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Audition for Play Festival – 1500458
10-05-15 – Kansas City, KS>Kansas City, MO – The theatre is currently seeking for possible talents for these six original plays:

“Five Dollars”

“In the Eyes of Men”

“A Might-Have-Been Meeting”

“(Not) Another Bedtime Story”

“The Bell-Ringer”

— Project Type: Live Event

Casting for Inspecting Carol – 1500423
10-05-15 – Kansas City, KS>Kansas City, MO – A madcap comedy where “A Christmas Carol†meets “The Government Inspector†meets “Noises Off.†When the funding falls out of a struggling theatre company as they attempt to mount their uninspired annual production of “A Christmas Carol,†everyone looks to a bewildered wannabe actor to save the day. Behind the scenes rehearsals are at a standstill, Tim is no longer Tiny, and Scrooge wants to do the play in Spanish (Feliz Navidad), and the cast is starting to get on each other’s nerves. As the impending disaster of opening night draws closer, it seems only a Christmas miracle will save this production! Inspecting Carol is both a cutting satire of professional theatre and a hilarious holiday farce, and it’s not to be missed. — Project Type: Live Event

Holmes For The Holidays – 1500351
10-04-15 – Kansas City, KS>Kansas City, MO – It is December 1936 and William Gillette, admired the world over for his leading role in the play Sherlock Holmes, has invited his fellow cast members to his castle for the weekend. But when one of the guests is stabbed to death, the festivities in this isolated house of tricks and mirrors quickly turn dangerous. The danger and hilarity are non-stop in this glittering whodunit set during the Christmas holidays.
— Project Type: Live Event

A Christmas Carol Auditions – 1500350
10-04-15 – Kansas City, KS>Kansas City, MO – A Christmas Carol tells the story of a bitter old miser named Ebenezer Scrooge and his transformation into a gentler, kindlier man after visitations by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present and Yet to Come. The book was written at a time when the British were examining and exploring Christmas traditions from the past as well as new customs such as Christmas cards and Christmas trees. Carol singing took a new lease on life during this time. Dickens’ sources for the tale appear to be many and varied, but are, principally, the humiliating experiences of his childhood, his sympathy for the poor, and various Christmas stories and fairy tales.

Dickens’ Carol was one of the greatest influences in rejuvenating the old Christmas traditions of England, but, while it brings to the reader images of light, joy, warmth and life, it also brings strong and unforgettable images of darkness, despair, coldness, sadness, and death. Scrooge himself is the embodiment of winter, and, just as winter is followed by spring and the renewal of life, so too is Scrooge’s cold, pinched heart restored to the innocent goodwill he had known in his childhood and youth. A Christmas Carol remains popular-having never been out of print and has been adapted many times to film, stage, opera, and other media. — Project Type: Live Event

Ill Be Home For Christmas – 1500349
10-04-15 – Kansas City, KS>Kansas City, MO – Set in late 1941, I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS is a musical about family and hope in the golden days of radio. As the family listens to the broadcast, you will experience an explosion of original and familiar Christmas music including swing, lush ballads, and big band. Come home for this Broadway-style musical filled with dance, music and special appearances from the New Generation Singers.
— Project Type: Live Event

AChristmasCarol Auditions – 1500263
10-02-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – When mega-star Eben Sadler agrees to participate in a television reality show for the holidays, he gets more than he bargained for as social media, the hype of empty celebrities, and reality TV combine with hilarious and perhaps touching results. Loaded with pop-culture, this is A Christmas Carol for the entire modern family. — Project Type: Live Event

Female Keyboardist for Working Band – 1500051
09-30-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – We are a Working band looking for a Talented, versatile female keyboard player. We are a 5 piece Working band and we all sing and do backup harmonies. — Project Type: 1

Amahl and the Night Visitors Auditions – 1500015
09-30-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Gian Carlo Menotti’s Amahl and The Night Visitors is a retelling of the story of the Magi from the point of view of a young crippled boy names Amahl who lives in poverty with his widowed mother near Bethlehem. He sees a bright star in the sky one night and tells his mother to go look, but she brushes him off, buried in concern over their bleak future. That night, three kings come across their meager hut and seek shelter, for they have traveled long and far following the star of which Amahl has spoken.

They bring with them treasure and gifts to give to the Child who has just been born and will reign over all. Blinded by the lure of the gold and what it could do for her family, the Mother attempts to steal just a bit of the treasure, but is caught red-handed. What no one expects is a gift far greater than gold- blessed by the Child, Amahl finds himself suddenly cured of his disability. A vivid and accessible tale originally created for television, Amahl and the Night Visitors is a perfect family one hour opera.
— Project Type: Live Event

The Old Faith Hope Charity Audition – 1499992
09-30-15 – Kansas City, KS>Kansas City, MO – When country doctor and resident curmudgeon Peter Farraday is faced with retirement, he begins a search for his replacement. Surprisingly, the only interested candidate is Dr. Lorraine Marcus, a young physician fresh out of medical school and eager to be needed. When Farraday takes her on, there is a warmhearted grand collision of old ways and new ways. The plot twists with hilarious misunderstandings, an odd assortment of small-town patients, and two suitors for Lorraine. As in every Pat Cook play, there are great moments of humor, spirituality, and a touch of sentimentality. — Project Type: Live Event

Spamalot Now Casting – 1499954
09-30-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Lovingly ripped off from the classic film comedy Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spamalot retells the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, and features a bevy of beautiful showgirls, not to mention cows, killer rabbits, and French people. — Project Type: Live Event

Friend Request – 1499865
09-29-15 – Kansas City, KS>Kansas City, MO – Casting lead, supporting & background actors for suspense horror film “Friend Request”. — Project Type: Feature Film

The Foreigner Auditions – 1499714
09-28-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – The scene is a fishing lodge in rural Georgia often visited by “Froggy†LeSeuer, a British demolition expert who occasionally runs training sessions at a nearby army base. This time “Froggy†has brought along a friend, a pathologically shy young man named Charlie who is overcome with fear at the thought of making conversation with strangers. So “Froggy,†before departing, tells all assembled that Charlie is from an exotic foreign country and speaks no English.

Once alone the fun really begins, as Charlie overhears more than he should—the evil plans of a sinister, two-faced minister and his redneck associate; the fact that the minister’s pretty fiancée is pregnant; and many other damaging revelations made with the thought that Charlie doesn’t understand a word being said. That he does fuels the nonstop hilarity of the play and sets up the wildly funny climax in which things go uproariously awry for the “bad guys,†and the “good guys†emerge triumphant. — Project Type: Live Event

Children of Eden Auditions – 1499711
09-28-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – Stephen Schwartz and John Caird’s musical, Children of Eden casts the beloved biblical stories of Genesis through the personal lens of family. An epic musical with an original cast of sixty (though it can be done with far fewer actors, if necessary), Children of Eden starts with the very beginning: the creation of the universe. Father breathes life into his children, Adam and Eve, and learns that the hardest part of being a loving Father is letting go. It’s a lesson that translates into the parenting of Cain, Abel, and Seth — and is reiterated once again as Noah parents his sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth. This joyous and inspiring musical celebrates the difficulty of choice, the importance of passion, the value of questioning, and the pain in allowing those you love to take risks and face the consequences. In order to capture the expanse of humanity, this play is traditionally performed with a multi-ethnic cast. — Project Type: Live Event

Yes Virginia The Musical Auditions – 1499710
09-28-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – Eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon has always loved Christmas. Until the day her classmates bring up the age-old question: “Is there a Santa Claus?†Not sure what to believe, Virginia ventures into the city to find out for herself. Along the way she consults some unusual characters: a scraggly Santa ringing a bell, an excitable librarian with a shelf full of Christmas books, and her quirky doctor father. Unable to find the answers she’s looking for, Virginia writes to The New York Sun newspaper. Her letter makes its way to the desk of curmudgeonly editor Francis Church, who has better things to do than respond to a little girl’s questions. But through Virginia’s determination (and a little help from a scraggly Santa) Mr. Church is persuaded to write his answer…an answer that becomes the most famous newspaper editorial of all time. — Project Type: Live Event

The Story of Velveteen Rabbit Auditions – 1499663
09-25-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – A stuffed rabbit sewn from velveteen is given as a Christmas present to a small boy. The boy plays with his other new presents and forgets the velveteen rabbit for a time. These presents are modern and mechanical, and snub the old-fashioned velveteen rabbit. The wisest and oldest toy in the nursery, the Skin Horse, who was owned by the boy’s uncle, tells the rabbit about toys magically becoming Real due to love from children. The rabbit is awed by this idea; however, his chances of achieving this wish are slight. — Project Type: Live Event

The Dinner Detective – Kansas City – 1499417
09-23-15 – Kansas City, KS>Kansas City, MO – The Dinner Detective Kansas City is casting for the 2015/16 season.
Interactive, Improv Murder Mystery Dinner Show set in modern day with no costumes and no serving required.

Show performs Saturday nights and some weekdays subject to actor availability.
Time commitment for regular shows is 4-6 hours including a pre-show rehearsal.
No weekly rehearsals required, you rehears only when you are scheduled to work.

Weekly show location and Private shows booked all over Greater San Jose Area, Greater Houston, and Greater Kansas City travel stipends may be provided, depending on distance needed.

Pay ranges from $50-$110 plus meal and tips.

Auditioners will be seen one group and must select from the following dates:
Kansas City, MO Saturday, October 3, at 12noon
Houston, TX Friday, October 9, at 7PM
Saturday, October 10, at 10AM
Saturday, October 10, at 2PM
San Jose, CA Saturday, October 17, at 10AM
Saturday, October 17, at 12PM — Project Type: Commercials

The Nifty Fifties Audirtions – 1498919
09-18-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – It’s Peggy Sue’s birthday. She’s turning sweet sixteen. She and her steady Johnathon E. Good have a date at the diner to celebrate. But things turn sour when Peggy and John E. discover someone’s stolen his father’s brand new Shavy El Domino. Will their paranoid Etiquette teacher Miss Molly and the other not so nifty 50’s misfits help him recover it before his father finds out? Or will John E. “The Bee†Good learn a lesson he’ll never forget?
— Project Type: Live Event

On The Worst Day Of Christmas Auditions – 1498554
09-15-15 – Kansas City, KS>Kansas City, MO – Appleville is a small, peaceful town, but you sure wouldn’t know it around Christmastime! Stress and distress run high each year for Amanda MacAfee, director of her church’s annual Christmas pageant, as the OTHER church in town puts on their ever-expanding Christmas pageant with real animals, amazing costumes and even flying angels. Knowing she will never beat them at the same old game, Amanda decides this year will be different! Instead of telling the traditional story of the manger and the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, she will instead present a reenactment of the Twelve Days of Christmas, complete with plenty of poultry… and an unlimited potential for disaster! Thankfully, her son Adam, wise beyond his years, is making a traditionally simple and beautiful plan of his own (just in case!) with the help of his friends. While leaping lords, dancing ladies and Mrs. McIlhaney — a real cow — wait in the wings, Adam and his friends lead Amanda and all of Appleville back to the true reason the angels sang that Christmas night so long ago. — Project Type: Live Event

Casting Actors for The Nutcracker – 1498299
09-11-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – A play version with dialogue based on the ballet.

A Christmas party is taking place at the Stahlbaums’, parents to Clara and Fritz. Drosselmeyer brings his goddaughter Clara a gift of a nutcracker doll. Children being children, Fritz eventually grabs and breaks the Nutcracker doll much to Clara’s dismay.

Drosselmeyer fixes it restoring peace amongst the youngsters. Guests depart and Clara suddently sees herself surrounded by a fantasy world, where the Christmas tree grows giant and dolls and soldiers come to life to battle with the mice who have also grown to Clara’s own size. She sees her Nutcracker doll leading the battle and being attacked by the Mouse King. She throws her slipper at the Mouse, liberating the Nutcracker who turns into a Prince. — Project Type: Live Event

Its A Wonderful Life Auditions – 1498095
09-09-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Turn back the clock to the 1940s and set the dial for a double dose of holiday nostalgia. This version of It’s a Wonderful Life harkens back to the golden age of radio, and is performed as a live radio broadcast in front of a studio audience. Conceived and drawn directly from Frank Capra’s classic film, a talented ensemble of actors and clever sound technicians tell the story of George Bailey and the night he considers ending his life one fateful Christmas Eve. A holiday treat you will want to share with the entire family.
— Project Type: Live Event

Its A Wonderful Life Auditions – 1498017
09-09-15 – Kansas City, KS>Kansas City, MO – George Bailey spends his entire life giving up his big dreams for the good of his town, Bedford Falls, as we see in flashback. But in the present, on Christmas Eve, he is broken and suicidal over the misplacing of an $8000 loan and the machinations of the evil millionaire, Mr. Potter. His guardian angel, Clarence, falls to Earth, literally, and shows him how his town, family, and friends would turn out if he had never been born. George meant so much to so many people; should he really throw it all away? — Project Type: Live Event

Funny Thing Happened on the Way – 1497816
09-08-15 – Kansas City, KS>Kansas City, MO – “Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight!†Broadway’s greatest farce is light, fast-paced, witty, irreverent and one of the funniest musicals ever written – the perfect escape from life’s troubles. The Tony award-winning A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum takes comedy back to its roots, combining situations from time-tested, 2000-year-old comedies of Roman playwright Plautus with the infectious energy of classic vaudeville. The result is this joyous, musical romp through Rome with lovers searching for each other, neighbors scheming together, and everyone is hiding something. Will anyone get what they what? Does anyone really know what they want? — Project Type: Live Event

High School Musical Jr. Auditions – 1497786
09-07-15 – Kansas City, KS>Kansas City, MO – At East High School (in Albuquerque, New Mexico) (”Wildcat Cheer”), Troy Bolton tells his Jock friends, Chad Danforth and Zeke Baylor, about meeting Gabriella Montez on New Year’s Eve during winter vacation on a ski trip. Gabriella, who has just moved to Albuquerque, also tells her newfound Brainiac friends Taylor McKessie, Kelsi Nielsen and Martha Cox of her vacation. We meet Sharpay and Ryan Evans, the two drama stars of the school. Sharpay is selfish, and Ryan follows her orders but tries to be friends with everyone. Troy and Gabriella have a flashback to New Year’s Eve when they met. (”Start of Something New”). One-half of the song is during the flashback, then we return to East High where Chad, Taylor, Kelsi, Ryan, Sharpay, Zeke and other students sing of their New Year’s Resolutions. — Project Type: Live Event

Good People Auditions – 1497722
09-07-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Life in Boston’s Southie neighborhood is no joke for single mother Margaret Walsh. Fired from her job, facing eviction, she doesn’t know whether to risk it all on a game of bingo, or join a drunken old classmate on a warm bit of sidewalk. Will she catch a break from the cranky young manager at the Dollar Store or the landlady with a craft business selling googly-eyed rabbits? Or the man from her past, now a successful doctor, who left town at a crucial moment long ago? With wry humour and astonishing realism, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire creates both a loving portrait of his hometown and a widely relatable tale of socio-economic struggle. In the world of Good People, we see that very few can afford to be as good as they think they are, but acts of sacrifice and gestures of kindness come at the most surprising moments and from the most unexpected of sources. — Project Type: Live Event

Casting Call for a Student Film – 1497615
09-04-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Magnificent:
The story portrays the life of a boy who is bullied by his classmate. He has an encounter with a saleman that gives him some pills called Magnificent. This enables him to have super natural strength. It also gives him the confidence to appoach the prettiest girl in school. — Project Type: Feature Film

Casting Call for Back Then – 1497510
09-03-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – Morgan is a 16-year old boy who falls in love with a girl and then loses her. Two years later, he’s a distraught mess until an odd man arrives to give him the opportunity to fix his mistakes. — Project Type: Feature Film

The Perfect Host A Southern Gothic Tale – 1497237
09-01-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – When a lonely, young woman returns to town to bury her grandmother, she soon discovers that the home where she’s staying contains something far more sinister than just her elderly hosts.

We are currently taking video-only submissions. Please submit your resume, headshots, reel, and a cover letter stating which role you’re interested in. — Project Type: Feature Film

The Addams Family Auditions – 1497129
09-01-15 – Kansas City, MO>Little Rock, AR – When a man claiming to be Fester, the missing brother of Gomez Addams, arrives at the Addams’ home, the family is thrilled. However, Morticia (Anjelica Huston) begins to suspect the man is a fraud, since he cannot recall details of Fester’s life. With the help of lawyer Tully Alford, Fester manages to get the Addams clan evicted from their home. Gomez realizes the two men are conspiring to swindle the Addams fortune and that he must challenge Fester. — Project Type: Live Event

Casting Roles For Sylvia – 1496874
08-28-15 – Kansas City, MO>St Louis, MO – Greg and Kate have moved to Manhattan after twenty-two years of child-raising in the suburbs. Greg’s career as a financial trader is winding down, while Kate’s career, as a public-school English teacher, is beginning to offer her more opportunities. Greg brings home a dog he found in the park—or that has found him—bearing only the name “Sylvia” on her name tag. A street-smart mixture of Lab and Poodle, Sylvia becomes a major bone of contention between husband and wife. She offers Greg an escape from the frustrations of his job and the unknowns of middle age. To Kate, Sylvia becomes a rival for affection. And Sylvia thinks Kate just doesn’t understand the relationship between man and dog. The marriage is put in serious jeopardy until, after a series of hilarious and touching complications, Greg and Kate learn to compromise, and Sylvia becomes a valued part of their lives. — Project Type: Live Event

Commercial Casting Call for Kid Actors – 1496673
08-26-15 – Kansas City, KS>Kansas City, MO – Looking for kid actors to work on a commercial. Talents that are selected will be compensated. Travel/Lodging not provided and is responsibility of the talent.

Project type: Video – Satire of 1960’s commercial (Leave it to Beaver type, hokey, overly excited) — Project Type: Commercials

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