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Auditions For Mothers And Sons – 1504529
11-19-15 – Billings, MT>Boise, ID – A powerful and modern family portrait from “one of the greatest contemporary playwrights the theatre world has yet produced.†Playwright Terrence McNally takes takes the audience through “a moving reflection of a quickly changing America†with Mothers and Sons, a Tony nominee for Best Play of 2014. When Katharine pays an unexpected visit to her late son’s partner, who is now married to another man and has a young son, she is challenged to face how society has changed around her. Secrets linger and generations collide as her search for answers forces her to revisit the past and see the life her son might have led.
— Project Type: Live Event

Working Casting Actors – 1504498
11-19-15 – Billings, MT>Boise, ID – Working concerns the hopes, dreams, joys and concerns of the average working American. In the course of one twenty-four hour workday, the audience meets and hears stories of various workers including the schoolteacher, the parking lot attendant, the waitress, the mill worker, the mason, the trucker, the fireman and the housewife.

— Project Type: Live Event

Treasure Island Casting Actors – 1504491
11-19-15 – Billings, MT>Boise, ID – Treasure Island is the musical version of this favorite childhood adventure story. It is a thrilling tale of pirates, treasure maps, mutiny on the high seas and pieces of eight follows Jim Hawkins, an ordinary youth drawn into a dangerous race for buried treasure against the treacherous Long John Silver.
— Project Type: Live Event

Seussical The Musical Auditions – 1504353
11-18-15 – Boise, ID>Salt Lake City, UT – A musical perfect for the whole family, Seussical takes us into the world of Dr. Seuss, where we revisit beloved characters including The Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, Gertrude McFuzz, Lazy Mayzie, and JoJo. The Cat in the Hat guides us into The Jungle of Nool where we see Horton, the kind hearted elephant who discovers a speck of dust containing Whoville. He meets JoJo, a Who child sent to military school for thinking too many “thinks.â€Horton decides he must protect the speck of dust on a nearby clover, while at the same time protecting an abandoned egg left to his care by the lazy Mayzie la Bird. Horton tries to convince the other animals in The Jungle of the existence of the Whos, but he is ridiculed and put on trial for insanity. Only his loyal neighbor,Gertrude McFuzz, never loses faith in him. Eventually, the two fall in love. Now one of the most widely produced musicals in the country, Seussical weaves a story of friendship, loyalty and love. Despite all odds, Horton and Gertrude band together to save the Whos, free Horton, and restore peace and unity to the Jungle of Nool. Charming Seussical teaches us the power of being unique, and the importance of fighting for your beliefs.
— Project Type: Live Event

Casting for Almost Maine – 1504298
11-17-15 – Boise, ID>Salt Lake City, UT – A romantic and witty, yet unsentimental vignette play set in the wintry wilds of northern Maine. The inhabitants of the fictional town of Almost explore the trappings of love and loss with pure hearts and magical realism.
— Project Type: Live Event

The Drowsy Chaperone Auditions – 1504013
11-13-15 – Billings, MT>Boise, ID – The Man in Chair, a mousy, agoraphobic Broadway fanatic, seeking to cure his “non-specific sadness”, listens to a recording of the fictional 1928 musical comedy, The Drowsy Chaperone. As he listens to this rare recording, the characters appear in his dingy apartment, and it is transformed into an impressive Broadway set with seashell footlights, sparkling furniture, painted backdrops, and glitzy costumes. Man in Chair provides a running commentary throughout the show.
— Project Type: Live Event

Casting Actors for Show Film in Montana – 1503417
11-06-15 – Billings, MT>Boise, ID – A short film featurette shooting in Montana in January is now casting for multiple roles. This film is a preview for a full length feature film slated to shoot in winter 2016/17. — Project Type: Feature Film

Love Letters Casting Call – 1503212
11-04-15 – Boise, ID>Salt Lake City, UT – Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and Melissa Gardner, both born to wealth and position, are childhood friends whose lifelong correspondence begins with birthday party thank-you notes and summer camp postcards.

Romantically attached, they continue to exchange letters through the boarding school and college years—where Andy goes on to excel at Yale and law school, while Melissa flunks out of a series of “good schools.” While Andy is off at war Melissa marries, but her attachment to Andy remains strong and she continues to keep in touch as he marries, becomes a successful attorney, gets involved in politics and, eventually, is elected to the U.S. Senate. Meanwhile, her marriage in tatters, Melissa dabbles in art and gigolos, drinks more than she should, and becomes estranged from her children. Eventually she and Andy do become involved in a brief affair, but it is really too late for both of them. However Andy’s last letter, written to her mother after Melissa’s untimely death, makes it eloquently clear how much they really meant, and gave to, each other over the years—physically apart, perhaps, but spiritually as close as only true lovers can be. — Project Type: Live Event

The Social – 1502690
10-29-15 – Boise, ID>Seattle, WA – A young mother struggles to plan a date night at the church social in hopes to rekindle her marriage. — Project Type: Feature Film

Casting Kids for Suessical the Musical – 1502287
10-26-15 – Boise, ID>Salt Lake City, UT – This musical follows the adventures of Horton, an elephant who one day hears voices coming from a speck of dust. He soon discovers that within this tiny speck exists the smallest planet in the universe! On this tiny planet live a tiny race of creatures known as Whos. Although ridiculed, Horton stubbornly persists in his belief that the Whos exist. — Project Type: Live Event

Arsenic and Old Lace Auditions – 1502285
10-26-15 – Boise, ID>Salt Lake City, UT – In this comedy play, Mortimer Brewster and his bride tie the knot on Halloween. When they return to their respective family homes to deliver the news, Brewster finds a corpse hidden in a window seat. With his eccentric aunts, disturbed uncle, and homicidal brother, he starts to realize that his family is even crazier than he thought. — Project Type: Live Event

The Drowsy Chaperone in Idaho – 1502283
10-26-15 – Boise, ID>Salt Lake City, UT – A fictional 1928 musical comedy, The Drowsy Chaperone comes to life in the apartment of one musical theater fan. This is the story of a Broadway actress, Janet Van De Graaff, who wants to marry the debonair Robert Martin and give up her stage career. Janet’s producer, Mr. Feldzie, must stop the wedding because if she quits show business, he’ll lose his job. Further, gangsters threaten Mr. Feldzie because if Janet quits, they lose their investment! — Project Type: Live Event

The Night of the Iguana – 1502237
10-23-15 – Boise, ID>Seattle, WA – A defrocked Episcopal clergyman leads a bus-load of middle-aged Baptist women on a tour of the Mexican coast and comes to terms with the failure haunting his life. — Project Type: Live Event

Dating Reality Show – 1501995
10-21-15 – Albany, NY>Albuquerque, NM>Atlanta, GA>Augusta, ME>Billings, MT>Birmingham, AL>Boise, ID>Boston, MA>Buffalo, NY>Charleston, SC>Charleston, WV>Charlotte, NC>Chicago, IL>Cleveland, OH>Columbia, SC>Columbus, OH>Dallas, TX>Denver, CO>Baltimore, MD – Dating show for a major cable network plus TRAVEL to exotic location!
Are you a great catch? Seeking attractive SINGLE MEN 24-37 and SINGLE WOMEN 22-35 to be stars of a show where dozens of hot singles will vie for your affection in an exotic location!
— Project Type: Commercials

A Few Good Men Auditions – 1501969
10-28-15 – Boise, ID – In this dramatic courtroom thriller, LT Daniel Kaffee, a Navy lawyer who has never seen the inside of the courtroom, defends two stubborn Marines who have been accused of murdering a colleague. Kaffee is known as being lazy and had arranged for a plea bargain. Downey’s Aunt Ginny appoints Cmdr. Galloway to represent him. Also on the legal staff is LTJG Sam Weinberg. The team rounds up many facts and Kaffee is discovering that he is really cut out for trial work. The defense is originally based upon the fact that PFC Santiago, the victim, was given a “CODE RED”. Santiago was basically a screw-up. At Gitmo, screw-ups aren’t tolerated. Especially by Col. Nathan Jessup. In Cuba, Jessup and two senior officers try to give all the help they can, but Kaffee knows something’s fishy. In the conclusion of the film, the fireworks are set off by a confrontation between Jessup and Kaffee. — Project Type: Live Event

Extras for Feature Film in Montana – 1501840
10-20-15 – Billings, MT>Boise, ID – A feature film shooting in the Flathead Valley is seeking extras for scenarios. — Project Type: Feature Film

Deadly Murder Casting Actors – 1501723
10-19-15 – Boise, ID>Salt Lake City, UT – Camille Dargus has fought her way up from humble beginnings to a glittering Manhattan lifestyle. She has beauty, brains, wealth, and a successful career as a jewelry designer for the leading lights of New York society. She also has a penchant for attractive young men. One night at a society gala she meets Billy, a handsome young waiter, and brings him back to her Soho apartment. But there’s more to Billy than meets the eye, and Camille finds herself held hostage at gunpoint by a man who seems frighteningly familiar with the past Camille has struggled to forget.

Over the course of one explosive night, Camille must use all her wits and cunning to save her life–and to prevent the dark secrets of her past from destroying everything she’s worked for. This brilliantly intricate thriller is full of twists and turns, bluffs and double bluffs. — Project Type: Live Event

Auditions For The Richard III – 1501718
10-19-15 – Billings, MT>Boise, ID – Shakespeare’s Richard III; that duplicitous, hunch backed monster who had his teeth before his eyes, will be brought to life as never before and we are looking for Actors from 18 to 80 to fill mutiple male roles and a few choice roles for women.

Richard puts his plan to become king into action, first turning King Edward against his brother Clarence, having him imprisoned and later murdered. He then interrupts Henry VI’s funeral procession to woo Lady Anne, who had been betrothed to Henry VI’s son (killed by Richard at Tewkesbury), and after initial reluctance she agrees to his proposal.

— Project Type: Live Event

A Christmas Carol Auditions – 1501316
10-14-15 – Boise, ID>Seattle, WA – Based on the classic novel by Charles Dickens and adapted for the stage by Romulus Linney, the play tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an embittered, miserly old man whose name has become synonymous with greediness. But then, one Christmas Eve, Scrooge — who typically responds to the holiday with his familiar “Bah! Humbug!†— is visited by a series of ghosts, led first by the ghost of his long-since-dead partner Jacob Marley, who is followed by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come.
— Project Type: Live Event

Call for Interns on Feature Film Project – 1501240
10-13-15 – Billings, MT>Boise, ID – A feature film shooting in the Flathead Valley is seeking interns to assist with production. Interns will learn set skills and gain experience in multiple production departments. The more help the better, any interested should inquire. Scheduling is flexible. — Project Type: 1

Be My Baby Auditions – 1501227
10-13-15 – Boise, ID>Salt Lake City, UT – The play tells the story of John, an irascible Scotsman and an uptight English woman, Maude, both in their late 50s, who take on the journey of a lifetime. They are brought together when his ward marries her niece. Then, when the young couple decides to adopt a new born baby, the older couple has to travel 6,000 miles to California to pick up the child and bring her safely home to Scotland. The problem is, John and Maude despise each other. To make matters worse, they get stranded in San Francisco for several weeks and are expected to jointly care for the helpless newborn. There they form a new partnership and learn some startling lessons about life and love.
— Project Type: Live Event

Whos There – 1501226
10-13-15 – Boise, ID>Seattle, WA – Suburban punk Brian is taking his big crush Paige out on a first date. He doesn’t want anything to mess it up, whether it’s his punk friends or the mysterious figure following in a rusty pickup truck… — Project Type: Feature Film

People Who Identify As Another Race – 1500859
10-08-15 – Albany, NY>Albuquerque, NM>Atlanta, GA>Augusta, ME>Billings, MT>Birmingham, AL>Boise, ID>Boston, MA>Buffalo, NY>Charleston, SC>Charleston, WV>Charlotte, NC>Chicago, IL>Cleveland, OH>Columbia, SC>Columbus, OH>Dallas, TX>Denver, CO>Baltimore, MD – Do you identify as another race?
A MAJOR CABLE NETWORK in conjunction with one of the Producers of the Critically Acclaimed Television Series, “HOARDERS”, are NOW CASTING for a new groundbreaking, thought provoking television series.

If you feel you were born into the wrong racial group and believe your identity is truly that of another race we would like to hear your story.
Casting ALL racial groups*

— Project Type: Commercials

Auditions for A Christmas Carol – 1500778
10-08-15 – Boise, ID>Salt Lake City, UT – Dickens was not the first author to celebrate the Christmas season in literature, but it was he who superimposed his humanitarian vision of the holiday upon the public, an idea that has been termed as Dickens’ “Carol Philosophy”. Dickens believed the best way to reach the broadest segment of the population regarding his concerns about poverty and social injustice was to write a deeply felt Christmas story rather than polemical pamphlets and essays. Dickens’ career as a best-selling author was on the wane, and the writer felt he needed to produce a tale that would prove both profitable and popular. Dickens’ visit to the work-worn industrial city of Manchester was the “spark” that fired the author to produce a story about the poor, a repentant miser, and redemption that would become A Christmas Carol.
— Project Type: Live Event

Feature Film in Livington Seeks Crew – 1500711
10-07-15 – Billings, MT>Boise, ID – A feature film is looking for production crew, interns and extras available late October through November. Shooting will occur in the Bozeman/Livingston area. — Project Type: 1

Talents for Photo Shoot – 1500710
10-07-15 – Billings, MT>Boise, ID – Seeking actual ranchers, hikers and hunters or people who directly identify with the parts for these roles. — Project Type: Print

Feature Film Project Busters Mal Heart – 1500698
10-07-15 – Billings, MT>Boise, ID – Seeking local Montana actors for multiple roles. All roles are SAG MLB scale. — Project Type: Feature Film

Auditions for Happy – 1500628
10-06-15 – Billings, MT>Boise, ID – A uniquely offbeat drama/comedy/satire about the life choices we make and whether we are actually happy…or not. Things get out-of-whack when Alfred arrives for a social visit at the home of his best friend and artist, Eduardo, and is greeted by a gorgeous young woman, Eva, who happens to be Eduardo’s new girlfriend. Alfred’s wife, Melinda, joins them later. Alfred is happy. Eduardo is happy. Melinda is happy. Eva is not happy…and proceeds to push the buttons of the other three with the precision of a sniper. — Project Type: Live Event

Brighton Beach Memoirs Auditions – 1499641
09-25-15 – Boise, ID>Portland, OR – Brighton Beach Memoirs is Neil Simon’s semi-autobiographical story of a struggling Jewish family living in Brooklyn in 1937. Eugene Morris Jerome is a nearly 15 year old boy who lives in a house with his parents (Jack and Kate Jerome), his older brother Stanley, his widowed Aunt Blanche Morton and her two daughters Laurie and Nora Morton. The ‘memoirs’ are Eugene’s point of view of the experience.

Aunt Blanche’s husband died of cancer six years ago and Eugene’s father, Jack, has worked two jobs to support everyone for three and a half years. Stanley also works and gives his income to the family. Nora wants to be a Broadway dancer and may even get that opportunity. Laurie has a heart condition but it may not be as serious as it seems; she keeps mostly to herself. In this comic drama, the family deals with financial strains, illness, lost jobs, hurt feelings and the rise of WW II but Eugene provides frequent comic relief in his memoirs throughout the play. As Eugene is the central character we see the young teen learn about girls, puberty, relationships, foul language, and responsibility; all with Simon’s classic humor. The family that fights together and laughs together, stays together. — Project Type: Live Event

Dead Mans Cell Phone Auditions – 1498498
09-14-15 – Boise, ID>Portland, OR – An incessantly ringing cell phone in a quiet café. A stranger at the next table who has had enough. And a dead man—with a lot of loose ends. So begins Dead Man’s Cell Phone, a wildly imaginative new comedy by MacArthur “Genius” Grant recipient and Pulitzer Prize finalist, Sarah Ruhl, author of The Clean House and Eurydice. A work about how we memorialize the dead—and how that remembering changes us—it is the odyssey of a woman forced to confront her own assumptions about morality, redemption, and the need to connect in a technologically obsessed world. — Project Type: Live Event

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