off her feet, marries her, and takes her to his out-of-the-way cottage in the country. However, Lovell is not the charming gentleman he appears to be. Instead, he is a homicidal maniac of the most eerie, repulsive type, and is resolved to murder his new wife, just as he has murdered several other women before her. When a series of circumstances leads Cecily to realize the ghastly fact, she finds herself caught like a rat in a trap, unsure of how she will escape… — Project Type: Live Event

Young Frankenstein Auditions – 1495478
08-13-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – Grandson of the infamous Victor Frankenstein, Frederick Frankenstein inherits his family’s estate in Transylvania. With the help of a hunchbacked side-kick, Igor, and a leggy lab assistant, Inga, Frederick finds himself in the mad scientist shoes of his ancestors. “It’s alive!” he exclaims as he brings to life a creature to rival his grandfather’s. Eventually, of course, the monster escapes and hilarity continuously abounds.

Every bit as relevant to audience members who will remember the original as it will be to newcomers, Young Frankenstein has all the panache of the screen sensation with a little extra theatrical flair added. It will surely be the perfect opportunity for a production company to showcase an array of talents. With such memorable tunes as “The Transylvania Mania,” “He Vas My Boyfriend” and “Puttin’ On The Ritz,” Young Frankenstein is scientifically-proven, monstrously good entertainment. — Project Type: Live Event

Peter Pan Auditions – 1495431
08-13-15 – Dallas, TX>Little Rock, AR – This high-flying TONY Award-winning musical has been performed around the world and delighted audiences for 60 years. Peter and his mischievous fairy sidekick Tinkerbell visit the nursery of the Darling children late one night and with a sprinkle of pixie dust begin a magical journey across the stars that none of them will ever forget. In the adventure of a lifetime the travelers come face to face with a ticking crocodile, a fierce Indian tribe, a band of bungling pirates, and of course the villainous Captain Hook. — Project Type: Live Event

Samson and Moses Auditions – 1495337
08-11-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – “Samson”
The world’s first superhero … the strongest man who ever lived…. He killed a lion with his bare hands and defeated a thousand soldiers … but he’s not a hero because of the strength of his hands, he’s a hero because of the faith in his heart! One of the most captivating stories in the Bible, SAMSON is filled with colorful characters, extraordinary feats of strength, and amazing special effects that your whole family will love. When Samson stands between two colossal columns in a godless temple and starts to push – it’s an immersive scene that literally brings the house down! A message of hope for the wayward, comfort to the weary and the incredible grace of God that enables us to truly be strong in Him!

The parting of the Red Sea … the Burning Bush … the Plagues … the Ten Commandments … finally … the greatest Biblical epic of the Old Testament comes to life on the Sight & Sound stage in Branson, MO – Moses! Journey back through time and relive the golden splendor and pride of ancient Egypt, the poverty and oppression of the Hebrew slaves and the humble, broken man that God raised up to become their deliverer. Not only will you be completely immersed in the spectacular, epic events of the story, but you will experience the humanity of Moses and the children of Israel as they struggle for faith, freedom and belonging. This incredible adventure is like none other for this is when God breaks into history and reveals who He is and that He has come to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free!

$750 – $1,150 per week. All cast members receive full health benefits, paid time off, and 401ks. Relocation assistance/reimbursement provided. — Project Type: Live Event

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee – 1494975
08-07-15 – Dallas, TX>Little Rock, AR – Winner of the Tony and the Drama Desk Awards for Best Book, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee has charmed audiences across the country with its effortless wit and humor. Featuring a fast-paced wildly funny and touching book by Rachel Sheinkin and a truly fresh and vibrant score by William Finn, this bee is one unforgettable experience. A riotous ride complete with audience participation. “This hilarious tale of overachievers’ angst – tender and sardonic – chronicles the experience of six adolescent outsiders vying for the spelling championship of a lifetime.†— Project Type: Live Event

The Great Gatsby Audition in Texas – 1494968
08-07-15 – Dallas, TX>Little Rock, AR – Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire, passionately pursues the elusive Daisy Buchanan. Nick Carraway, a young newcomer to Long Island, is drawn into their world of obsession, greed and danger. The breathtaking glamour and decadent excess of the Jazz Age come to the stage in in this adaptation, approved by the Fitzgerald estate. — Project Type: Live Event

She Stoops To Conquer – 1494755
08-05-15 – Little Rock, AR>Omaha, NE – The play includes a number of very interesting characters including Mr. and Mrs. Hardcastle, their daughter Kate and step-son Tony Lumpkin. Kate and her friend Constance Neville are being courted by Young Marlow and his side-kick Hastings. A variety of bumbling servants complete the household. Director Robert Allen would particularly like to encourage participation by actors and actresses in their late teens to early thirties for the two couples and the bad boy Tony Lumpkin. — Project Type: Live Event

Gypsy Casting Call in Monroe – 1494673
08-05-15 – Jackson, MS>Little Rock, AR – Tells the story of the dreams and efforts of one hungry, powerhouse of a woman to get her two daughters into show business. Gypsy is loosely based on the 1957 memoir of famous striptease artist Gypsy Rose Lee, entitled Gypsy: Memoirs of America’s Most Celebrated Stripper. The musical features songs that have become standards of the musical theatre canon, including “Some People,†“Let Me Entertain You,†“Rose’s Turn,†and the show-stopping, “Everything’s Coming Up Rosesâ€. — Project Type: Live Event

Miracle On 34th Street Auditions – 1494432
08-03-15 – Little Rock, AR>Memphis, TN – Susan Walker, age 6, sits on the steps of a brownstone reading the New York Times. A silver-bearded gentleman enters and tells one of the parade workers that the reindeer on the Santa float are out of position. Fred Gaily, a marine captain, enters. He tries to make small talk with Susan about the parade, but clearly has no interest in him or the commotion going on around her; besides, she doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. The parade balloons arrive and the excitement begins (”Big Ca-lown Balloons”). Fred insists on taking Susan to get a closer look, so she hops on his shoulders and they follow the parade. — Project Type: Live Event

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