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Below are the Most Recently Posted Gigs Consisting of Acting, Modeling, and Musical Auditions and Job Opportunities

Bus Stop Auditions – 1478444
03-05-15 – Cleveland, OH>Detroit, MI – A mixture of comedy and drama that brings back memories of a simpler time. The play is set at a diner near Kansas city, 1955, from 1 to 5a.m. Eight people are held over when a freak snow storm has halted the buses travel.

Acting auditions will use cold readings from the script.

For musicals, an audition song will be taught by the music director at audtions. No prepared material is required.

Please dress comfortably for movement. If the audition is a musical, an audition dance will be taught by the choreographer at auditions.

During registration, you will be asked to fill out an Audition Sheet, and a headshot will be taken of you.

(A headshot is a photograph of the front view of your head and shoulders. The picture size can vary, but 2″x 3″ would suffice. Professional headshots are not needed. Your headshot should clearly show your face, it should be a recent photograph, and it should represent the way you normally look.) — Project Type: Live Event

Crew Needed For Theater In WashingtonPA – 1478348
03-04-15 – Cleveland, OH>Pittsburgh, PA – We strive to provide community members a local output for their passion for theatre. No matter what your skills, experience, ability, we accept volunteers in all aspects. Our audiences may see what only happens on the stage, but those of us who have been with this theater for a while understand that to produce a show, there are people needed for planning, designing, building, ticket sales, publicity, stage management, make-up designing, fund raising, directing, choreogrpahing, the orchestra, and some acting, singing and dancing too. — Project Type: 1

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Audition – 1478292
03-04-15 – Cleveland, OH>Detroit, MI – Randle P. McMurphy, a charming rogue who contrives to serve a short sentence in an airy mental institution rather than in a prison, learns this was a mistake. He clashes with the fierce head nurse.

However he quickly takes over the yard and accomplishes what the medical profession has been unable to do for twelve years; he makes a presumed deaf and dumb Indian talk. He leads others out of introversion, stages a revolt so that they can see the world series on television, and arranges a rollicking midnight party with liquor and chippies.

Provide headshot/resume if available. There will be Cold readings from the script , Prepare 1 short comedic monologue — Project Type: Live Event

The Plays The Thing Auditions – 1478234
03-04-15 – Cleveland, OH>Detroit, MI – The Play’s the Thing, celebrates spring with concert readings of original plays about springtime, romance, second chances, renewal, and coming of age.

There are roles for men and women of all ages. Auditions consist of cold readings from the scripts and/or monologues provided at auditions. Those auditioning may audition for one, two, or all three performances. — Project Type: Live Event

All In The Timing Auditions – 1478220
03-04-15 – Columbus, OH>Cleveland, OH – A collection of one-act plays by the American playwright David Ives with a collection of six plays; Sure Thing, Words, Words, Words, The Universal Language, Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread, The Philadelphia, Variations on the Death of Trotsky. The short plays are almost all comedies, focusing mainly on language and wordplay, existentialist perspectives on life and meaning, and the complications involved in romantic relationships.

Have a complete list of all conflicts during the months
of May, June, July and August.

Be familiar with the text and be prepared to read sides from it.

— Project Type: Live Event

Actors Needed For Honk – 1478208
03-04-15 – Cleveland, OH>Columbus, OH – When Ugly hatches, the other animals are quick to notice that he doesn’t look like any of his darling duckling siblings. His journey of self-discovery teaches them tolerance and ultimately celebrates the fact that being different is not so bad.

Actors auditioning for HONK! will have two minutes to audition and may choose to present two contrasting pieces of contemporary musical theatre (16-32 bars) or one piece with considerable range.

An Accompanist will be provided. Actors may be asked to read from the script. Please bring a recent photo. Bring a change of clothes (if needed) and appropriate footwear to dance. Please bring your calendar and be prepared to provide us with any potential rehearsal conflicts.

All adult actors (ages 18 and up) will receive hourly compensation.

Auditions for Non-Equity actors (ages 8 and up). — Project Type: Live Event

Let It Snow Now Casting Featured Extras – 1478146
03-03-15 – Cleveland, OH>Pittsburgh, PA – The Christmas family comedy “Let It Snow” is filming in Pennsylvania and casting paid extras to work next week.

The film is seeking to fill some featured roles in the Christmas comedy filming next week. The roles include couples, senior citizens and kids.

The cast for the Christmas film includes some amazing talent. Diane Keaton, Alan Arkin, John Goodman, Ed Helms, Anthony Mackie, June Squibb, Marisa Tomei, Olivia Wilde and Amanda Seyfried are all reported to be a part of the cast of “Let It Snow”. The movie is filming in the Pittsburgh area and was previously called “The Most Wonderful Time.” Jessie Nelson (“I Am Sam”) is directing the project and the script is written by Steven Rogers (“Stepmom”).

According to the entertainment news site, The Wrap, the movie is about a family and their annual Holiday gathering. The family gathering on Christmas eve runs into some problems helping the family realize what is really important to them during the holiday season, love, laughter and family.


Must have a car to get to set and live within a couple of hours of the Pittsburgh area. Everyone must be 18+ years old. MUST BE AVAILABLE BOTH THURSDAY, MARCH 12TH AND FRIDAY, MARCH 13TH FOR 12-14 HOURS EACH DAY TO SUBMIT. — Project Type: Feature Film

Crew Needed For Theater In Delmont – 1478083
03-03-15 – Cleveland, OH>Pittsburgh, PA – Community theatre is seeking directors, designers, technicians, staff and stage managers for their 2015 summer season. The 7 show season will include The World Goes Round (Kander & Ebb), Butterflies are Free (Leonard Gershe) and The Outgoing Tide (Bruce Graham).

Stipends are provided for the aforementioned positions. If you are interested in working with us please feel free to apply.

— Project Type: 1

Short Film Casting for Lead Roles – 1478071
03-03-15 – Cleveland, OH>Detroit, MI – We are in a process of shooting a short dark comedy in Cleveland area.

We are 40% finished with the film but we are looking for 2 actors (Don’t have to be experienced) who can help us bring the film together.

— Project Type: Feature Film

The Producers Audition – 1477982
03-03-15 – Cleveland, OH>Detroit, MI – A down-on-his-luck Broadway producer and his mild-mannered accountant come up with a scheme to produce the most notorious flop in history thereby bilking their backers (all “little old ladies”) out of millions of dollars. Only one thing goes awry: the show is a smash hit!

The show follows the antics of Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom as they maneuver their way fecklessly through finding a show (the gloriously offensive “Springtime for Hitler”), hiring a director, raising the money and the consequences of their actions. At the core of this insanely funny adventure is a poignant emotional journey of two very different men who become friends.

Please prepare the following:
> Please prepare 16-32 bars of a song in the style of the show, bring sheet music (accompanist will be provided).
> Bring a headshot and resume.
> Please bring a list of conflict dates you may have during the rehearsal period. — Project Type: Live Event

Pride And Prejudice Auditions – 1477972
03-03-15 – Cleveland, OH>Pittsburgh, PA – All of the wit and romance of Jane Austen’s classic 1813 novel come to life in this refreshingly fast-paced and engaging new adaptation. Finding a husband is hardly Elizabeth Bennet’s most urgent priority. But with four sisters, an overzealous match-making mother, and a string of unsuitable suitors, it’s difficult to escape the subject.

When the independent-minded Elizabeth meets the handsome but enigmatic Mr. Darcy, she is determined not to let her feelings triumph over her own good sense — but the truth turns out to be slipperier than it seems. In a society where subtle snubs and deceit proliferate, is it possible for Elizabeth and Darcy to look beyond his pride and her prejudice, and to make the best match of all?

Please prepare a theatrical monologue no longer than 60 seconds and be prepared to read from the script.

Actors ages 12-21 are eligible to auditions. — Project Type: Live Event

Les Miserables Auditions – 1477964
03-03-15 – Cleveland, OH>Pittsburgh, PA – One of the world’s most iconic and longest-running musicals, Les Misérables tells the story of Jean Valjean, a former convict who spends a lifetime seeking redemption. Set against the backdrop of 19th-century France and the aftermath of the French Revolution, this timeless story of intertwined destinies reveals the power of compassion and the quiet evil of indifference to human suffering.

As Valjean’s quest for a new life carries him into Paris and to the barricades of the Student Revolution, he is hunted by Inspector Javert and the ghosts of his past. Amidst a battle for the soul of Paris, he discovers the true meaning of love and salvation. Performed in over 40 countries and 22 languages, and with a lush, swelling score that features such famed songs as “I Dreamed a Dream,” “On My Own,” and “Bring Him Home,” Les Mis brings Victor Hugo’s revolutionary novel blazingly to life.

Ages 8 and older.

Please come prepared with 16-32 bars of a song selection of your choice.

Knowing a song from the show is encouraged but not required.

You may be asked to sight-sing a musical selection from Les Miserables. — Project Type: Live Event

Now Casting For Reno – 1477819
03-03-15 – Cleveland, OH>Pittsburgh, PA – After losing the love his life thirty years ago, a lonely man tries to recreate their last happy memory together by hiring a prostitute.

Non-union short film, “Reno,” seeks three cast members.
“Reno” Shoots from March 31, 2015 – April 3, 2015. — Project Type: Feature Film

Jesus Christ Superstar Auditions – 1477787
03-02-15 – Cleveland, OH>Columbus, OH – It seems especially fitting that the first rock opera created as a concept album at the end of the turbulent 60’s should have at its center a social and political rebel. Jesus’ meteoric rise in renown provides, as the title suggests, a parallel to contemporary celebrity worship. As his radical teachings are evermore embraced, Judas increasingly questions the enlightened motives of this new prophet, resulting in betrayal. Christ’s final days are dramatized with emotional intensity, thought provoking edge and explosive theatricality. Propelled by a stirring score, by turns driving and domestic, satirical and tender, Jesus Christ Superstar illuminates the transcendent power of the human spirit with a passion that goes straight to the heart. — Project Type: Live Event

John Travoltas I Am Wrath Now Casting – 1477773
03-01-15 – Cleveland, OH>Detroit, MI – I Am Wrath starring John Travolta is based on a story by French film editor Yvan Gautheir, with Chuck Russell (Eraser) as director.

John Travolta will play a man who seeks revenge on his wife’s killer after a group of corrupt police officers fail to catch the suspect. Nicolas Cage was previously cast for the role but the actor never fully committed to the project. — Project Type: Feature Film

Steel Magnolias Auditions for Actors – 1477713
02-27-15 – Cleveland, OH>Pittsburgh, PA – The quintessential story of friendship and trust, Steel Magnolias serves up a southern slice of life that’s as warm and comforting as sweet potato pie. In the world of Truvy’s local-homegrown beauty salon, six very different women come together to share their secrets, fears, and love for one another, while engaging the audience in hysterical and neighborly gossip.

Actors will be asked to read from the script and should be familiar with the characters and story.

When you arrive at the Theater, you will be asked to fill out an audition form. It will ask for your contact information, your conflicts during the rehearsal and performance period (please check those ahead of time, and bring the dates with you), your previous theater experience (if any) and if you are auditioning for any role, or a specific role. After your form is complete, you will give it to the stage manager. The stage manager will call in auditioners one at a time, or in small groups.

Dress appropriately. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that will allow you to move on stage. No flip-flops, boots, or clogs.
— Project Type: Live Event

All Shook Up Music Of Elvis Presley – 1477613
02-27-15 – Cleveland, OH>Detroit, MI – It’s 1955, and into a square little town in a square little state rides a guitar-playing roustabout who changes everything and everyone he meets.

This hip-swiveling, lip-curling musical fantasy by Joe DiPietro will have you jumpin’ out of your blue suede shoes with such classics as “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and “Don’t Be Cruel.” — Project Type: Live Event

The Philadelphia Story Now Casting – 1477610
02-27-15 – Cleveland, OH>Detroit, MI – A willful, self-centered beauty—immortalized by Katherine Hepburn in the film—wrecks havoc on her socialite family when she leaves her husband for another man. A timeless comedy of manners—good and bad—The Philadelphia Story is a classic tale that lampoons high-society and leaves the audience wanting more.

There are roles for 6-9 men, 4-5 women and one girl of 15. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Those auditioning need only attend one audition session, but must be available for callbacks.

Production dates: May 7-10, 2015
— Project Type: Live Event

Summer Broadway Season Auditions – 1477568
02-27-15 – Cleveland, OH>Detroit, MI – Auditions for the Summer Broadway Season.

From Cinderella to Rapunzel, from Jack and the Beanstalk to Little Red Riding Hood, all your favorite fairy tales are coming to life — but not the way you remember them. This sometimes-dark, sometimes-quirky Stephen Sondheim musical pulls together some of the most famous Brothers Grimm stories and turns them into a twisted journey into the realm of fantasy.

Don’t miss the family event of the season! It’s been 80 years since the “practically perfect” nanny first appeared in print and 50 years since the classic movie that made her an icon, yet Mary Poppins remains as popular and beloved as ever! The Croswell will be pulling out all the stops to make this production a truly unforgettable experience. We’ll have all your favorite songs, from “A Spoonful of Sugar” to “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. And, yes, Mary really will fly!

This exciting new musical is a wonderfully touching story and a special effects spectacular! It follows the life of a traveling salesman, Edward Bloom, through the lens of the fantastic stories he told his young son. His son, now grown, is struggling to understand his father and come to terms with their sometimes rocky relationship. With rousing song-and-dance numbers and a story that anyone can relate to, this is a musical that truly must be seen to be believed!

Based on real life, this Tony Award-winning musical tells the story of Huey Calhoun, a white radio DJ in the segregated 1950s, and Felicia Farrell, the talented black nightclub singer he falls in love with. Featuring an energetic score reminiscent of the early days of rock ‘n’ roll, Memphis is an unforgettable musical experience and a timeless love story. Hot on the heels of a blockbuster national tour, the Croswell is proud to bring this exciting new musical to Adrian!

Be prepared to sing a song — bring sheet music for the pianist, no CDs. If you get cut off after 16 or 32 bars, don’t worry — it’s normal for that to happen in auditions and does not mean you won’t get a callback or be in the show. Be prepared to dance — wear or bring shoes you can dance in, with loose, comfortable clothing. You will be asked to list any conflicts on your audition form. Reasonable accommodations will be made for anyone with special needs. — Project Type: Live Event

Back Stage Crew Needed for Theatre – 1477444
02-26-15 – Cleveland, OH>Pittsburgh, PA – With four major productions each season, we’ve got room for anyone who wants to be a part of our team!

You are welcome to join us no matter what talents, skills or abilities you may (or may not) have. You can become a part of making the theatre experience come to life for your community neighbors.
— Project Type: 1

A Delicate Balance Auditions – 1477367
02-25-15 – Cleveland, OH>Pittsburgh, PA – The Director is seeking a woman for the role of Agnes in Edward Albee’s “A Delicate Balance.”

A wealthy middle-aged couple, Agnes and Tobias, have their complacency shattered when Harry and Edna, their longtime friends, suddenly appear at their doorstep. Claiming that an encroaching, nameless “fear” has forced them from their own home, these neighbors bring a firestorm of doubt, recrimination and ultimately solace — thus upsetting the “delicate balance” of Agnes and Tobias’ household.

The show is currently in rehearsals. The show opens March 25 and runs through April 12. — Project Type: Live Event

Of Mice And Men Auditions – 1477324
02-25-15 – Cleveland, OH>Detroit, MI – Of Mice and Men’ speaks to the struggles of pursuing elusive dreams as well as the harsh realities and loneliness in California during the Great Depression.

Though this show is a timeless classic, it is not a children’s show.

Those who wish to audition should be prepared for a cold read of source material, according to director Doug Craig. Auditioners may bring a resume of theater credits (or fill them out on the audition form). All who are interested in a role should bring a list of any conflict dates between the auditions and opening dates.

— Project Type: Live Event

Second Chance Casting for Lead Roles – 1477264
02-25-15 – Cleveland, OH>Pittsburgh, PA – Steve is having a nice a day reconnecting with his son, Matt. Later that evening, Steve is forced to deal with the situation that’s causing problems at home and work. — Project Type: Feature Film

Casting Extras For Let It Snow – 1477221
02-24-15 – Cleveland, OH>Pittsburgh, PA – Casting the Universal Pictures feature film starring Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, Marisa Tomei, Anthony Mackie, John Goodman, Diane Keaton, Ed Helms, and Alan Arkin.

Story follows the exasperated members of an extended family as they attempt to gather for their annual Holiday celebration. — Project Type: Feature Film

Production Assistant For Commericial – 1477167
02-24-15 – Cleveland, OH>Pittsburgh, PA – We’re looking for a Grip/Production Assistant to help wrangle gear and set up for a simple commercial video shoot.

Our light kit is LED, so no significant electrical experience needed.

If you are interested feel free to apply now. — Project Type: 1

A Bad Year For Tomatoes Casting Call – 1477056
02-24-15 – Cleveland, OH>Detroit, MI – Fed up with the pressures and demands of her acting career, the famous Myra Marlowe leases a house in the tiny New England hamlet of Beaver Haven and settles down to write her autobiography. She is successful in turning aside the offers pressed on her by her long-time agent, but dealing with her nosy, omnipresent neighbors is a different matter.

In an attempt to shoo them away, and gain some privacy, Myra invents a mad, homicidal sister — who is kept locked in an upstairs room, but who occasionally escapes long enough to scare off unwanted visitors. The ruse works well, at first. But complications result when the local handyman develops an affection for “Sister Sadie” (really Myra in a fright wig) and some of the more officious ladies decide it is their Christian duty to save the poor demented Sadie’s soul.

In desperation, Myra announces that her imaginary sibling has suddenly gone off to Boston – which brings on the Sheriff and the suspicion of murder! Needless to say, all is straightened out in the end but the uproarious doings will keep audiences laughing right up to the final curtain, and then some. — Project Type: Live Event

The Drowsy Chaperone For Auditions – 1476981
02-23-15 – Cleveland, OH>Pittsburgh, PA – THE DROWSY CHAPERONE pays tribute to the great old shows and their power to lift our spirits and transport us to a dazzling world of glitz and non-stop laughter. When a die-hard theatre fan plays his favorite cast album, the characters come to life in this hilarious musical farce.

Performers 16 and up are encouraged to audition. All roles are
No appointment needed. Performers will be seen in the order they sign in.

BRING: Two classic musical theater songs 24-32 bars in length. Please no a Capella auditions. An accompanist will be provided.

There will also be a dance call. Please bring tap shoes if you tap.

— Project Type: Live Event

Healthcare Commercial Casting Call – 1476889
02-23-15 – Cleveland, OH>Pittsburgh, PA – We are looking for extras to work on an upcoming healthcare commercial. Talents must not have been featured in any healthcare spots before.

We are looking for real bagpipers, yoga or spinning enthusiasts, and people old enough to play doctors and nurses. — Project Type: Commercials

The Sandmans Boon Casting Call – 1476882
02-23-15 – Cleveland, OH>Detroit, MI – (A silent film, similar to early 20th century European film)
A heart-broken man has lost his motivation to live and begs the Sandman to sleep forever, he does not get quite what he wants and finds that he is trapped between the waking and the dreaming world. Unaware of the split, the heart-broken man grapples with his pain and finds comfort and hope when he discovers his other half, and now reconciled he awakes to a new, bright future.

Please come with prepared monologue. — Project Type: Feature Film

Waste Casting Call – 1476879
02-23-15 – Cleveland, OH>Detroit, MI – “Waste” is a short film about two wondering survivors that are attempting to live in a post apocalyptic land, alone and with no comfort. Both survivors are unknowingly drawn to the same building and run into each other. As seeing a living thing for the first time in as long as they can remember they are struck with the decision of trusting one another or stopping them dead in their tracks.

Please come with a prepared monologue. — Project Type: Feature Film

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