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Do you think and dream of a career where the an acting or modeling profession plays the main role? Yes, it is true that an acting and modeling careers are a wonderful way to make a living; it gives you satisfaction, fame and money, plus the adulation of millions of fans.

In other words, being a famous, top actor/actress means that you are successful, that you have achieved your fullest potential. However, climbing the ladder to the top is not easy in any profession. In order to be counted among the handful of superstars, you need to make your mark. How do you that? How do you achieve you dream? What can give you the best shot at this career?

Within this site you will find everything you need to get your acting and modeling career underway. If you are motivated you can go far. However the percentage of new actors, actresses, and models never make it to stardom. If you have high expectations you may set your self up for disappointment. Although if you are looking to subliment your income doing something you enjoy, than you will find success.

Practical Acting Tips for the New Actor

As a new actor it can be nerve-wracking trying to perfect your acting technique so that you don’t look and sound like a novice. In order to help those struggling with their anxiety while learning the ropes in a new trade, we have compiled this list of practical acting tips to help usher you along on this new career path.

Firstly, Acting Tips Are Not Just For Novices

Although we would like to believe that acting comes naturally to everyone, especially the seasoned pros, it is quite well known that most of the pros struggle with roles from time to time, and are often carefully choreographed by their directors, with some exceptions of course. Seeking out and using acting tips is not only… Continue reading

How to Ace Your Acting Auditions

If you are an actor hoping to make it big or, at least, make a living out of acting it is important to learn how to ace your acting audition. By “acing” we don’t mean, get every job because that is just impossible. What we do mean is make the best impression possible, which is all you can expect of yourself, right? We’ve assembled some tips below on how you can go about acing your acting auditions – thus putting your best foot forward.

Acting Auditions Tip 1: Bring Your Resume and Head Shots

Every actor should be aware, as with any job interview, that you need your resume. This is no different. Heed our acting auditions tips: Actors are required to bring headshots so that casting… Continue reading

How to Select a Monologue for Your Acting Auditions

If you are serious about becoming an actor and really want to put your best foot forward when going out on acting auditions, then you should seriously consider devoting some time and attention to the monologue you will be using when not given a particular script to read for try-outs. Below are some tips we’ve put together to help you choose a monologue that is best for your auditions.

Don’t Choose Your Favorite Monologue for Your Acting Auditions

Have you ever watched American Idol only to see your favorite singer belt out a song that just didn’t go with their voice? The same singer when asked why they sang that particular song most often than not says, “Oh, I chose it because it’s my favorite song.” Your favorite song may… Continue reading

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The N.O.O.B Squad Season 2 Voice Acting Auditions

So, the second season of the The N.O.O.B Squad is coming along quite nicely. However, we need some voice actors to help us get the episodes done. If you thin… Continue reading

Pistorius Denies Taking ‘Acting Lessons’ Before Murder Trial

The family of Oscar Pistorius denied “in the strongest terms” a newspaper columnist’s claim that he took acting lessons in preparation for his murder trial. … Continue reading

Break Into Acting Review – How To Break Into Acting And Start An Acting Career

http://www.theweighoflife.com/go/breakintoacting (Click link above to access Break Into Acting Guide) Break Into Acting Review – How To Break Into Acting And… Continue reading

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